Todd English Caterer photo
Todd English Caterer photo
Todd English Caterer photo
Todd English Caterer photo
Todd English Caterer photo
Todd English Caterer photo
Todd English Caterer photo
Todd English Caterer photo
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Todd English
Catering Todd English About me

One of the most decorated, respected, and charismatic chefs in the world, Todd English has enjoyed a staggering number of accolades during his remarkable career. He has been recognized by several of the food industry’s most prestigious publications, established one of the best-known restaurant brands in the nation, published critically acclaimed cookbooks, and produced his own TV show for PBS.


Vendor Insight

Exemplary Cuisine:
In the bustling heart of New York City, Todd English stands as a paragon of catering excellence, infusing wedding celebrations with his culinary expertise. Known for turning each dining experience into an epicurean adventure, English's approach is both innovative and timeless, reassuring couples that their special day will be as delicious as it is memorable.

Tailored Menus:
Tailored to perfection, the menus crafted by Todd English are testimonies to his commitment to personalization. With a keen understanding that every wedding is as unique as the couple, he offers bespoke solutions that cater to diverse tastes and dietary preferences. The level of customization is unsurpassed, ensuring the love story being celebrated is mirrored in every bite.

Quality and Aesthetic:
Quality reigns supreme in Todd English's offerings. His use of fresh, seasonal ingredients not only elevates the taste but also complements the visual aesthetic that is integral to his dishes. Presentation is never an afterthought; it's a sensory prelude to the sumptuous feast, vividly enhancing the overall dining experience.

Awards and Recognition:
The excellence of Todd English's catering service is not merely anecdotal; it is substantiated by multiple accolades, including two distinguished Wezoree Awards. These recognitions are a testament to his unwavering dedication and the high esteem in which he is held within the wedding community.

Service beyond Food:
More than just a caterer, Todd English embodies a full-service philosophy that caters to every aspect of wedding dining. His attention to detail extends from plate to palate, crafting a seamless experience for both the newlyweds and their guests—from the first hors d'oeuvre to the last dessert.

Final Impressions:
In Todd English, New York City couples find not just a chef, but a culinary confidant. Reflective of the diverse, energetic spirit of the city itself, his services create an unforgettable mosaic of flavors. In the realm of matrimonial catering, Todd English masterfully dishes out joy, one plate at a time.