Wolfcrest Photographer | About

Wolfcrest Photographer | About

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The photographs that mean something often capture magic in the messy, happiness in the ordinary.

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Photographer Wolfcrest About me

Our stories would essentially be impossible to tell without both. They connect us to emotions, core memories, and, most importantly, each other. When I reflect on my path to the present, I’ve always leaned heavily into the visual side of storytelling. And so my college studies in graphic design led me to a traditional 9-5 job to put my artistic eye to work.

It wasn’t until I saw one of life’s most intimate chapters–my wedding day–preserved through photography and cinematography that I knew this was the visual storytelling piece I wanted to be a part of. My craft as a wedding and portrait photographer in Northern Virginia brings so much purpose and meaning to my life. (So don’t be surprised when I tear up behind the camera.) For that reason alone, I’m honored to be the curator of milestones through an understated, unrushed lens – slowing down and taking notice of what matters most to you.