Brian Hatton Photographer | About

Brian Hatton Photographer | About

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Brian Hatton photography is all about storytelling.

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Brian Hatton
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I’m Brian Hatton
Back when I first moved to New York to study music in college, I loved walking along the Upper West Side at all hours taking photos on a cheap point and shoot.  For a school assignment I made a photo essay highlighting the gentrification of Morningside Heights to which the professor remarked, “you should be a photographer”.  It didn’t take me long to realize that the marriage of a carefully practiced technique and an ability to communicate beyond words is what makes a great musician as well as a great photographer.

Today, I create images that show the nuances of personal connections in a way that is unpretentiously refined and refreshingly real.  Whether you're planning a modern, minimalist celebration or a lavish affair steeped in tradition, I’ll help you tell your unique story.