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Hi, I’m Amy. I’m a wedding photographer in New York.

My entire life has been one big move fr om the west coast to the east coast. I was born in San Diego, moved to Colorado, and then finally, put my feet on the ground in New York.  I started taking my first steps into photography in high school. I took headshots for my friends in college, and once I got to New York, I started working as a professional photographer.

I worked as an assistant for an established wedding photography company, honing my skills in composition and color. I learned more and more about the industry, and eventually, became an associate photographer. I spent a couple of years as an associate while also working for the New York Stock Exchange, wh ere I photographed CEOs, celebrities, and charity events.

I started my own wedding photography company in 2015, known simply as Amy Sims Photography. I love being a wedding photographer in New York.


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