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Angela on 14 Nov 2020
We had the honor of working with Jamie and Sabrina and they are incredible. From the beautiful engagement shoot, to our Welcome Revception photos, and then our Manhattan wedding, the photos tell the story and bring back every feeling from our wedding celebrations! Jamie and Sabrina are very talented and captured every moment perfectly! We can't thank them enough! We will treasure these captures forever!
Blair on 10 Oct 2020
Jamie captured the natural beauty and emotion of our wedding in a way I never thought possible. We told him we really wanted the natural, candid moments, rather than the "staged" photographs you often see, and he 100% delivered. Every picture conveys the raw feeling of the moment that brings us right back to our wedding day. They are natural, beautiful, and so very special. I cry every time I look at them (despite having looked at every print now 1000 times!). We were also amazed that even though he and his assistant managed to catch every critical moment, I honestly don't remember seeing them at the wedding. They managed to be simultaneously omnipresent and invisible all at once. My husband and I had both been to weddings where the photographer will actually stop people walking down the aisle to snap a picture, completely detracting from the moment. You want amazing pictures, but not at the expense of the actual event. Luckily Jamie managed to give us both. On an interpersonal note, Jamie is very easy to work with. He's funny and accommodating and makes you feel at ease with the whole process. Also critical during such a stressful time! Making Jamie a part of our wedding was one of the best decisions we made. Our biggest problem now is figuring out which of our beautiful pictures
Padmini on 25 Apr 2020
Having Jamie Levine Photography document our wedding was such a dream. We are so thrilled to have stunning wedding photographs for the rest of our lives! We highly recommend Jamie Levine Photography to every bride and groom.
Thalia on 06 Jun 2020
The second you meet Jamie, the decision to choose him to photograph your wedding is easy. Jamie and his assistant Subrina are so much fun. They keep your ideas in mind while bringing their own amazing creativity to the table. Jamie is extremely talented, professional, and easy to work with. Subrina is attentive, fun, energetic and it felt like she was one of my bridesmaids! They are both easy to communicate with, and everything was seamless from beginning to end. Choosing Jamie Levine Photography was one of the best decisions, for the wedding, we made !
Dawn on 11 Jul 2020
It is not easy to WOW me... but you know I am WOW'ed when, in the middle of the idyllic honeymoon of my dreams with the man of my dreams, I cannot stop ogling the six hundred-plus proofs that Jamie Levine just sent of our wedding weekend!
I met Jamie at Kleinfeld's (he is the only photographer allowed there) and while I did not say "yes to the dress" that day, I said "yes" to the photographer! Fr om that first chance encounter, Jamie impressed me with his enthusiasm, professionalism and (of course) his uncanny ability to get the perfect unposed shot. A single glance at his online reviews convinced me that no other photographer would do -- in fact, Jamie's reviews are so uniformly glowing and gushing, it was difficult to believe they were real! Now that I have had the pleasure of working with Jamie, however, I can attest that his reviews are not only real, but if anything are UNDERSTATED! My wedding involved an entire week of pre-parties, culminating in a packed wedding weekend on a thirty-five acre compound with a lot of moving around and too many personal details to enumerate. Jamie not only captured every perfect moment, but did so ON HIS OWN, unobtrusively, without a single assistant. Instead of stiff, boring table shots, I have an album full of outside-the-box, unplanned and unposed photos that brim with every ounce of the love lavished on this wedding. Notably, when rain caught us at the tail end of our outdoor ceremony, Jamie not only kept me from melting down, but actually made me delight in the inclement weather with his positivity and sense of humor, and some of my favorite shots are the ones wh ere I am getting drenched! If I didn't know any better, I would even suspect Jamie of special ordering the double rainbow that my husband and I got to kiss under (yet another award-winning shot Jamie nailed). If you want the BEST of the BEST when it comes to your photos, look no further -- Jamie Levine is in a class by himself.
Meera on 25 Sep 2021
I went into Kleinfeld's and got more than I bargained for! Jamie was recommended by on of the attendants (also his buddy). I didn't have a photographer and she had a book in her room that I looked at. It was perfect. All the shots were candid and not posed which was exactly what I was looking for. My husband hates getting his photos taken and was very self conscious. We did the engagement photos as a tester but they came out beautifully. Jamie has a way of just letting us be but getting the right shots. Of course, there was some direction to what do to, but the actual photos didn't seemed forced. It was over quickly and we had wonderful photos. The wedding, well that was another story. I knew Jamie's style already, but I still feared I would have someone " in the way" of everyone and that I would constantly be posing. The actuality was that I barely knew Jamie was there! Outside of the getting ready photos and the obligatory family photos - throughout the ceremony and reception, I hardly thought about him. The ending pictures, which I got within 2 days by the way, were AMAZING. I don't know what magic he put on the photos but every single person he shot looked their best. I am literally obsessed with every single photo he sent me. My cousin who recently got married had to wait 6 weeks to get her photos and while most were good as well, we all remember the hassle it was during the wedding to get everyone photographed. Jamie was amazing and I would highly recommend him if you want an unobtrusive photographer that takes candid pictures.
Vasili on 11 Dec 2021
Jamie and Sabrina were without a doubt, one of the best choices we made for our wedding. Everything from our engagement shoot months before, through the day of our wedding was flawless. They were both very professional and attentive to all of our needs and questions. Thankfully, we now have so many pictures to remember one of the happiest times of our life. We are beyond grateful for everything they did!
Angela on 02 Jan 2021
Words cannot even begin to express the deepest thanks and appreciation my husband Mike and I have for both Jamie and Subrina for photographing our wedding. We did not just find wedding photographers, we found lifelong friends. They don't just take photos, they capture memories. They see the extraordinary in ordinary moments. They magically freeze time and feelings in unforgettable images. With a genuine passion for both photography and love, Jamie and Subrina authentically capture priceless moments throughout the big day and are truly invested in their couples. A unique combination of being incredibly approachable, yet unintrusive, their style and photography is a true reflection of who they are as people - beautiful. Their service is incredibly comprehensive, the end results are breathtaking, and their experience is so valuable. Rest assured, every memory will be captured and no feelings won't go unnoticed behind the lens. Their presence exudes an inclusive and comfortable environment - one in which everyone will feel comfortable when cameras are around. Kindness, mixed with talent and experience, enables Jamie and Subrina to see things differently, make suggestions and provide reminders so everything runs smooth the day of - and to ensure nothing is forgotten. Always going above and beyond, they ensure every photo, every moment you might think you want or should get, happens. Cheers to the standard of excellence in wedding photography - Jamie and Subrina!
Zoey on 13 Mar 2021
I am so beyond thrilled to have had Jamie Levine photograph my big day! My husband and I loved our engagement shoot to the actual wedding day. I love the candid pictures throughout the wedding. Even when jamie could tell I was getting stressed and overwhelmed from the family portraits he put me at ease. I recommend Jamie for everyone!!!
Caitlyn on 01 Jun 2019
Jamie did our engagement photos, a photo shoot at one of my dress fittings, and our wedding photos. Fr om the very beginning Jamie and Subrina felt like part of the family! I felt like we had a lot of control and a lot of say in wh ere and when we wanted the photos as well as any special poses we wanted to try. Jamie really made me feel that it was all about whatever we wanted, and the sessions were unique to my (now) husband and I. Our engagement photo shoot was very light and fun and the pictures showed that! At my dress fitting, Jamie captured such special moments between my dad and I that my family will cherish forever. At the wedding, we had a shot list and everything went extremely smoothly and was very efficient. I didn’t feel like I was taken away from my reception to do a million photos because Jamie and Subrina made sure we had a game plan. Jamie used his expertise to pose Sean and I, as well as to seek out the perfect lighting and background even if we had to wait a second or move slightly to the left (which only assured us that he was serious about making sure we had the perfect photos!) Our photos have come out amazing each time and if I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing! I can not thank Jamie and his wonderful team enough for all they have done for us!
Kirby on 12 Jun 2021
There is no better team of photographers. We were well taken care of throughout the entire experience. The professionalism displayed by Jamie and his team is unparalleled. If you want the best, look no further than Jamie Levine.
Amanda on 26 Jun 2021
Everything about Jamie was exceptional! His photos were PERFECTION. Both our wedding and engagement photos were beautiful! Not only was he amazing, but his assistant Subrina was wonderful as well! As much as he knew EXACTLY what he was doing for the perfect shots, I loved that I felt like this team genuinely cared about specific photos I wanted to capture that day. I felt taken care of throughout the entire experience. I will recommend Jamie Levine photography to everyone! Thankful for having such amazing people capture my special day. The BEST of the best.
Jennifer on 07 Aug 2021
After meeting with a few photographers, I chose Jamie Levine photography after choosing my dress at Kleinfeld and hearing all about his amazing work. I can see now why they are one of the best wedding photographers on The Knot! Jamie and Subrina were so incredibly easy to work with and provided us with a variety of photos to chose from. I am a bit camera shy, so their calming nature and positive vibes made it much easier. We did engagement photos in Central Park and my wedding was in Montauk, and I truly loved all the photos and actually had a blast during the engagement photos. I also loved how they were not invasive like other wedding photographers, as they never took me away from guests to do photos. You don’t really see them during your wedding reception, but once you get the photos you realize they captured all the funny dance moves, romantic kisses, and magical moments. When I first got my wedding proofs, I was at the gym and just broke down in tears I was so moved! It was amazing to re-live that day through the photos.
I am so grateful to Jamie and Subrina for their work. Their creative and professional work has now become an everlasting memory of the best day of my life! I highly recommend them to any and all brides!
Erica on 04 Sep 2021
We absolutely LOVED having Jamie Levine Photography on our team to capture our special day - - Jamie and Subrina traveled to Colorado to photograph our wedding. Jamie and Subrina are both extremely talented and wonderful to work with. They are true professionals and paid attention to the important details (such as lighting and fixing my dress/veil after the wind blew it). They were organized and made sure we got the shots that were important to us. Additionally, they photographed my final dress fitting at Kleinfeld Bridal and that was a wonderful event with friends and family that was captured. I would strongly recommend Jamie Levine Photography to anyone looking for a reliable and professional photographer for his/her wedding. You can trust Jamie Levine Photography to capture all of the special moments on your big day!
Emily on 05 Sep 2020
Hiring Jamie Levine Photography was one of the best decisions that I made while planning my wedding. Jamie and Subrina are such an incredible team. We just received all of our proofs back (in less than 3 weeks) and I am blown away by how incredible the pictures look. They turned out so much better than I could have even imagined!! Both Jamie and Subrina were shooting throughout the entire day, unobtrusively, and captured so many different moments and angles. They truly understood the pictures that were important to me, and had so many alternative creative suggestions for pictures – some of which became my favorite!
Not only are Jamie and Subrina extremely talented and creative photographers, but they are also some of the nicest people you will meet. I just loved having them at our wedding. I am so happy that we chose Jamie Levine Photography to capture our wedding day. Honestly, if you are looking for a wedding photographer, just stop your search here. You will not find a more talented wedding photography team anywhere else!!
Kerri B. on 07 Sep 2019
When I first saw Jamie's photos I knew immediately I wanted to hire him. His work has an authenticity to it that I haven't seen with other photographers. He has such a unique ability to capture the truth in a moment, like freezing time. Saying that working with Jamie and Subrina was an absolute pleasure from start to finish, would be a huge understatement. Both of them were so kind, generous and easy to be around. Having them there to not only document our day but to share in it was so special. Our final photos came out beautiful and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I hope you will jump at the opportunity to have Jamie photograph your wedding.
Kodonnel on 27 Jul 2019
Jamie Levine Photography was amazing! Jamie and his team are incredible photographers that capture all the perfect moments with artistic shots that will leave you breathless. They photographed my wedding on July 27th and by the next morning we were looking at a few incredible proofs from the night before! By the time we were back from our honeymoon, we had all our wedding pictures! The team of photographers captured every moment we could have asked for and each picture is better then the last. Jamie and his team are truly wonderful people who you will enjoy spending your wedding day with! If you can get them you absolutely should - no questions asked! Wonderful pictures, professional and lovely people with great communication leading up to the event, I couldn't have asked for a better experience with Jamie Levine Photography.
Roslyn on 28 Sep 2019
Jamie Levine Photography was one of the easiest and BEST decisions we made throughout the wedding planning process. After browsing many reviews and galleries, we reached out and from the first time we met in person, we knew it had to be them! Jamie and Subrina are so friendly, personable, and of course talented, and they make an incredible team. The entire process leading up to the wedding was easy, flexible, and they went out of their way to get us excited for our wedding!
Our engagement shoot was really fun - even for my husband who usually hates getting photos taken - and helped us get to know them and their styles better. The pictures were beautiful! And we knew we had so much more to look forward to for the wedding. On the day of, Jamie, Subrina, and Clark were the utmost professionals, and even when we were running behind schedule for other reasons, they managed to ensure we hit everything on the shot list, kept our friends and families comfortable and engaged throughout, and produced an absolutely stunning set of literally thousands of photos - from the little wedding details, our first look, fun action and candid shots, to our couples portraits that we'll cherish forever. Other quick things to note: Jamie sent a few sneak peeks of our photos just days after the event, and we received our full album of proofs just a couple weeks later! Stylistically, all of our photos are natural, and elegant, and truly reflected our personality and wedding, and it's because they really listened and cared to get to know us. For those looking not only for works of art that will capture memories of your best day forever, but who also want to enjoy the entire experience and work with truly great people -- I cannot recommend Jamie Levine highly enough!
Raina on 19 Jun 2021
These two are commensurate professionals with huge hearts and an acute level of the need to be understanding during this challenging time. Not only can I vouch for their skills (our engagement photos came out flawless and they made us so comfortable during the shoot), but they’ve been as flexible as possibly giving this trying time. I would refer this dynamic duo to anyone looking to get married or host a major event where the photos will capture the moment.
Michael T. on 30 Oct 2021
Jamie and Subrina were a pleasure to work with in every way. Subrina brought a contagious energy and excitement from the very first time we spoke on the phone, and their professionalism matched their enthusiasm. It is evident how much Jamie and Subrina enjoy what they do, which is just the cherry on top.
Even though this was a small wedding, there were still a lot of moving parts. This did not phase Jamie or Subrina in the slightest. They struck the amazing balance of being in command, while letting things naturally unfold to capture some candid moments. Most importantly, the pictures were beautiful. They capture the beauty and happiness of the night and will always remind us of what a great wedding we had. I could not recommend working with them any more highly. It's an easy choice, and they do everything well across the board! Thank you for immortalizing our wedding night Jamie and Subrina!
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Photographer Jamie Levine About me

New York wedding photographer for over 20 years - capturing moments that last a lifetime

To see a photograph by Jamie Levine is to see a reflection of the emotions of his subjects. You witness a moment documented in time: true authenticity. From his tenure as a photo-journalist in the Middle East to his role as Kleinfeld’s exclusive photographer - Jamie’s experience and artistic sensitivity give him a unique ability to see and capture the world with pure magic. Whether it be wedding photography or a headshot, a special event or a family portrait, Jamie focuses on taking pictures of the real, beautiful you. A picture is worth a thousand words - so let Jamie write you a novel.



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Jamie Levine offers the following photography services: Additional Hours, Post-wedding Photoshoot, Boudoir Shoot, Destination / Travel, Rehearsal Dinner, Engagement Parties, High-Res Images, Wedding Portraits, Wedding Albums, Proposals, Engagement Session, Elopement, Film Photography, Drone Photography, Online Proofing, Printing Rights

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Jamie Levine works in the following photography styles: Fine Art, Natural, Editorial, Film, Photojournalistic, Traditional / Classic, Fashion, Artistic, Documentary, Dramatic, Lifestyle, Modern, Black and White, Night, Dark & Moody, Landscape, Underwater

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Jamie Levine provides photography services for the following events: Wedding

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Jamie Levine is recommended by 100% of couples who have used their services. Their overall rating is 5.0, with the same score awarded for quality of service, flexibility, value, professionalism and average response time.

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