What to Know about a Wedding During COVID-19

  • Publication date: 03/02/2022
  • Updated: 02/06/2023

Well, the one inevitable thing you should admit the sooner the better is that a pandemic will somehow change your original plan and the way your wedding may look in your head. Though be sure that one of the most crucial things will always be stable - you will finally marry the biggest love of your life and officially become a family. Basically, only this what matters most, that's why regardless of the time or place of the wedding, never panic or let all these circumstances make you frustrated. Firstly, just because you are not the only one facing it, there are a great number of couples who are struggling with the same issues. Secondly, because no matter what, you are lucky to be with the person you love and from now on you are a team, and this team is so strong that it can easily go through various problems. So, truly, you are far from alone in accepting that there are many obstacles and “what if” in the wedding plan, but it's too early to get disappointed. Here are some facts about planning a wedding at COVID-19 that may help you with defining the initial steps in your wedding preparation.

What to Expect If You’re Planning a 2022 Wedding

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When planning your wedding in 2022 there is one important thing you may be worried about, and that is the safety and health risks of all your guests. Actually, it's quite difficult to predict the pandemic situation, but what you can do is to check and follow the recommendations provided by the government in your city, state and country. Thus, according to these guidelines, decide what to do next. Frankly speaking, if you can postpone your wedding - do that, but in case the restrictions do not prevent you from celebrating (by following general self-protection measures) - begin to elaborate your wedding plan, search for the venue, book the vendors and invite the guests.

By the way, due to this new reality, more and more newlyweds tend to reduce the number of “offline” guests. They choose hybrid weddings, as they have virtual guests as well, who would love to attend the wedding without coming to the celebration itself, since guests can live in another country or simply because of safety reasons. So, live-streaming your wedding day for everyone you love is a great option, as they can become a part of the celebration regardless of the places of residence.

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Well, you see that it's incredibly important to be open with your guests about your plans concerning the wedding. What is more, you should keep in touch with all your vendors and be in contact for making any changes or discussing options. No objections, it's a really difficult thing to do, because any wedding is a huge mechanism that consists of many details and trying to monitor all these details may drive you crazy. However, the solution does exist! A professional wedding planner will contribute a lot to the best organization of your wedding, having under control all the wedding vendors and facilitating all the processes, meaning taking the responsibility of the most important part of the wedding planning for you not to carry the load on your own. No surprise if after the wedding, you`ll find it one of your best divisions to hire a professional wedding planner.

The Challenges of Planning a Wedding Mid-Pandemic

There will be many anticipated challenges to overcome in the wedding preparation during the pandemic. One of such things that is impossible not to mention is the choice of the venue. Evidently, outdoor locations are the top choice for having the celebration in the safest conditions, but an indoor venue is fine as well, you'll just need to check the precautions they have, considering a good layout for the guests to have enough room for safe distancing. It would also be nice to find out if there are any contingency plans and information in case of event cancellation. As for the catering, the individually plated meals are the safest way to treat your guests that they would definitely enjoy. Whilst for the entertainment you may offer musical or dancing performances, stand-up comedians or even hire a host and carefully create a whole program that will become a nice alternative to the usual party. You see now, that you still can have the wedding of your dreams just by adjusting some points, believing in yourself and trusting the professionals.

How Testing and Vaccines Will Affect Planning

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The safety of your guests is definitely your responsibility, you should make them feel comfortable and safe by providing them with all the necessary accessories. Moreover, you can make it one of the wedding favors, for example a customized mask and a hand sanitizer, by putting them in the welcome zone or in sanitizing stations around the location. The same you can do with the newlyweds` masks, you can order those perfectly matching your outfits, showing that everyone respects the safety of others. Additionally, you may set clear guidelines reminding your guests to wear the mask and keep social distancing. Well, the decision whether to require a vaccine confirmation, a negative test or do temperature checks right after the guest's arrival is up to you, but to make the supply of basic stuff is still necessary.

So you see, there's nothing to be stressed about as long as you effectively follow the plan and delegate some tasks to the professional. Be sure you'll easily get through it and your couple will become even stronger. Keep in mind: if life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

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