Top 5 poses for brides

  • Publication date: 03/02/2022
  • Updated: 02/06/2023

The most gentle and beautiful bride is that very person who gathers all the glances full of admiration and happiness. She is the only one who has been expecting the day of the wedding for a long time, thinking about every stage in the wedding timeline and carefully choosing each detail of the wedding decoration. She is the one who deserves and gets the biggest part of everyone’s attention because it is absolutely her big day. Knowing this, wedding photographers do their best to please the bride offering a range of various types of pictures: some are with the strict poses, others are with sincere emotions and no staging effect. Below you’ll see the most popular and classic kinds of bridal pictures you may take into consideration for your wedding shooting.

Top 5 poses for bridesPhoto by megantravisphotography Poses for bridesPhoto by amandalanephotography

Bridal Pose 1: The Standard

Those are taken both during the bride’s morning preparations, when she is still in her silk ivory gown, and also when the bride is already wearing her charming wedding dress. Photos with standard posing are usually the first shots your wedding photographer would take. Mostly these are portraits and full length photos with a light smile and soft glance, showing the bride’s beauty and romantic mood. Poses are pretty much the same, though the facial expressions, movements of arms and hips change. Other really nice pictures are taken when the bride looks at the camera over her shoulder and stands with her back turned to the photographer. All the curves and delicate features are accentuated by the morning light and professionally settled shadows. Additionally, your wedding photographer may suggest making some pictures in seated poses. Frankly speaking, these poses are the most difficult to perform because it can be rather hard to keep one body position for a long time. As if the bride settles comfortably on a chair in 99% of all cases, in the final pictures it will not look natural. Anyway, the photographer will definitely find the best looking angle for every bride. So, just trust your photographer, and he/she will make your photos look natural, even if it doesn’t seem so during the shooting.

Bridal Pose 1: The StandardPhoto by corbingurkin

While searching for stylish and trendy bridal pictures, you could run into the high-fashion ones. They differ a lot from the traditional photos because the posing is much more strategically exaggerated and the dramatic light plays the key role. Though in case you’d like to have in your photobook something similar, you may discuss it with your wedding photographer in advance, and by specifying the venue and the amount of time, he/she may offer some really nice options you can implement together.

Bridal Pose 2: Incorporating the Bouquet

Bridal posesPhoto by thehappybloom

Many brides spend weeks and months choosing the right flowers for the wedding bouquet, their colors, sizes and quantity. It’s absolutely understandable because when thinking about a bride, the image of a fresh elegant bouquet appears immediately. Evidently, the wedding bouquet has to be seen in the pictures with regularity. But, sincerely speaking, in this situation, the wedding photographer will be even grateful for using a wonderful accessory that perfectly matches with the whole outfit of the bride and creates a space for new positions and perspectives. However, you should not put aside all the accessories and jewelry you’ve prepared for this day. The pictures of you putting on your marvelous shoes, adjusting the necklace or earrings while looking in the mirror or applying perfume will turn out to be really aesthetic and glamorous.

Bridal Pose 3: Portraits Through the Veil

Bridal Pose 2: Incorporating the BouquetPhoto by nadiahungphotography

Every bride will definitely fall in love with photos taken through the veil. The bride looks tender and dreamy, and it also gives the picture a genuine cinematic effect. This thin light tissue for a moment separates the bride from the whole world, making her whole image incredibly delicate and fragile. Moreover, the bridal veil provides your wedding photographer with a great opportunity to create the shots looking straight from Pinterest or fashion wedding magazines. So, basically, the wedding photographer would ask the assistant to drop the veil in an aesthetic way, while the newlyweds are looking at each other or kissing. It will be a stunning photo. That’s why never get upset if it is windy on your wedding day, because this weather actually gives you splendid and memorable photos.

Bridal Pose 4: Candid Laughter

Bridal Pose 4: Candid LaughterPhoto by aliceahnphotography

Please, don’t think that staging poses are the only option. Your wedding photographer is constantly ready to capture your genuine laughter while having fun and giggling with your bridesmaids during the prep time. Many experienced wedding photographers admit the candid laughter always looks amazing. So, anytime you feel like smiling or giggling at someone’s strong joke - never stop yourself, because it possibly will be a nice vivid shot you’ll adore.

Bridal Pose 5: Opening the curtains

Bridal Pose 5: Opening the curtainsPhoto by elizabethmessina

If you’ve dreamt about an exquisite wedding photo, do try this one with pulled back curtains. Let the soft light enter the room, filling it with splendid shining. Just imagine how beautifully the bride’s figure would look, when she tenderly touches her perfect dress with her body in a shade and just a thin silver light highlighting her eyes or smile.

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