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  • Publication date: 11/27/2023
  • Updated: 11/28/2023

Wedding photography in Ottawa – it's a realm where shutter speed meets the speed of love, and aperture settings frame the aperture of your heart! Let's pause our daydreaming for a brief moment, though, because you deserve the inside scoop without the fluff.

In our frost-kissed city of Ottawa, where love weaves its tales against a backdrop of historic charm, we’ve scoured high and low (no cobblestone unturned, no romantic possibility unexplored!) to bring to you our discerning selection of the top 5 wedding photographers in Ottawa. These are the artists who capture feelings, forever framing the laughs, the tears, and, yes, even the uncle’s infamous boogie moves.

Lace and Luce

Lace and Luce (23).jpg
Photo by Lace and Luce
Lace and Luce.jpg
Photo by Lace and Luce
Lace and Luce (15).jpg
Photo by Lace and Luce

Jennifer and Salvatore are the dynamic duo behind Lace and Luce, an Ottawa wedding photography team that captures love stories with an elegant, editorial lens. Their romantic origin story, which reads like a scene from a charming novella, began with a chance encounter following a car mishap in the picturesque town of Positano. This serendipitous event led to a beautiful partnership, both in life and in their professional pursuits.

Jennifer, a Canadian with a deep-rooted passion for the arts, brings her background and an innate love for photography to the table. Salvatore, on the other hand, hails from the scenic cliffs of Positano. His background as a sommelier, working in the Amalfi Coast's most prestigious hotels, has infused him with a unique perspective on aesthetics and detail, which is evident in their work.

Their love for the craft is rooted in the uniqueness of each wedding, each couple, and each loving glance captured. With a selective schedule of 25 weddings per year, they ensure that each event is given the attention it deserves, offering up to ten hours of coverage to artfully document the entire affair.

Italy holds a special place in their hearts, not just as a favorite destination for weddings but as a muse for their work, with half of their wedding season spent amidst its romantic vistas. Yet, their Italian passports and adventurous spirits mean that they are well-equipped and eager to capture nuptial celebrations in various locales across the globe.

Agatha Rowland

Agatha Rowland (7).jpg
Photo by Agatha Rowland
Agatha Rowland (3).jpg
Photo by Agatha Rowland
Agatha Rowland (13).jpg
Photo by Agatha Rowland

To start with, we want to share the tale of Agatha Rowland, a top wedding photographer in Ottawa whose journey in imagery started in the charming darkrooms of high school. She's a storyteller whose canvas is the frame of a camera.

Agatha's photography has a unique, cinematic quality—each image feels like a still taken from an intimate, unfolding narrative where the subject shines as the central character. What drives her passion? It's her way of defying time. Unlike the ephemeral memories that flicker through our minds, Agatha uses her camera to seize these moments, creating lasting mementos that invite endless reflection and enjoyment.

When it comes to interacting with clients, Agatha's approach is built on genuine connection. She engages with them through a foundation of sincerity and kindness, infusing these essential elements into every interaction. This ensures that her clients feel as naturally at ease in front of the lens as they are in their own element.

For those about to step in front of her camera, Agatha is more than a photographer; she's a guide through the intricate process of capturing life's special events. From planning the timeline to selecting vendors, she offers a compass to steer them toward achieving their vision of a day that's as flawless in memory as it is in her photographs.


Rosie Lee (8).jpg
Photo by Rosie Lee
Rosie Lee (3).jpg
Photo by Rosie Lee
Rosie Lee (2).jpg
Photo by Rosie Lee

Now, let’s talk about another top photographer in Ottawa - Rosie from Rosielle+Co., whose photography stitches a fabric of moments into a quilt of memories that will snugly wrap around couples for a lifetime. Now, doesn't that sound like a cozy introduction?

First off, we should tip our hats to Rosie—self-taught from the tender age of 17, can you believe it? Just a teenager when she began, and now she’s orchestrating the visual symphonies at weddings like it's second nature. Her work? Well, let’s paint a picture together: imagine dreamy snapshots with a nostalgic hue, capturing candid moments most naturally and effortlessly.

Connecting with her clients is where Rosie shines brighter than that new ring on your finger. She’s not just snapping photos; she’s building friendships. By the time the wedding day rolls around, her presence is as natural as the laughter and tears she’s capturing through her lens. Plus, Rosie doesn’t just hit the mark; she crafts it. With her a la carte pricing, every couple gets a tailor-made package, as unique as their own love stories.

And, let’s not pack our bags yet, but did we mention destination weddings? Rosie and her team jet-set to your dream location, be it the romantic alleyways of Paris or the sunny shores of Cabo San Lucas, to encapsulate your love in a locale that whispers your tale.

Julia Barrie

Julia Barrie (5).jpg
Photo by Julia Barrie
Julia Barrie (6).jpg
Photo by Julia Barrie
Julia Barrie (2).jpg
Photo by Julia Barrie

Julia Barrie is an Ottawa wedding photographer who has truly mastered the art of capturing life's unscripted moments. From the beginning, Julia's love for storytelling and creating art was evident. Picture her as a child, already seeing the world through a "documentary lens," always yearning to freeze those special, fleeting moments with a camera in hand. It's as if she was destined to become the visual storyteller she is today.

Julia has this incredible knack for finding beauty in others, telling their stories in the most genuine way possible. Imagine her behind the camera, not just as a photographer, but as someone who's emotionally invested in each shot. Whether it's shedding a tear of joy or sharing a hearty laugh with her subjects, Julia is there, living in that moment right alongside them.

Her approach? Light-hearted, uplifting, and always ready for a good chuckle. Life's too short to be anything but, right? This ethos shines through in her non-traditional, candid, and documentary-style photography. She steers clear of those awkward, forced poses. Instead, she focuses on capturing movement and those genuine moments that make you feel something real.

Her method of working with clients is super personalized. She takes the time to chat with you, understand your vision, and even peek at your Pinterest board. That's Julia for you – always eager to grasp what your dream day looks like and feels like.

Scott H Wilson

Scott H Wilson (4).jpg
Photo by Scott H Wilson
Scott H Wilson (5).jpg
Photo by Scott H Wilson
Scott H Wilson (2).jpg
Photo by Scott H Wilson

The journey of Scott H Wilson began in a rather charming way - with his dog, of all companions! Imagine this: the two of them, wandering through nature, basking in the beauty of natural light. It's been a 12-year journey for Scott, filled with capturing moments that are natural, timeless, and candid. Quite the poetic approach, don't you think?

What truly brings joy to his heart is the very essence of photography itself! Despite sacrificing most weekends, he finds himself immersed in the joyous celebrations of life - capturing the best days in people's lives. How rewarding that must be! When it comes to clients, Scott is like a chameleon, adapting to their unique desires. Some yearn for a plethora of portraits, others for candid snapshots that capture the essence of their day. Scott, with his keen eye, always aims to deliver the latter.

For couples dreaming of a custom photography package, Scott, as a top wedding photographer in Ottawa, has something to offer. His advice to clients? "Don't stress. Enjoy the experience and each other!" Simple, yet profound.

And for the wanderlust hearts, Scott is no stranger to destination weddings, with Italy holding a special place in his heart. Just imagine the sun setting over Tuscan hills or the serene waters of Lake Como as backdrops. Bellissimo!

In conclusion, Ottawa's wedding photography scene is a vibrant tapestry woven with diverse talents and unique perspectives. Each of the top five photographers we've highlighted brings their own flair and expertise, from capturing the raw emotion of life's most significant moments to immortalizing the subtle beauty of everyday scenes. Their work not only reflects the city's rich culture and beauty but also showcases the universal language of visual storytelling at its finest. As we celebrate these top photographers, we're reminded of the power of a lens in revealing the world's hidden wonders and the stories waiting to be told.

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