Top 5 Photographers in Miami

  • Publication date: 02/06/2024
  • Updated: 02/06/2024

Miami, a vibrant city known for its stunning beaches, art deco architecture, and rich cultural diversity, has become a hub for talented photographers who capture the essence of this tropical paradise. In this article, we'll explore the top 5 wedding photographers making waves in Miami's thriving photography scene. From breathtaking landscapes to captivating portraits, these individuals have honed their skills to capture Miami's unique charm and beauty!

Maria Reva Photography

Photo by Maria Reva Photography

Maria Reva Photography emerges as an artisan of light and moment, weaving tales of love and commitment with a tapestry threaded with European elegance and genuine warmth. Her journey into the realm of wedding photography in Miami began with a serendipitous discovery—a film camera belonging to Maria's grandfather. This discovery, at the tender age of 12, sparked a passion that would take Maria around the globe, intertwining her path with that of her husband, a fellow photographer.

With a career spanning over a decade, Maria has honed her skills to capture the essence of the most special moments, infusing them with a timeless European elegance that distinguishes her work. Her choice of equipment—favoring film cameras—reflects a belief in the equipment's ability to 'feel' the moment, a testament to her dedication to authenticity and the natural beauty of her subjects.

The privilege of being part of life's most significant moments is not lost on Maria and her team. They find joy in immersing themselves in the extraordinary emotions that precede a couple's union, a sentiment that guides their approach to wedding photography. Whether shooting in the sun-kissed villas of Lake Como, the mountain valleys of Colorado, or the intimate spaces of a client's home, they bring a unique flair and warmth to each occasion.

P|S Photography and Films

Photo by P|S Photography and Films

Patty Gonzalez and Susie Canino, the dynamic duo behind P|S Photography and Films, have woven their passion and skill into a rich tapestry of visual storytelling since 2006. Starting their journey as self-taught photographers, they were meticulously mentored by seasoned wedding photographers, embarking on a path of relentless improvement and evolution in their craft.

Specializing in wedding photography, PS Photography and Films crafts elegant and timeless images that transcend the conventional bounds of editorial photography. Their approach is a harmonious blend of focusing on lighting and forging genuine connections with couples and their guests, enriched by an appreciation for style and fashion.

At the heart of their work is a profound love for the beauty, love, and celebration that surrounds them, declaring photography not just a profession but the best job in the world. This passion is mirrored in Patty and Susie’s approach to working with clients, where listening and understanding play pivotal roles. By truly grasping the vision and expectations of couples, these top wedding photographers in Miami can capture the essence of their personalities, surpassing expectations with authentic and personalized photographs.

Karla Garcia Costa

Photo by Karla Garcia Costa

Karla Garcia Costa, a Miami-based photographer invites us into a world where each snapshot is more than a mere image; it's a passage to a moment, rich with emotion and bathed in the genuine essence of the day. Karla's craft is deeply rooted in a heartfelt commitment to her clients, whom she regards not just as subjects of her art but as partners in an intimate narrative journey.

Her affinity for capturing the intricacies of the moment is matched by her fondness for the majestic settings of Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic, a locale that repeatedly serves as the picturesque stage for her storytelling. Yet, it's her ability to find and frame the intimate details amidst these grand landscapes that truly sets her apart.

In her narrative, the whisper-soft moments often cast the longest shadows, standing as testaments to the profound beauty found in the subtleties of love and companionship. Karla's philosophy, inspired by the Gen Z mantra to "romanticize your life," infuses her work with a poetic lens, celebrating not just the event, but the myriad of emotions that paint each couple's story.

Adriana Rivera

Photo by Adriana Rivera

Adriana Rivera is not just a top wedding photographer in Miami; she's an artist whose canvas spans continents, enriched by the vibrant threads of her Latin American roots and refined through a rigorous academic journey at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Specializing in wedding photography, Adriana’s work is a harmonious blend of timelessness and editorial grace, underpinned by a genuine photojournalistic integrity and an effortless sophistication that sets her apart.

With fifteen years under her belt, Adriana wields her Sony equipment not just as tools, but as extensions of her vision, capturing moments with an editorial precision that transforms them into timeless keepsakes. At the core of her philosophy is a deep-seated intrigue with the concept of love in all its forms—how it's expressed, the connections it forges, and the journeys it inspires. This fascination is the heartbeat of her approach, favoring authenticity and emotional depth over staged perfection. Adriana’s methodology is akin to a fine dance between documentary and artistry, aiming for a relaxed yet polished capture of each couple's unique narrative.

Adriana’s affinity for destination weddings shines brightest in Mexico, a locale that perfectly encapsulates the depth of culture and scenic beauty she strives to capture. This preference underscores her broader approach to photography as a narrative journey, with each location serving as a backdrop to the unique love stories she tells.

Georgia Grace Photography

Photo by Georgia Grace Photography

Georgia Shamy, at the helm of Georgia Grace Photography, is one of the top wedding photographers in Miami, intertwining emotion and editorial flair to encapsulate the quintessence of each unique love story. At 28 years old, Georgia's astrological blend of Gemini and Pisces imbues her with a deep affinity for the fleeting, nuanced moments that many might overlook, yet she captures with fervent passion.

With nearly a decade of professional experience, Georgia's style is meticulously emotion-driven, laced with an editorial edge that sets her work apart. She finds profound fulfillment in sharing her unique perspective on life through her lens, celebrating the intimate and vulnerable facets of human connection. Her approach to client collaboration is deeply rooted in communication and visualization, employing vision boards to meld her creative instincts with her clients' inspirations, ensuring a harmonious realization of their vision.

Her guidance for clients is simple yet profound: be present. This philosophy underscores her ability to capture the essence of their day, focusing on genuine emotions and spontaneous moments. Georgia's love for destination weddings shines through her favorite locales, from the stark beauty of Amangiri Resort in Utah to the romantic allure of Lake Como, Italy, each offering a unique canvas for her artistry.

These top 5 Miami wedding photographers have demonstrated exceptional talent and a deep passion for their craft. Their work not only showcases the city's natural beauty but also tells stories of its people, culture, and history. Through their lenses, we are invited to experience Miami in all its vibrancy and authenticity. As the city continues to evolve, these photographers will undoubtedly continue to push boundaries, inspire others, and leave a lasting impact on the art of photography in this dynamic city.

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