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Maria Reva Photographer

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Capturing weddings and families with a flair of timeless European elegance.

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Maria Reva Photographer photo
Maria Reva Photographer photo
Maria Reva Photographer photo
Maria Reva Photographer photo
Maria Reva Photographer photo
Maria Reva Photographer photo
Maria Reva Photographer photo
Maria Reva Photographer photo
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4 Reviews for Maria Reva

out of 5. Recommended by 100% of couples
Nicole Married couple on 19 Nov 2022
The photos you made turned out excellent. You perfectly captured the best moment of our lives.
Jelena & Andre Married couple on 25 Mar 2023
My husband isn’t much into photoshoots and yet he loved it and felt so at ease! Our families and guests raved about the album. Since we shared it, we received an outpour of positive feedback and gratitude. This couldn’t possibly make a bride happier.
Rogeria Married couple on 03 Jun 2023
My god, i'm shoked with how beautiful these photos are! You are an amazing photographer and you must have a divine gift for this type of art.
Christina Married couple on 16 Sep 2023
I don't think we will ever stop looking through these photos. They have become our favorite book and we discover something new every time we open the pages.


Maria Reva
Photographer Maria Reva About me

Ever since Maria found an old film camera in her grandfather’s home at the age of 12, she fell in love with capturing the magic of the light in the moment and has dedicated her life to mastering the skill of photography.  It is what took her around the world and introduced her to her husband, also a photographer. While dinner conversations revolve predictably around the craft, the couple enjoys having an opportunity to work side by side in some of the most breathtaking corners of the world.    Maria Reva is an internationally recognized bespoke wedding and family photographer. Whether she’s shooting at a sun-kissed villa on Lake Como, a mountain valley in Colorado, or the coziness of your own home, Maria brings a flair of European elegance and genuine warmth to her work. Together with her team, she is passionate about creating an effortless experience and timeless heirlooms for you and your loved ones to enjoy for years to come.


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What percentage of users recommend Maria Reva and which are the most valued aspects of their wedding services?

Maria Reva is recommended by 100% of couples who have used their services. Their overall rating is 5.0, with the same score awarded for quality of service, flexibility, value, professionalism and average response time.

Vendor Insight

Maria Reva is not just another name in the bustling Miami wedding industry; she is a maestro with a camera, weaving visual stories that resonate with the heartfelt echoes of matrimonial bliss. As a purveyor of treasured moments, Maria stands out within the Wezoree Community, where honest talent and dedicated workmanship are the cornerstones of a perfect wedding day.

Having twice been adorned with Wezoree Awards, this speaks volumes about her approach and the endearment her work garners. With only four formal reviews, one might wonder about the extent of her experience. Yet, each word penned by her clientele speaks louder than volumes of average testimonials, portraying the profound impact Maria has had on their most cherished occasions.

Christina's words paint a picture of an everlasting gift through Maria's lens, with a collection of photos that has become a family treasure, revealing new layers and, as time passes, deepening in value and significance. Similarly, Rogeria's exclamation of delight and amazement underlines the blend of professionalism and magic that Maria brings to her craft, elevating wedding photography to divine artistry.

In the care of a couple like Jelena & Andre, whose experience is echoed through their families and guests, satisfaction comes not only from quality photography but also from the comfortable ambiance Maria creates even for the camera-shy. The joy and gratitude of others upon seeing the album serve as a testament to her exceptional skills, ensuring that the joyous day remains etched in their hearts forever.

Furthermore, Nicole's succinct yet powerful testimony affirms Maria's talent for capturing the zenith of matrimonial emotion. To encapsulate the 'best moment of our lives' in a frame is no small feat and stands as a clear indicator of Maria Reva's remarkable proficiency in the world of wedding photography.

Judging by the unanimously stellar feedback, Maria Reva is evidently synonymous with excellence in photographic memoirs of love. Her presence as a wedding photographer in Miami comes highly recommended for those seeking not just images, but the immortalization of their love story through a lens that sees beyond the ordinary.