Georgia Grace Photographer photo
Georgia Grace Photographer photo
Georgia Grace Photographer photo
Georgia Grace Photographer photo
Georgia Grace Photographer photo
Georgia Grace Photographer photo
Georgia Grace Photographer photo
Georgia Grace Photographer photo
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6 Reviews for Georgia Grace

out of 5. Recommended by 100% of couples
Hannah Milanovich Married couple on 22 Apr 2024
Georgia shot my wedding and wedding welcome party in Cabo and she was absolutely incredible!!!
She is so sweet and genuine while also being professional. I absolutely loved working with her and would do it all over again if I could! She listened to my inspo and vision and also came up with a mood board for us to reference on the wedding day. She is a true talent and I promise you will be SO grateful you hired her for your wedding!
Cat Rossi Married couple on 20 Apr 2024
Wow - Our experience with Georgia was absolutely fantastic. Georgia exudes warmth and her photography beautifully captures the relationships she builds with her clients. We were introduced to Georgia through our wedding planners, Honey + Thyme, and we were thrilled to collaborate with her. From the first meeting, Georgia made us feel comfortable, which is crucial because being in front of the camera isn't always easy! Her photography skills are truly remarkable, and she excels at telling a captivating story through her images. Georgia was highly responsive and attentive to our preferences, always checking if there were specific moments we wanted her to capture. We can't speak highly enough of working with Georgia - she's not only incredibly talented but also a genuinely wonderful person.
Grayson Schwartz Married couple on 17 Jun 2023
Georgia is such an angel, I cannot recommend her enough!! I am seriously so happy I found her and was able to work with her for my wedding day. She brought my vision to life and delivered the most perfect gallery I could have ever asked for. I will 10000% be looking for any reason I can come up with more sessions in the future.
Britt Berry Married couple on 03 Jul 2024
First let’s talk about her art!  She has a gift for capturing the perfect frame to complement your best features and transform the room.  She took an amazing picture of me and my flower girl in front of the closet— THE CLOSET—  and it’s one of my favorites because of how she caught the light and and texture/ detail of the space.
Second she is the ultimate bestie— need help changing outfits on a cobblestone street?  Bestie will hold her jacket in front of you.  Need help with your wedding day timeline? Bestie to the rescue.  Need an engagement shoot dress suggestion?  Bestie.  Need help when your florist only delivers 1/2 of your flowers & then disappears?  This girl sent a friend around Charleston to buy as many flowers as she could and then helped arrange them without hesitation or an ask!
Number 3 — her editing is an angels kiss on your already amazing pictures.  Dreamy, soft yet captivating contrast.  Timeless!
I conclude by saying not only does she add to the beauty of your day —girly could be mistaken for a sculpture or focal point of a painting— she makes your day better than you could  imagine & captures it perfectly!
Jordan DeVore Married couple on 04 Nov 2023
Georgia made my husband and I feel like high fashion models! Her attention to detail and ability to capture beauty in every moment without feeling “cheesy” is unmatched!  She was a dream to work with for engagement and wedding photos
Marissa Clement Married couple on 09 Sep 2023
I hired Georgia for bridal portraits.

Georgia was intentional and intuitive with every shot she took. Making me feel so comfortable and like myself in front of a camera where I would normally be anxious.

She is sweet as pie and truly has an artful eye that you can tell she sees life through rose colored glasses.

When I received the final images, I was absolutely blown away. I never felt more beautiful. She captured every moment perfectly!!

Thank you, Georgia!


Georgia Grace
Photographer Georgia Grace About me

I'm 28, a June Gemini with a Pieces Moon. I have an affinity for the small, seemingly insignificant moments and classical textured aesthetics. Think French. I love fiercely and without rhyme or reason. I try to approach every moment with intention. I've learned how fleeting time can be.  My introduction to photography was through my parents. They documented their lives on 35mm film. In addition there was always a Polaroid one step laying around, the very same one I use today at weddings. In 2015 I started college at the New Hampshire Institute of Art. I studied all mediums but my concentration was photography. My love for film photography began during this time. I shot manually on film, developed my own negatives and spent HOURS in the dark room printing. I had dreams of being the next Ansel Adams. Ironically enough it was a breakup that solidified my passion for documenting love stories. More than that it was my saving grace. It’s surrounded me with love, provided evidence of unconditional love through lingering stares and tear filled eyes, through reaching hands and warm embraces.


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What is the average price for Georgia Grace wedding photography services?


What percentage of users recommend Georgia Grace and which are the most valued aspects of their wedding services?

Georgia Grace is recommended by 100% of couples who have used their services. Their overall rating is 5.0, with the same score awarded for quality of service, flexibility, value, professionalism and average response time.

Vendor Insight

Georgia Grace, based in Miami, is a talented photographer specializing in weddings. With 2 Wezoree Awards under her belt and glowing reviews from clients, it's no wonder she stands out in the industry. Marissa Clement praised Georgia for her ability to make her feel comfortable and beautiful during her bridal portrait session, capturing every moment perfectly.

Jordan DeVore commended Georgia for her attention to detail and her knack for capturing beauty in every moment without feeling contrived. She made him and his husband feel like high fashion models during their engagement and wedding photoshoots. Britt Berry raved about Georgia's artistic eye, describing her as the ultimate bestie who goes above and beyond to make her clients' special day a dream come true.

Britt also highlighted Georgia's editing skills, describing them as an "angel's kiss" on already amazing pictures. Grayson Schwartz echoed the sentiment by praising Georgia for bringing his vision to life and delivering a perfect gallery for his wedding day. He expressed his utmost happiness in working with her and mentioned his intention to book more sessions in the future.

Overall, Georgia Grace's clients are consistently impressed with her artful eye, attention to detail, and ability to make them feel comfortable and beautiful in front of the camera. With her thoughtful approach and impeccable editing skills, Georgia goes above and beyond to ensure her clients' special moments are captured perfectly. For anyone looking for a photographer who will make their day even better than imagined, Georgia Grace comes highly recommended.