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  • Publication date: 01/25/2024
  • Updated: 01/30/2024

Toronto is home to many talented event and wedding planners who can help create your dream event. From intimate gatherings to large-scale productions, Toronto has no shortage of creative planners to bring your vision to life. In this article, we'll highlight the top 5 planners in Toronto that couples and event hosts should consider for their next soiree. Whether you're looking for a traditional wedding or a modern, stylish affair, these planners have the skills and experience to plan the perfect event!

MUSE Event Co.

Photo MUSE Event Co.

Laura Atendido and Ellie Eccleton of MUSE Event Co. are artisans of love's grand celebration. With nearly two decades of experience, this dynamic duo has refined the art of wedding planning, transforming each event into a unique tapestry woven with personal stories and unforgettable memories. Their journey in the wedding industry began with a natural affinity for the enchantment of nuptials, and over the years, their passion for creative storytelling, impeccable design, and flawless execution has only deepened.

Their philosophy is simple yet profound: to create a 'one day, one night only' experience that exceeds expectations and leaves lasting impressions. It's the thrill of seeing the final touches come together, the joy in the eyes of their clients, and the satisfaction of a beautifully executed plan that drives them. Each wedding they orchestrate is a testament to their commitment to excellence.

At MUSE, the focus is not on quantity but on quality. They accept a limited number of weddings each year, ensuring that every event aligns with their high standards and unique style. Their dedication is unparalleled, with over 1,000 hours invested in each project, ensuring that every detail is meticulously planned and executed. Their advice to couples is heartfelt and practical: enjoy the engagement period, prioritize your relationship amidst the planning, and be realistic with your budget. 

Lexington and Co. Inc.

Photo Lexington and Co. Inc.

Lexi Haslam of Lexington and Co. Inc. is a Toronto-based wedding planner whose passion and flair for crafting uniquely memorable matrimonial experiences are simply unparalleled. With a career spanning over nine years, Lexi's journey began with her fascination for events, honed through diverse roles, including a stint at The Drake Hotel where she discovered her penchant for weddings.

Lexi's philosophy is rooted in creating weddings with intention, steering clear of cookie-cutter plans, and embracing the beauty of risks in design and scheduling. Her company, thriving on the ethos of personalization, offers a range of services from full to partial planning, along with customized packages that cater to every unique need, be it a bridal shower or a post-wedding brunch.

At the heart of her approach is the deep connection with her clients. Understanding their stories, dreams, and what makes their bond unique allows Lexi to weave weddings that are not just events, but a celebration of personal narratives, imbued with emotion and energy. Whether it's a grand affair at the Fairmont Royal York or an intimate gathering on private property, each wedding is a testament to her commitment to making "the best day ever" for each couple.

Petals and Pearls

Photo Petals and Pearls

In the heart of Toronto's vibrant event scene, Wassal Seddiqi, the founder of Petals and Pearls emerges as an icon of bespoke elegance and unparalleled service in wedding planning and design. Since its inception in 2013, this full-service luxury boutique has woven dreams into reality, crafting hundreds of bespoke weddings and events that resonate with personal style and profound memories.

At Petals and Pearls, every celebration is a tapestry of meticulous attention to detail, artistic creativity, and flawless execution. It's more than just event planning; it's about translating the essence of your unique love story, brand, or celebration into an elegant, refined, and innovative design concept. This team doesn't just plan events; they celebrate life, beautifully.

Clients rave about their experiences, highlighting how Petals and Pearls' dedicated team transforms wedding visions into awe-inspiring realities, paying attention to every minutiae and ensuring a stress-free journey. From full planning, where they pamper you with comprehensive services and hands-on guidance, to day-of management that adds a professional touch to your own planning efforts, and the creative prowess of their design and month-of management services, Petals and Pearls stands as a paragon of sophistication and style.

Blue Lavender Events

Photo Blue Lavender Events

Iris Li, the mastermind behind Blue Lavender Events, is a symbol of creativity and elegance in the Toronto wedding planning scene. Her journey began in 2012, a transition from retail marketing to the enchanting world of weddings. In 2013, she founded Blue Lavender Events, and since then, there's been no turning back.

Her passion for wedding planning stems from the deep satisfaction of seeing months, sometimes years, of meticulous planning come to fruition. Witnessing the joy and wonder in the eyes of couples and their families as they bask in the magic of the day is what drives her. Each wedding is a fresh challenge, a new story to tell, imbued with the unique essence of each couple.

Iris believes in the power of listening, guiding her clients through decisions, and offering insights to fulfill their desires. Her approach to budget management is pragmatic yet creative, emphasizing the importance of guest count and prioritizing budget categories. Iris advises couples to engage a planner early in the process, especially before venue booking, to avoid costly mistakes and ensure a seamless fit with their budget and vision.

Narelle Janine Events

Photo Narelle Janine Events

Narelle Allen, the heart and soul behind Narelle Janine Events, brings a unique blend of personal passion and professional prowess to the world of wedding planning. With a rich tapestry of childhood memories of watching her mother orchestrate theme parties with unparalleled zest, Narelle's journey into the realm of event planning seems almost predestined. Her mother, the quintessential "hostess with the mostest," instilled in her not only a love for celebration but a deep appreciation for the art of creating unforgettable experiences.

Boasting an impressive 11-year tenure in the wedding industry, Narelle has spent the last six years (soon to be seven) at the helm of her own venture. Her approach to wedding planning is a heartfelt commitment to making each couple's special day a vivid reflection of their love story. She cherishes the opportunity to be an integral part of such a significant occasion, handling it with the utmost seriousness and dedication.

Narelle Janine Events stands out as a luxury event planning and design company, specializing in crafting whimsical, personalized, and awe-inspiring events. The services offered by the company are comprehensive, ranging from full wedding planning to coordination packages, all customizable to meet the unique needs of each couple. Narelle’s philosophy is to work in close harmony with her clients, building an open atmosphere from the outset, ensuring their vision is realized, and their dreams are brought to life.

From elegant weddings to private parties, these top planners in Toronto have what it takes to plan a seamless, stylish affair. With their keen attention to detail, a wealth of vendor connections, and their ability to stay calm under pressure, these professionals are ready to make any event extraordinary. So next time you're looking to throw a major bash in Toronto, consider these talented go-to planners to bring your party plans to life. With their help, you're guaranteed to have an unforgettable event that will have your guests raving about it for years to come!

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