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  • Publication date: 05/16/2024
  • Updated: 05/16/2024

Weddings are a cherished celebration of love, and every bride desires to look her radiant best on this special day. In the bustling city of New York, a plethora of talented makeup artists have mastered the art of transforming brides into ethereal visions. From flawless complexions to captivating eye makeup, these artists wield their brushes like magicians, ensuring that every bride shines brighter than the city's glittering skyline. In this article, we unveil the top 5 wedding makeup artists in New York, whose artistry and expertise have earned them a coveted place in the bridal beauty realm.


Photo Ashabee

She glides across faces like a painter on canvas, her makeup brushes a rainbow of vibrant hues waiting to be unleashed. Ashabee is no ordinary makeup maven – she is an ethereal artist sculpting beauty one stroke at a time.

With an eye for the exquisite and a steady hand honed over years of dedicated practice, Ashabee transforms the blank canvases before her into masterpieces that dazzle and delight. Brides become blushing visions, red carpet stars shimmer with celestial radiance, and even the most quotidian face is elevated to sublime elegance under her deft ministrations.

D’Amelio Cosmetics LLC

Photo D’Amelio Cosmetics LLC

Lauren D'Amelio of D’Amelio Cosmetics LLC. is a true artisan of beauty, with a paintbrush for a wand and the human face as her canvas. Her journey began at the tender age of 16, a young dreamer whose dyslexia became the catalyst for an extraordinary transformation. Where others saw disorder, she found order in the precise strokes of makeup application, turning insults into inspiration.

With a dedication that defies convention, Lauren has spent over 17 years honing her craft, becoming a master of her trade. Her work is not merely an application of cosmetics but a celebration of individuality, a quest to unveil the unique radiance that lies within each client.

Lauren's signature style is a delicate balance of soft glamour and timeless elegance, a harmonious symphony of colors and techniques that dance across the features. With mathematical precision, she contours and highlights, creating symmetry where nature may have faltered, revealing the beauty that was always there, waiting to be unveiled.

From the most renowned celebrities to the blushing brides, Lauren's work has graced the faces of those who demand nothing less than perfection. Her team at D'Amelio Cosmetics, a carefully curated ensemble of artists, is an extension of her vision, each member hand-selected and rigorously trained to uphold the highest standards.

Anjali Wrenn

Photo  Anjali Wrenn

For over a decade, Anjali Wrenn has reigned supreme in the realm of beauty, her artistry sought after by the luminaries of New York's glamorous elite. With each flawless application, Anjali imbues her subjects with an aura of confidence, a radiant incantation that renders them invincible against the harsh glare of cameras and critics alike.

Her signature sorcery? A seamless fusion of sculpted perfection and ethereal radiance, a harmonious blend that attracts both lens and eye. For Anjali's true magic lies not merely in the flawless facade she crafts, but in the empowering metamorphosis she orchestrates, elevating her clients to inhabit their most self-assured, luminous selves.

Yet, this cosmetician's conjurings extend far beyond the canvas of the face. A true artist transcends boundaries, and Anjali's wanderlust has led her on a global quest, her brushes leaving their indelible mark across continents. From the hallowed halls of opulent weddings to the vibrant tapestry of diverse cultures, she weaves her singular artistry, as an ambassador of beauty without borders.

Radmila Isakharova

Photo Radmila Isakharova

The heart of New York City harbors a rare gem, a master whose deft strokes can transform the blank canvas of a face into a breathtaking masterpiece. Radmila Isakharova is no mere makeup artist; she is a sculptor of beauty, a priestess of pigments who wields her brushes like magic wands, summoning forth the radiant essence of each bride-to-be she encounters.

With an eye for detail that would make Renaissance masters envious, Radmila's portfolio is a kaleidoscope of beauty, each look a testament to her ability to capture the unique spirit of her muse. From the delicate whisper of a natural glow to the bold symphony of a dramatic avant-garde vision, her mastery knows no bounds.

Jennifer Danni

Photo Jennifer Danni

Jennifer Danni is a true artisan, a master of pigments and brushes who wields her tools like a painter wields their palette. Born in the gritty yet vibrant streets of Queens, her canvas has always been the human face - a living, breathing masterpiece waiting to be transformed.

To Jennifer, makeup is more than just a profession; it's a sacred ritual, a transformative journey that unveils the inner goddess within every woman. She believes that true beauty is innate, but her artistry adds a powerful dimension, a radiant aura that amplifies confidence and self-assurance.

In Jennifer's skilled hands, makeup becomes a language, a means of expression that transcends words. With each stroke, she weaves tapestries of color, light, and shadow, creating masterpieces that captivate the eye and stir the soul.

Choosing the right makeup artist for your wedding day is a decision that can elevate your entire bridal experience. The five artists featured in this article have proven their mastery in creating timeless and breathtaking looks that capture the essence of each bride's unique beauty. Whether you envision a natural, radiant glow or a more dramatic, glamorous aesthetic, these makeup maestros have the skill and vision to bring your dream to life. As you embark on your wedding planning journey, consider entrusting your bridal makeup to one of these exceptional artists, ensuring that you not only look stunning but also feel confident and empowered on your special day.

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