Perfect Photo Session Locations for Wedding in London

  • Publication date: 05/17/2024
  • Updated: 05/17/2024

London, with its eclectic mix of history, culture, and modernity, offers a treasure trove of perfect locations for wedding photo sessions. From the iconic landmarks that define its skyline to the hidden gems nestled in its quaint alleys, the city provides an endless array of backdrops that can cater to any couple's aesthetic. Whether it’s the grandeur of its historic palaces, the charm of its verdant parks, or the urban appeal of its regenerated districts, London encapsulates a spectrum of atmospheres and moods. This diversity makes it ideal for capturing the unique story of each couple's special day. Elegant, gritty, traditional, or contemporary, London’s versatile scenes ensure that every wedding photo session is as dynamic and memorable as the city itself.

St Paul's Cathedral

Photo by Charlotte Wise
Photo by Charlotte Wise

St Paul's Cathedral stands as one of the best locations for your wedding photography in London, offering a majestic backdrop that captures the essence of grandeur and historical significance. Its iconic dome and classic English Baroque architecture provide a stunning setting for any couple's photos. The vast scale of the cathedral allows for spectacular wide shots, while the intricate details of its facade offer beautiful close-ups. Inside, the ornate altars and expansive nave offer a dramatic and atmospheric environment for photography, making it not just a location but a central character in any wedding album. The steps leading up to the cathedral also make a popular spot for posing couples, offering a commanding view of the surrounding cityscape. St Paul's is not only a symbol of London but also a timeless venue that promises wedding photos imbued with elegance and history.

Big Ben

Photo by @hello.katedemina

Big Ben, standing tall beside the Houses of Parliament, is one of the top wedding photoshoot locations in London. The iconic clock tower provides a quintessentially London backdrop, ideal for couples who want to capture the essence of the city in their wedding photos. Its impressive Gothic architecture and the River Thames nearby add a romantic and historically rich context to any shot. The area around Big Ben is vibrant and bustling, reflecting the lively spirit of London, which can add a dynamic element to your wedding photos. Evening shots are particularly stunning when Big Ben is illuminated against the night sky, creating a fairy-tale setting. The presence of Big Ben ensures that wedding photos have a memorable landmark, instantly recognizable and endlessly charming.

Kew Gardens

Photo by Katie Julia
Photo by Katie Julia

Kew Gardens, renowned for its expansive landscapes and stunning botanical collections, ranks among the top locations for a wedding photoshoot in London. The variety of natural settings—from the serene Japanese Garden to the grand Palm House—provides a versatile canvas for couples. The gardens' natural beauty peaks during the spring when the flowers are in full bloom, offering a colorful and vibrant backdrop. The treetop walkway offers an elevated perspective, capturing the expansive greenery and structured beauty of the gardens. Whether it’s the secluded corners for intimate moments or the sweeping vistas for grandeur, Kew Gardens delivers a spectacular natural setting that can make any wedding photo session truly enchanting.

Photo by Katie Julia
Photo by Katie Julia

Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park

Photo by @rachel_takes_pictures

The Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park is one of the most romantic spots in London for wedding photography, blending luxury with picturesque views of Hyde Park. Its refined elegance and classic style provide a lavish backdrop for wedding photos, with interiors featuring opulent decor and sweeping staircases. The hotel's terrace, overlooking the park, offers a breathtaking outdoor setting, particularly during sunset. The rooms and suites are sumptuously furnished, providing an intimate setting for bridal preparations and couple portraits. The Mandarin Oriental’s prestigious location and exquisite attention to detail ensure that each photograph captures a sense of luxury and timeless romance, making it a favored choice for couples seeking sophistication and charm in their wedding photos.

Ritz Hotel London

Photo by Katie Julia

The Ritz Hotel London, located in the heart of Mayfair, embodies romantic spots in London for wedding photography. Its prestigious address and opulent design make it a prime location for capturing luxurious and elegant wedding photos. The Ritz's famous Palm Court, with its ornate decorations and natural light, provides an exquisite indoor setting, while its exterior, characterized by classic Parisian-style architecture, offers a grandiose backdrop. Known for its high tea, the Ritz also provides unique opportunities for capturing candid moments in a setting renowned for its refined tradition. The hotel's commitment to excellence ensures that every corner is maintained impeccably, offering timeless elegance and a sense of high society that is perfect for wedding photography.

Regents Park Crescent

Photo by @juliephotoart
Photo by@juliephotoart

Regents Park Crescent, with its beautiful Georgian architecture and views of one of London’s most famous parks, is one of the top places to take wedding photos in London. The crescent offers a stunning curvature that frames photos beautifully, providing an architectural interest that complements any couple’s portraits. The nearby park, with its manicured gardens, tranquil lakes, and wide-open meadows, offers a variety of natural backdrops. This location combines the urban sophistication of the crescent with the rustic charm of the park, catering to diverse photographic styles—from classic and formal to relaxed and natural. This mix makes Regents Park Crescent a versatile and attractive option for wedding photos in London.

The Ned London

The Ned London, set in the former Midland Bank building, offers beautiful places for a wedding photoshoot in London. This venue combines heritage with contemporary luxury, featuring interiors that boast vintage glamour—ideal for couples looking for a blend of old-world charm and modern chic. The rooftop, with its stunning views of the London skyline, provides a remarkable setting for both daytime and golden-hour photography. Inside, the restored 1920s decor, from the opulent marble columns to the verdant terraces, adds layers of interest and grandeur to wedding photos. The Ned’s eclectic style and vibrant atmosphere make it a standout choice for those wishing to capture their special day in a venue that is as unique and stylish as their own love story.

Hotel Cafe Royal

Hotel Cafe Royal, located in the heart of London's dynamic West End, stands as one of the best wedding photo shoot locations in London. The hotel combines opulence with artistic flair, creating an environment rich in history and luxury. Its ornate interiors, including the grand historic suites, offer majestic settings perfect for capturing those timeless wedding moments. The gold-gilded rooms and sweeping staircases provide a royal backdrop that embodies the essence of luxury and romance. This iconic venue not only promises sophistication but also delivers a variety of photographic opportunities from intimate portraits in the lushly decorated lounges to grand scenes in the ballrooms. The exterior facade, reflecting the chic urbanity of Regent Street, adds an element of London’s vibrant energy, making every photo uniquely spectacular.

The Landmark Hotel

Photo by @evatarnok
Photo by @evatarnok

The Landmark Hotel, known for its stunning Victorian architecture and lush palm trees inside its atrium, is one of the best places for your wedding photos in London. The hotel’s soaring glass ceiling floods the interior with natural light, creating a bright and airy atmosphere ideal for photography. The elegant and spacious rooms, with their classic decor and rich textures, offer a variety of luxurious backdrops. The grand staircase and the exquisite ballrooms provide a sense of scale and grandeur, perfect for capturing the opulence of a wedding day. Outside, the charming winter garden, with its intricate ironwork and lush greenery, serves as a unique setting that combines both indoor comfort and outdoor beauty. Each corner of The Landmark Hotel promises a picture-perfect scene, ensuring that wedding photos are as memorable as the event itself.

Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire

Photo by Charlotte Wise
Photo by Charlotte Wise

Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire, set in the English countryside just outside London, ranks as one of the best locations for wedding photography in London. This historic Georgian manor house is surrounded by rolling hills and pastoral landscapes, offering a tranquil and picturesque setting. The hotel blends classic British elegance with rustic country charm, providing a range of photo opportunities from the ancient woodlands to the serene lakes on the property. The beautifully manicured gardens and the traditional English parkland create an enchanting backdrop for outdoor ceremonies and photos. Inside, the luxurious and tastefully appointed rooms feature period furnishings and all the modern amenities, ideal for bridal preparation shots and intimate portraits. The combination of natural beauty and refined luxury makes Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire a preferred choice for those seeking a countryside wedding near London.

Photo by Charlotte Wise
Photo by Charlotte Wise

Mayfair London

Photo by Jessica Lily Davies

Mayfair London, with its exclusive boutiques and historic squares, is one of the top wedding photography locations in London. The area’s elegant Georgian townhouses and fashionable streets provide a sophisticated urban backdrop. The iconic Grosvenor Square and the charming Mount Street Gardens are just a couple of the serene settings available for couples seeking a chic yet tranquil atmosphere. Mayfair’s luxury hotels, including the famous Claridge’s, offer lavish interiors that are perfect for grand and glamorous wedding photos. The blend of modern luxury and historic charm in Mayfair ensures that each wedding photo captures the essence of London’s most fashionable district, making it an ideal location for those who want their wedding photography to be both stylish and timeless.

Kimpton Fitzroy 

Photo by @emily_jayne_weddings
Photo by @emily_jayne_weddings

Kimpton Fitzroy, located in the literary heart of London near Bloomsbury, is known as one of the best places for a wedding photoshoot in London. The hotel’s striking façade and detailed terracotta exterior make it a landmark in itself. Inside, the refined art deco interiors and marble staircases provide a glamorous setting for wedding photographs. The lush palm court and elegant dining rooms offer a mix of sophistication and romance, perfect for capturing special moments. The combination of historic architecture and modern luxuries makes Kimpton Fitzroy a favored choice for couples looking for a venue with character and elegance. Its central location also allows easy access to nearby garden squares and iconic landmarks, further enhancing its appeal as a premier choice for wedding photography.

The NoMad Hotel London

Photo by Rebecca Rees
Photo by Jessica Lily Davies

The NoMad Hotel London, situated in the cultural heart of Covent Garden, is one of the best places in London for a wedding photoshoot. This luxurious hotel blends the grandeur of its historic building, a former court and police station, with contemporary elegance, providing a sophisticated backdrop for wedding photography. Each room and suite is uniquely designed, featuring bespoke furnishings and artwork that add character and depth to any photo. The hotel’s centerpiece, a lush, plant-filled atrium, offers a stunning indoor garden setting, while the moody and richly decorated common areas provide a dramatic tone perfect for capturing intimate moments. The NoMad’s combination of architectural beauty, stylish interiors, and vibrant atmosphere makes it a standout choice for couples seeking an unforgettable location for their wedding photos.

Ashridge House

Photo by Camilla Joy

Ashridge House, nestled in the heart of the Hertfordshire countryside, stands out as one of the best locations for London wedding photos. This grand estate, with its historical roots dating back to the 1800s, offers a spectacular blend of ancient grandeur and natural beauty. The sprawling gardens and woodlands provide a serene and picturesque setting, ideal for outdoor photography. Inside, the opulent decor, from the grand staircase to the stained glass windows, exudes a sense of aristocratic elegance. Each room in Ashridge House tells a story, lending a rich historical context that enhances the romance of wedding photos. Whether it's the majestic exterior or the intricate interior details, Ashridge House ensures that every photo captures the essence of a fairy-tale wedding.

Hedsor House & Park

Photo by Charlotte Wise
Photo by Charlotte Wise

Hedsor House & Park set atop a magnificent hill within 100 acres of historic parkland, is one of the most popular locations for wedding photoshoots in London. This exclusive venue offers a private and picturesque setting, featuring a stunning Georgian-style mansion surrounded by lush gardens and ancient trees. The panoramic views of the Thames Valley provide a breathtaking backdrop for any wedding ceremony or photo session. Inside, the luxurious and elegantly appointed rooms, including the grand ballroom with its spectacular chandelier, offer a variety of regal settings for capturing memorable moments. Hedsor House combines privacy, beauty, and exclusivity, making it a sought-after location for couples looking to add a touch of class and history to their wedding photos.

Luton Hoo Hotel, Golf & Spa

Photo by Camilla Joy

Luton Hoo Hotel, Golf & Spa, renowned for its majestic presence and sprawling estate, ranks as one of the top locations for breathtaking wedding photos in London. This luxurious hotel offers a blend of opulent heritage and stunning landscapes, making it an ideal venue for exquisite wedding photography. The meticulously maintained gardens, the picturesque lake, and the golf course provide diverse outdoor settings, while the interior of the hotel, with its lavish suites and grand halls, exudes an air of aristocratic elegance. The natural beauty of the surroundings and the architectural grandeur of Luton Hoo create a visually stunning canvas for couples looking to capture the essence of their celebration in grand style.

Dartmouth House

Photo by Camilla Joy

Dartmouth House, nestled in the heart of Mayfair, is recognized as one of the top London wedding venues for wedding photography. This elegant mansion, with its French chateau-style architecture, offers a distinctly sophisticated backdrop. The grand marble staircase, the ornate ceilings, and the beautifully appointed rooms provide a variety of luxurious settings for wedding photos. The secluded courtyard, with its charming fountain and intricate details, is particularly popular for intimate outdoor ceremonies and receptions. Dartmouth House not only captures the essence of luxury and exclusivity but also provides a stunning setting that is quintessentially London.

The Old Marylebone Town Hall

Photo by @tammyshun
Photo by @tammyshun

The Old Marylebone Town Hall, with its iconic status and architectural beauty, is celebrated as one of the best London wedding photo shoot locations. This landmark building, known for its stunning façade and elegant interiors, offers a classic and sophisticated setting for wedding photography. The halls, each with their unique character, provide a variety of options for capturing different styles and moods. 

The grand staircase and the intricate details of the architecture add a timeless elegance to every photograph. Its central London location also adds an urban charm, making The Old Marylebone Town Hall a perfect blend of tradition and metropolitan flair for couples looking for iconic London wedding photos.

Photo by
Photo by Charlotte Wise

Moreover, the versatility of The Old Marylebone Town Hall extends to its various chambers, each adorned with distinctive features like ornate ceilings and large windows that bathe the space in natural light, ideal for photography. The venue's ability to accommodate both intimate gatherings and larger celebrations makes it a sought-after location for weddings of all sizes. Couples can take advantage of the picturesque surroundings, including the nearby Regent’s Park, adding a natural backdrop to the architectural grandeur of the Town Hall. This seamless integration of classic beauty and accessibility ensures that every wedding photo session here captures the essence of a London wedding, making The Old Marylebone Town Hall a truly exceptional choice for memorable wedding photography.

Photo by Charlotte Wise
Photo by Charlotte Wise

Orleans House Gallery

Orleans House Gallery, set amidst the tranquil riverside landscape of Twickenham, offers a picturesque setting that is considered one of the iconic London locations for wedding photo sessions. The gallery’s stunning Baroque architecture, with its elaborate ornamentation and classical proportions, provides a rich, historical backdrop that is both elegant and dramatic. The expansive grounds feature beautifully landscaped gardens and a charming array of sculptures, making every corner a potential masterpiece. The natural light that floods the galleries creates a warm, inviting atmosphere, ideal for capturing candid moments. Orleans House Gallery not only offers aesthetic beauty but also a serene escape from the city's hustle, allowing couples and photographers to create serene and beautiful wedding photographs amidst an artistic setting.

RSA Weddings

Photo by Ela Tatiana

RSA Weddings, housed in the historic Royal Society of Arts building, offers some of the best scenery for a wedding photoshoot in London. Situated in the heart of the city, this venue combines neoclassical architecture with modern design elements, creating a unique and sophisticated environment. The RSA's Great Room, with its epic series of paintings and a stunning domed ceiling, offers a grand backdrop for any wedding photo. The atmospheric vaults and the bright, airy spaces provide a variety of textures and lighting conditions, allowing for creative and diverse photographic opportunities. The building's heritage as a center for enlightenment is reflected in its elegant and thoughtfully designed spaces, making RSA Weddings a venue where history and contemporary design meet to create a truly memorable photo session.

Fitzrovia Chapel

Fitzrovia Chapel is a hidden gem in the heart of London, offering an intimate yet grand setting that ranks as one of the great locations for your wedding shoots in London. This beautifully restored Gothic revival chapel, with its intricate mosaics and stained glass windows, provides a breathtakingly ornate backdrop for wedding photos. The chapel’s small scale allows for an exceptionally personal and romantic atmosphere, ideal for capturing those quiet moments of love and celebration. Its central location in Fitzrovia adds urban charm while retaining a sense of seclusion and tranquility, making it an ideal choice for couples looking for a venue that combines beauty, history, and intimacy in the bustling city of London.


Photo by @jacob_and_pauline
Photo by @jacob_and_pauline

Knightsbridge, known for its luxury and sophistication, stands out as one of the top London wedding photo locations. This prestigious area, with its elegant boutiques and historic landmarks, offers a chic urban backdrop for wedding photos. The picturesque streets and squares, lined with Victorian and Georgian architecture, provide a classic and upscale setting. Nearby, the iconic landmarks such as Harrods and the Victoria and Albert Museum add grandeur and a sense of London’s rich cultural heritage to any photo shoot. The blend of modern luxury and historic charm in Knightsbridge ensures that wedding photos captured here are not only beautiful but also embody the essence of a luxurious London celebration.

London stands unmatched as a backdrop for wedding photography, offering a blend of grand historic sites and contemporary urban spaces. Each location in this magnificent city tells a story, setting the stage for romantic and unforgettable wedding photos. Couples can choose from royal parks, modern art galleries, ancient churches, and riverside walks, each adding its unique flavor to their special day. The versatility of London ensures that no matter the couple's style or theme, the city delivers perfect scenes for every moment. As one of the world’s most photogenic cities, London continues to be a top choice for those seeking to capture the essence of their love and celebration in a setting that is both meaningful and visually stunning.

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