Inna Kostukovsky Photographer photo
Inna Kostukovsky Photographer photo
Inna Kostukovsky Photographer photo
Inna Kostukovsky Photographer photo
Inna Kostukovsky Photographer photo
Inna Kostukovsky Photographer photo
Inna Kostukovsky Photographer photo
Inna Kostukovsky Photographer photo
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5 Reviews for Inna Kostukovsky

out of 5. Recommended by 100% of couples
India Rossington-Smith on 29 Aug 2020
We booked Inna for shoot and I have to say she was amazing. There were a lot of us there on the day but she took the time to make us all feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. We got the photos back yesterday and they are lovely! I would definitely book Inna again and recommend others to do also.
Esther Kufrin on 21 Nov 2020
We have done all of our shoots with Inna since we've met her and are always amazed how she captures our lively family in the most beautiful ways. She manages to catch the shot in between one child crying and one child running away. ;) If you are looking to see your story come alive in photos, she is the ONE! We can only recommend her!
Alex P. on 17 Apr 2021
I absolutely loved the shots! Experience was great as well: Inna is the true master. Definitely recommend.
Inessa Collier on 26 Mar 2022
Beautiful, dreamy shots, good instructions on how to pose, and I also enjoyed talking to the photographer - she makes sure to get to know her subjects and to put them at ease. Really unique skills and amazing pictures. Plus she is a pleasure to be around!
Loz Lights Married couple on 07 Aug 2021
Having our wedding photo shoot with Inna was a truly wonderful experience. She is a lovely person and is an amazingly talented photographer who does her work professionally and friendly at the same time. We are not professional models, just "normal" people, and we were worried if we would feel and act awkwardly, couldn’t relax or wouldn’t know what to do. But Inna helped us during the whole shoot which meant we had fun and really enjoyed the process.

The result is always one of the biggest worries even if you are sure that your photographer is brilliant, but our photos had exceeded all our expectations. They were tasteful, elegant, unique and lively, just like you see in wedding magazines.

From the first message through to receiving the gallery of our shoot, Inna acted professionally and was very supportive, answering all our questions giving us full faith in her service.

We couldn't recommend Inna enough!!!


Inna Kostukovsky
Photographer Inna Kostukovsky About me

I photograph Weddings, Couples, Families and kids in London and all over the globe.    All my sessions are done in the natural setting.  I get to meet you, share an experience with you and tell a story about you through images.      I want to photograph you and your loved ones the way you are when you are most comfortable.  I will not pose your rigidly but gently guide you so that you not only look beautiful, but relaxed and comfortable.      I love to make my clients feel at ease and cared about so that we can create magical images that show you at your best.


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What percentage of users recommend Inna Kostukovsky and which are the most valued aspects of their wedding services?

Inna Kostukovsky is recommended by 100% of couples who have used their services. Their overall rating is 5.0, with the same score awarded for quality of service, flexibility, value, professionalism and average response time.

Vendor Insight

Inna Kostukovsky, a talented photographer based in London, has received three prestigious Wezoree Awards and has garnered glowing reviews from clients. One client, Loz Lights, described their wedding photo shoot with Inna as a truly wonderful experience. Despite not being professional models, they felt at ease during the shoot thanks to Inna's friendly and professional demeanor. The resulting photos exceeded their expectations, being tasteful, elegant, unique, and lively - resembling those found in wedding magazines.

Another client, Inessa Collier, praised Inna for her beautiful, dreamy shots and good instructions on posing. They also appreciated Inna's efforts to get to know her subjects and put them at ease, highlighting her unique skills and ability to capture amazing pictures. Inna was described as a pleasure to be around, creating a positive and comfortable environment for her clients.

Alex P. expressed their admiration for Inna's work, labeling her as a true master and recommending her services without hesitation. Inna's professionalism and mastery of her craft were evident throughout the experience, leaving clients enamored with the final results. Esther Kufrin shared a similar sentiment, praising Inna for her ability to capture their lively family in the most beautiful ways. Despite the chaos of a family shoot, Inna managed to create stunning photos that brought their story to life.

India Rossington-Smith had a positive experience booking Inna for a shoot, noting her ability to make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. Despite the presence of a large group, Inna took the time to ensure everyone felt at ease, resulting in lovely photos that exceeded expectations. Overall, clients were impressed by Inna's professionalism, artistic skills, and ability to create a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all involved. Booking Inna for a photography session comes highly recommended by those who have had the pleasure of working with her.