Wedding Photography Locations in London: Picture-Perfect Spots for Your Special Day

  • Publication date: 05/17/2024
  • Updated: 05/18/2024

One of the most crucial tasks in planning a photoshoot is choosing a harmonious and relevant location. If you're planning a wedding in London, why not seek help from professionals? From iconic places to picturesque parks and artistic masterpieces in tunnels, London offers a plethora of incredible spots for wedding photoshoots. Here are six of the best locations that will undoubtedly make your photos memorable and perfect for sharing on Instagram.

Kew Gardens

The aesthetics of Kew Gardens are truly inspiring. Known for its stunning beauty and diverse range of plants, flowers, and landscapes, Kew Gardens provides perfect backdrops for photographs. It's best to plan your photoshoot early in the morning when you can capture breathtaking images in warm, soft light. Besides its natural beauty, Kew Gardens also boasts exquisite architecture, including historic buildings, greenhouses, and towers, adding splendid decorative elements to your shots.

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For those seeking classic photos with a quintessentially London vibe, the luxurious residential area of Marylebone High Street, with its rural charm, is ideal. The streets of Marylebone feature beautiful architecture and historical allure, offering fantastic settings for your photos. You'll find quaint buildings, narrow lanes, and scenic squares that lend character to your images. Known for its chic cafes, restaurants, and boutiques, Marylebone also hosts green spaces like Regent's Park and Paddington Street Gardens, perfect for natural backgrounds. Despite its popularity, it's possible to find quiet spots for uninterrupted shooting.

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Tower Bridge

As one of London’s most iconic landmarks and the world's most famous bascule bridge, Tower Bridge is a prime location for photography. Accessible via the Tower Hill subway station, the bridge offers various perspectives along the Thames and on the bridge itself, enriching your photo collection. Consider incorporating retro themes or scheduling a photoshoot on a boat to add romantic nuances to your session. The bridge's illumination at night provides a spectacular backdrop.

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The Old Marylebone Town Hall

Situated in the heart of London, the Old Marylebone Town Hall is a historic and iconic building, popular for weddings and civil ceremonies. Inspired by Victorian architecture, its grand staircases, ornate ceilings, and elegant ballrooms evoke timeless elegance. Featured in numerous films, its distinctive facade and interiors are highly sought after by couples seeking memorable wedding photos. The surrounding area offers charming streets, green spaces, and historical landmarks, providing a variety of enchanting settings to capture your special day.

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London Underground

Many of London's subway stations feature unique architecture and designs that create fascinating backgrounds for photos. Notable stations include Westminster, with its view of Parliament, and King's Cross, with its legendary 'Platform 9¾'. Photographers often use the underground's distinctive lighting and atmosphere to craft romantic and modern shots, adding an extraordinary layer to your images. Consider outfitting the bride in a chic suit instead of a traditional wedding dress for a contemporary look.

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Red Telephone Box

We've curated a selection of creative locations for you, including the classic red telephone box, perfect for playing up the London vibe in any weather. Photos taken near this iconic booth can convey a sense of romance and nostalgia, especially when set against a typical London evening. We highly recommend experimenting with this setting or using it as inspiration to develop your unique photo ideas.

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