8 Signs of an Unscrupulous Wedding Vendor

  • Publication date: 03/04/2022
  • Updated: 02/06/2023

Sometimes it’s uneasy to understand immediately that the wedding vendor is an unreliable person and a poor professional. However, there are several obvious signs that can help you narrow down the list of potential vendors. Every highly professional and experienced vendor has got a website or an Instagram account with lots of reviews, works and contacts. It should be easy to contact the vendor and start communication. In case you don’t have anyone to recommend you good wedding vendors, you can visit the websites of the best professionals with the full range of portfolios, reviews and information. Thus, you’ll be able to choose the one you like the most. Following descriptions will help you realize that the vendor you would like to hire isn’t a good option at all.

The Vendor Doesn't Call You Back

A nice communication with the wedding vendor is a top priority. It’s recommended having a personal meeting to specify the services and to get to know each other. Make sure the vendor contacts you on a regular basis, even just to say ‘hi’ or inform you that the preparations proceed well. Being connected during the whole wedding planning will strengthen your relationship and you’ll be more relaxed, feeling that everything is under your control. Therefore, if you don’t have an opportunity to communicate with the vendor or he/she just ignores you or forgets to call back, better stop all your efforts and look for another option.

Refuses to Sign a Contract

Signing a contract is a common procedure that guarantees to protect both you and the wedding vendor in case some issues arise. Such contracts are concluded for a reason, that’s why it should definitely alert you if the vendor refuses to sign it. Keep being on the safe side and make sure all the details are clearly explained. Remember, quite often the way the wedding vendor deals with the contract, the same way he/she will deal with the wedding day.

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Doesn’t Follow the Contract

While signing the contract, do not miss a thing and check whether the following information is defined:

  • Date and Time of the wedding
  • Wedding venue, both ceremony and reception
  • The vendor's duties to perform
  • The time of the vendor’s arrival
  • Payments: the total amount of money, including deposit or retainer (non-refundable deposit)
  • Cancellation policy: what happens if any part cancels

Specifying all these details, you’ll have the right to terminate the contract and seek compensation for any extra payments in case the wedding vendor doesn’t adhere to the contract.

Asks for Payment in Full Upfront

Never paying in full or even more than 50% to the wedding vendor is a rule rather than a tip. There is a wedding industry standard that highlights the way you should handle the payment: a 10-50% deposit and a final payment closer to the event. It’s much better to protect yourself than be disappointed in an unscrupulous vendor.

Asks for Payment in Full UpfrontPhoto by stephanieweberphotog

Won’t Commit to a Timeframe

Effective communication is a key factor in dealing with timeframes and deadlines. It’s advisable to discuss all the details that are relevant for you or even clarify them in the contract. If the wedding vendor doesn’t follow them properly, you’ll have all the rights to ask for compensation or cancel the contract. However, being on friendly terms, try to regulate the situation with the vendor offering additional resources to fasten the process. Anyway, it’s another proof that you should discuss all the details in written format as evidence that you are right.

Comes Late or Doesn’t Show Up on the Day He/She Promises to Come

It’s okay if you’ve planned an appointment with the wedding vendor, but he/she comes late or even forgets about the meeting. We’re all people with lots of work and may forget something. However, it’s wise to explain to the vendor at once that you won’t bear such things on your wedding day. As for the wedding day, the best choice would be to hire a wedding planner or appoint a responsible person to help you coordinate everyone. In case you’re organizing everything on your own, the day before the wedding, reconfirm the location, date and time when you expect each vendor to come. This way you'll be able to protect yourself from any unseen circumstances. Moreover, really professional vendors often come a bit earlier just to learn the location and be ready to get things started.

Comes Late or Doesn’t Show Up on the Day He/She Promises to ComePhoto by troymeiklephoto

Doesn't Have the Right Tools for the Job

While communicating with the wedding vendor, for example, wedding photographer or wedding videographer, try to find out which cameras they use and why. A good professional always knows quite a lot about the tools he/she uses and can easily explain the effect that can be obtained with different cameras. Expertise and experience definitely cost money, but you’ll be absolutely sure that your wedding photos and video will be flawlessly captured. Additionally, make sure each vendor can get any tool he/she needs during the wedding day. Confirm the access to water, plugs, backup generators or several rooms for comfortable preparations during the wedding planning.

Doesn’t Clearly Explain the Work That the Vendor is Doing

The last thing you want to have on your wedding day is chaos and those wedding vendors who are panicking and don’t have an idea of what they are supposed to do. Ask lots of questions and specify all the details while talking to the wedding vendor and signing a contract. Keep all your important communication in writing and listen to your heart. If you see that the person in front of you knows the duties and believes that he/she should be a part of your wedding day, give this team a chance!

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