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11 Reviews for Ramses Garcia Photo

out of 5. Recommended by 100% of couples
Johanna Lopez Married couple on 04 May 2024
I have a greatest pleasure writing this review today! I booked Ramses for both my wedding and engagement photo session. Ever since we inquired, Ramses has been prompt and professional. From the moment we had our first zoom call, I knew we were in the best hands. Ramses will always have great recommendations and make sure that your vision for your photos comes to life. Our engagement photoshoot is something out of a fairytale and our wedding photos make me tear up every time I see them. He is truly an amazing artist and has an undeniable eye for photography. I do recommend that people invest in their vendors and without a doubt over and over again I will choose Ramses! I always said I want my photos to tell a story and he delivered on that! If I could I would give him beyond 5 stars, but since I cannot I hope my words show that his talent is beyond that!
Lisa Mayo Married couple on 06 Apr 2024
Wow! Ramses was absolutely AMAZING! From the first conversation we had he was super energetic, excited and happy work with us! We could tell he was extremely passionate about his work and that’s exactly what we were looking for. As an artist myself we wanted a photographer who got creative with shots and shook things up a bit than traditional wedding photos and he did just that! The day of our wedding he made it easy to have fun and enjoy the moment! He truly captured the day so perfectly!
We are forever grateful for the experience we had and for all of the work Ramses delivered! and we plan to find any reason to shoot with Ramses again!!!
Courtney Garbow Married couple on 04 Apr 2024
Where do I even begin! When I found Ramses I knew that I had to have his creativity & eye for my wedding day! Right away Ramses was quick to respond, had great communication, and made me feel 100% at ease making my decision hiring him. As a wedding photographer myself, this was one of the most difficult & important vendor choices of my wedding planning. Throughout the wedding planning process Ramses communicated well with me, listened to all of my thoughts and ideas, and made sure come wedding day that we had a blast working with him. Both him & his second photographer killed it. Having our photos taken on wedding day was so much fun. We felt like superstars & Ramses made sure we felt that way too! Our sneak peeks we recently saw are jaw dropping & more perfect than I even imagined. We are so excited to see our full day of memories, and we know that Ramses captured every single detail beautifully! You will not regret hiring Ramses for any occasion, but especially for your wedding day! Thank you so much Ramses for giving me the gift you have given Oscar, and I, which are our wedding photos
Andrea Salini Married couple on 04 Feb 2024
I've had the pleasure of knowing Ramses for a while, having him photograph many of my brides. It’s always been so refreshing as a vendor to work with someone like him. He is communicative, professional, and to the point. He knows how to run the show and you should absolutely let him because let me tell you, he kills it every.single.time.
About a month ago, I had the absolute honor of having Ramses be my very own wedding photographer. After seeing his work in the past, this was a no brainer. I knew this was my guy!
The night of my wedding was overwhelming to say the least, and having Ramses take over and tell us exactly what to do was what I and every bride needs on their day. No overthinking, no figuring out what looks off or weird, just Ramses saying “ LOOK AT ME”, “ LAUGH”, “kiss”, “dip her”. Yes sir.
Then he delivers your gallery and wow, I am blown away. Every picture got better and better as I scrolled. I actually had to stop halfway because it was too much (in a good way). The way he captures the moments is just magical. There are no words to describe the JOY I feel knowing I have these pictures to treasure forever. I hope this is enough to make you choose Ramses as your photographer, he’s worth every penny and then some.
Chrissie Fernandez Married couple on 09 Sep 2023
Ramses took both our elopement photographs and our reception photographs several months later. He is AWESOME! From the moment my husband and I spoke with Ramses, we knew he was the perfect fit for our wedding plans. He traveled to Maine for our elopement with close friends and family. He was professional, punctual, and really helped us come out of our shells as we are NOT the type of people that like getting pictures taken of us. Several days ago, Ramses photographed our wedding party/reception in Miami, and again he was a true professional. We cannot recommend him enough! Even though it was about 100 degrees outside, he got some amazing photographs of us and we had such a great time. We would recommend him to anyone who wants beautiful photographs of their wedding or engagement. Thank you Ramses!
Stephanie Canals Married couple on 21 Oct 2023
One of the most important things for us when planning our wedding was photography, as It is something we are going to look back on and cherish for the rest of time. We met Ramses shortly after getting engaged and immediately hit It off. His work was incredible and although he had not shot something similar to the style we wanted we believed in his abilities and trusted him with our ideas and let me just tell you.. HE ABSOLUTELY KILLED IT ! As soon as we got engaged my Fiancé & I knew we wanted to do something with a vintage car and when we shared the idea with Ramses he was super excited to step out of his comfort zone & shoot It. The day came and although we had some hiccups with the location the results were nothing short of amazing. The engagement pictures went viral on Tiktok to no surprise because they were truly a work of art. Shortly after we had the idea to do second shoot on our boat since It was something very special to us, and although again Ramses had never done a shoot like this, he was pumped for It. & again the results were absolutely incredible. Ramses is truly an artist and given the opportunity he is willing to go out of his comfort zone to create magic for his couples! He takes the time to build relationships with his couples and makes the whole process so easy going and fun. Throughout this past year we have developed a great friendship with him and we are so grateful to have such an amazing friend moving forward. On our wedding day Ramses went above & beyond to capture our entire day and was by our side the whole time. He communicated flawlessly with all of our other vendors & made all of our friends and family feel so comfortable the entire time. He made sure to get all of the shots that were a priority to us and from what I've seen thus far from our sneak peeks which not to mention we had within 48 hours, MAGIC WAS MADE! He is a true master of his craft and we cannot wait to continue working with him in the future! We already have plans for future shoots, hopefully some international ones coming soon! Thank you so much for all of the amazing pictures Ramses as well as an amazing experience and friendship. We cannot recommend him enough to other couples who want unique, individual & timeless photographs.
Kassandra Mellies Married couple on 07 Oct 2023
Ramses creates actual magic! We hired him to take our photos for our wedding and thank god we did! When planning for our wedding I knew photography was going to be the most important thing to have and I couldn’t recommend a better one then Ramses! All our photos are so beautiful and the pictures from the reception really captured what a blast we had! Every picture is more amazing then the one before so picking which ones to print is going to be a hard task lol!
Monique Eileen Ochoa Married couple on 04 Nov 2023
We were fortunate enough to have Ramses as our wedding photographer, and we cannot express how thrilled we are with the results! If you're seeking a photographer with a unique ability to capture timeless moments in a magical way, look no further.

Ramses has a rare talent for infusing a vintage, documentary style into his work, creating photos that transport you back to the most special moments of our day. From the first meeting, he exhibited a genuine passion for his craft and a commitment to truly understanding our vision.

What sets Ramses apart is his exceptional ability to capture not just images but the essence of the moment. Every photograph he took tells a story, preserving the genuine emotions and love that filled our wedding day. The vintage touch added a timeless quality to the pictures, making them feel like cherished memories frozen in time.

His dedication to getting to know us as a couple was evident in every shot, as he managed to capture our personalities and the unique connection we share. Ramses has an intuitive sense of when to blend into the background, allowing us to be ourselves while effortlessly documenting the most precious moments.

Working with him was a breeze, and his professionalism and attention to detail were truly commendable. From the initial consultation to the final delivery of the photos, Ramses went above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of our experience was exceptional.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer who can encapsulate the magic of your day with a vintage, documentary style, and someone who genuinely cares about capturing your essence on film, Ramses is the perfect choice. Our wedding album is a testament to his artistry, and we are grateful to have these stunning, timeless memories that we will cherish forever. Thank you Ramses, for making our special day even more magical!
Stephanie Colon Married couple on 06 Jan 2024
Ramses freaking killed it! Where to even start? Ramses got recommended to us by our coordinator Anette (also his wife) and it was the best decision we made. My husband and I aren’t keen on being the center of attention, but Ramses made us feel so comfortable throughout the entire process. In fact there were times we didn’t even notice him taking photos of us. His attention to detail is impecable! He would tell me when my hair was out of place or if the veil wasn’t in the right position.

From the moment we saw his work we knew we could trust in him to capture all our precious moments. After he visited the venue his first suggestion was to take photos before sunset to secure our golden hour photos and it was the best thing we did. The photos were so vibrant and gorgeous. I mean at this point we might need to hire him for all of our special moments!

Thank you again Ramses!
Hannah Zucker Married couple on 09 Dec 2023
We got married at Villa Veintiseis in December 2023. We're not from Florida so booking vendors was a little different for us but we loved working with Ramses. He is very professional and organized. We talked to him a few times over the phone before the wedding so when we met at the wedding it felt like we already knew each other. Melissa, the owner of Villa Veintiseis, recommended Ramses and we were not disappointed. He created a timeline for us and kept us moving on the wedding day to make sure we got all the pictures we wanted. We were so happy with the final product. The pictures are gorgeous and we got them about a month after the wedding - very fast. I highly recommend working with Ramses. He's a very talented photographer and a pleasure to work with.
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