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Ever since I was young, I knew I wanted to be involved in a creative arts. I always had a passion to see how thing’s were filmed or captured and my fascination led for me to become the natural photographer for my girlfriend (now wife) when we went on Trips. For one of my first birthday’s I celebrated with my wife, she purchased me a DSLR so I can turn the passion I had an itch for into something tangible. I first started out capturing concert’s as it was something I used to go often, and finally got the green light to capture one of my favorite bands live. It was an experience that has molded my use of light, whether natural or artificial with my work. Few months later, I got invited to a surprise wedding and was told to bring my camera. Long story short, I ended up capturing a wedding for a former (NY) Yankee’s family member, and I was terrified and shaking in complete nervousness.   I was able to proceed and actually capture the wedding, with no experience in that space. I remember the couple being extremely grateful and extremely happy with their photo., They couldn’t believe it was my first wedding! That night, I went online and dug through a hole on the internet to find what kind of wedding photography inspired me. It wasn’t all light and bright and generic. There was definitely a style that was aligned with my vision of how I would see movies as moody, and intimate. That’s when my love affair with wedding photography was born. Since that moment to this day, I’ve been completely obsessed with wedding photography.