Hotel Havana Venue photo
Hotel Havana Venue photo
Hotel Havana Venue photo
Hotel Havana Venue photo
Hotel Havana Venue photo
Hotel Havana Venue photo
Hotel Havana Venue photo
Hotel Havana Venue photo
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Hotel Havana

In 1914, local grocer Edward Franz Melcher opened Hotel Havana with a vision to recreate the tropical allure of the hotel’s Caribbean namesake. He built in the Mediterranean Revival style popular in Cuba at the time, and many of the surrounding cypress, palm and magnolia trees he planted still remain. The hotel served as a temporary residence for Melcher’s visiting vendors, beginning a storied legacy that includes FBI stings, acts of God and other colorful events befitting a grand and legendary hotel. During the twelve years Melcher lived and worked in the Havana, he donated a portion of its deed to the city for River Walk development. The hotel changed hands several times after that, and with the management transitions urban legends passed throughout the staff.

In April 2010, Hotel Havana was reopened under the humble care of Bunkhouse Group. The hotel is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, but manages to maintain its youthful spirit nonetheless.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the starting fee for Hotel Havana wedding reception?


How many people Hotel Havana can accommodate?

Hotel Havana can accommodate 100 guests

Vendor Insight

A Charming Nuptial Retreat at Hotel Havana

Nestled in the heart of San Antonio, Hotel Havana stands as an oasis of historic charm and romantic ambiance, providing couples with a venue that captures the essence of love and commitment. The hotel's unique blend of vintage décor and tropical allure effortlessly transforms every wedding into an intimate and memorable event.

Award-Winning Elegance

Having been honored with a Wezoree Award, Hotel Havana's reputation within the wedding industry is undeniably merited. It's this revered acknowledgment that echoes throughout the property, assuring couples that they're entrusting their special day to a venue recognized for its excellence in service, beauty, and attention to detail.

Aesthetic Allure with a Vintage Twist

The enchanting interiors exude the warmth of history, seamlessly marrying old-world glam with modern amenities. Each corner of Hotel Havana whispers a tale of yesteryear, inviting newlyweds and their guests to be part of a storied tradition that celebrates love in the most picturesque of settings.

Intimate Spaces for Unforgettable Moments

Whether it’s a quiet ceremony in the lush gardens or a spirited reception in the elegantly appointed halls, Hotel Havana offers spaces that cater to every wedding size and style. Its intimate atmosphere is perfect for those who seek to escape the commonplace, favoring a setting that feels both exclusive and personal.

Impeccable Service with a Personal Touch

The staff at Hotel Havana embraces the importance of your day, offering personalized service that makes each couple feel like the only couple. Their dedication to impeccable planning and execution means that every facet of the wedding experience is handled with care and precision, ensuring a seamless celebration.

A Venue That Inspires Romance

Choosing Hotel Havana for a wedding venue is not merely about finding a place to say "I do"; it's about discovering a timeless escape that embodies the romance of the occasion. It's no surprise that couples leave with memories as enduring as the walls of this San Antonio gem, making Hotel Havana an ideal location for beginnings that are as beautiful as they are unforgettable.