McNay Art Museum Venue photo
McNay Art Museum Venue photo
McNay Art Museum Venue photo
McNay Art Museum Venue photo
McNay Art Museum Venue photo
McNay Art Museum Venue photo
McNay Art Museum Venue photo
McNay Art Museum Venue photo
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McNay Art Museum

Think outside the box when planning your next conference and join us at the McNay for a setting that is a nice change of scenery from the typical boardroom or hotel conference center. The McNay has the ideal space for business luncheons, out-of-office retreats, and evening dinners and receptions.

Set in an exquisite Spanish Colonial Revival-style home on twenty three acres of beautifully landscapes gardens, the McNay Art Museum is an oasis in the heart of San Antonio. As the first museum of modern art in Texas, the McNay offers a unique opportunity to entertain in style as well as view an internationally renowned art collection. The intimate Octagon room, the breath-taking Courtyard, and elegant Leeper Auditorium together make a wedding unforgettable. For those interested in modern architecture, the Stieren Center for Exhibitions is sure to please. We invite you to experience some of the most magnificent works of the 20th Century, in one of the most spectacular creations of the 21st.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the starting fee for McNay Art Museum wedding reception?


How many people McNay Art Museum can accommodate?

McNay Art Museum can accommodate 300 guests

Vendor Insight

The McNay Art Museum, a gem nestled in the heart of San Antonio, extends beyond its reputation as a sanctuary of fine art, emerging as a coveted wedding venue. With its blend of breathtaking architecture and lush grounds, the museum offers an experience that seamlessly weds historical grandeur with contemporary charm.

Upon receiving a prestigious Wezoree Award—a testament to its excellence—the McNay Art Museum has firmly established itself as a preferred choice among couples. Its singular appeal lies in the harmonious interplay of art-filled backdrops and impeccable service, crafting moments that echo with elegance and cultural sophistication.

Couples hosting their wedding here are enveloped in an ambiance of creativity and inspiration. The unique setting allows for an array of stunning photography opportunities, ensuring memories are beautifully framed against the canvas of this historical institution.

Flexibility and versatility are keystones of McNay's offerings. The venue accommodates a range of wedding sizes, from intimate gatherings to larger soirees. Both indoor and outdoor spaces whisper stories of romance, making the McNay more than a venue; it is a chapter in the couple's love story.

The customer service at McNay Art Museum matches the aesthetic excellence of the venue. The attentive staff goes above and beyond, providing personalized care that ensures each wedding flows seamlessly. Their dedication to creating a perfect day is echoed in the glowing testimonials of newlyweds.

In the landscape of wedding venues, the McNay Art Museum stands out as a pinnacle of artful elegance and exceptional service. Its Wezoree Award serves as a beacon of its commitment to hosting extraordinary weddings. For those saying 'I do,' McNay promises an unforgettable union of love and beauty.