Lambermont Events Venue photo
Lambermont Events Venue photo
Lambermont Events Venue photo
Lambermont Events Venue photo
Lambermont Events Venue photo
Lambermont Events Venue photo
Lambermont Events Venue photo
Lambermont Events Venue photo
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Lambermont Events
Lambermont Events

Lambermont Events, a historic mansion in the San Antonio, Texas area, invites couples to celebrate like royalty in this elegant, vintage venue. A three-year restoration has turned this mansion into a wedding dream while also maintaining the outward castle-like facade that stretches up into the sky. Couples can find this fairytale venue only five minutes from the San Antonio Museum of Art.

The maximum number of guests at this facility is 300, and you can be sure that they all will look on with awe and love in their eyes during the ceremony. A reception can be held on the lawn under the stars or for smaller events inside the mansion.

Couples and guests will find accommodations in some select rooms within the mansion, as well as the Carriage House Apartment. For couples, the Luxury Honeymoon Suite is complimentary when booking a wedding during the venue’s peak season.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the starting fee for Lambermont Events wedding reception?


How many people Lambermont Events can accommodate?

Lambermont Events can accommodate 300 guests

Vendor Insight

Title: A Touch of Elegance at Lambermont Events – San Antonio's Premier Wedding Venue

San Antonio’s bridal world abuzz with reviews for Lambermont Events, as it increasingly becomes the venue of choice for discerning couples. With its unique charm and commitment to excellence, Lambermont has carved out a niche in the hearts of those who've celebrated their sacred union within its enchanting walls.

Historical Elegance
Nestled in the heart of San Antonio, Lambermont Events stands as a beacon of historical elegance. Its architecture, reminiscent of bygone eras, offers a picturesque backdrop that transforms every wedding event into a timeless fairytale. This venue is not just a space; it's a journey through the romantic pages of history.

Exclusive Service
At Lambermont, the focus on exclusive, intimate experiences is unmatched. The staff dedicates themselves to creating bespoke events that reflect each couple's unique vision. With personal attention to detail, they ensure that each celebration is as seamless as it is memorable, understanding that it's not just about the venue, but the everlasting memories created there.

Unparalleled Ambience
The ambience at Lambermont is steeped in a sublime blend of vintage charm and modern sophistication. Whether it's a sunset ceremony in the lush outdoor space or a grand ballroom gala, the venue radiates an aura that speaks to the soul of romance. Every corner of Lambermont is designed to heighten the sense of exclusivity and enchantment.

Prestigious Recognition
The quality of service and the majesty of its venue have not gone unnoticed in the wedding industry; as evidenced by Wezoree’s recognition of Lambermont Events. Garnering an award from such a prestigious platform is a testament to the venue’s dedication to excellence in the competitive world of wedding venues.

Final Thoughts
For those on the quest to find the perfect wedding venue in San Antonio, Lambermont Events emerges as a distinguished choice. It's not just where weddings happen; it's where legacies begin. As couples embark on their journey of togetherness, Lambermont stands ready to ensure that their special day is etched in elegance and elevated by the touch of their exceptional service.