Diffuse Media Photographer photo
Diffuse Media Photographer photo
Diffuse Media Photographer photo
Diffuse Media Photographer photo
Diffuse Media Photographer photo
Diffuse Media Photographer photo
Diffuse Media Photographer photo
Diffuse Media Photographer photo
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23 Reviews for Diffuse Media

out of 5. Recommended by 100% of couples
Purline Bryant on 28 Aug 2021
Enjoy seeing
Lisa Cowan on 29 Aug 2020
You guys did an awesome
Tori Eddy on 06 Oct 2018
We got our engagement pictures done by Diffuse Media. They were so great to work with!! They were able to capture the true essence of our relationship and love! The photos turned out great even WITHOUT editing! Definitely use them again!
Amanda Hammer on 04 Jan 2020
We are in love with our wedding video! They did such an amazing job and captured everything we wanted. Very professional and finished everything in a timely manner. Would recommend any of their services.
Rita Kelpin on 06 Feb 2021
They did some awesome pictures of the birth of my great great niece. She can turned the more beautiful and memorable pictures! They do black and white and also in color! So if your looking for someone give them a try they do great work. I’m looking forward to them taking some family pictures for me. Love the work you do! Grandma K.
Emily Andary on 19 Jun 2021
We had our engagement pictures this past weekend and Diffuse Media definitely exceeded any expectations we had! Ashley was so professional and captured our love perfectly! We are SO excited for them to capture our wedding day!
Brittney Scharp on 12 Sep 2020
I would recommend Diffuse Media 100%! Ashley did a great job capturing all of my baby boys expressions and the rare smiles from a nap-less baby! I’m so happy we had her do his first birthday photos, it was an important decision and we made the right one!
Sarah Ransom on 11 Jan 2020
Amazing!! Honestly for the 9 years I have been married, my son who is now 7 we never took professional family photos. Now I have a daughter who is 7 months old I’d figure it’s now or never. I was always stressed about getting pictures done. Ashley made our family photos the easiest thing I have had to do. She was on time and ready to snap photos! The pictures were ready for me in 24 hours. I definitely will be using her services in the near future now that I know I won’t be pulling my hair out in the process. Thank you for amazing photos! I
Katelyn Golembiewski on 04 Jan 2020
Before walking in to our engagement session, my fiancé and I were super nervous. But Ashley put are worries at ease right away! She turned on some Christmas music, guided us through each pose, and before I knew it our smiles and laughs weren’t just for the camera anymore. We had so much fun! And we couldn’t be happier with our pictures! They turned out better than we ever could’ve dreamed. I’d recommend Ashley for any photography need, and I can’t say enough good things about her videography work. She has so much talent
Emily Nichols on 17 Oct 2020
Diffuse Media knows how to capture your candid reactions & personalities perfectly. Ashley is professional, timely, and so sweet/fun to work with!! I couldn’t imagine trusting someone else to do my engagement photos. They turned out phenomenal!!!
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Diffuse Media
Photographer Diffuse Media About me


I’m Ashley, the lead photographer/videographer, an Enneagram 2, and dog mama! I can be persuaded to do almost anything if it comes with an iced coffee. I love The Vampire Diaries, Hibachi, coke + pina colada slurpees, and my music taste makes no sense: you can find me listening to anything from Bon Iver, to Kanye West, to My Chemical Romance. I’ve had some sort of camera in my hands for as long as I can remember. My passion for documenting memories has always been something that I’ve been known for.  Filming and photographing weddings was a dream that I made into a reality and I am so grateful. I put my whole heart and soul into every single relationship with my “clients” (hate that word, yuck!) and I truly mean it when I say “CAN WE PLEASE BE FRIENDS?!” I’ll be there for you through everything, from planning freak outs to hanging out after your wedding. I got you.
I’m Austin, the 2nd videographer/photographer behind Diffuse Media. I’m an Enneagram 7, I owned and operated my own recording studio for a decade, and have always had my hands in something creative. When Ashley asked me to second shoot a wedding, I instantly knew it was what I wanted to keep doing. I love to do anything involving audio and have recently started editing the wedding films myself. I love that I’m able to help Ashley to follow her passion and that we are able to run this business together. We’ve always had dreams of being entrepreneurs and owning our own businesses and we are so grateful to be able to do this every day. Some of my favorite things: Breaking Bad, Kanye West, sushi, shrimp pho, ultra zero monsters, truly lemonades, Billy Joel, Family Feud restoring my Delorean.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average price for Diffuse Media wedding photography services?


What avaliable photography services that can be provided by Diffuse Media?

Diffuse Media offers the following photography services: Additional Hours, Post-wedding Photoshoot, Boudoir Shoot, Destination / Travel, Rehearsal Dinner, Engagement Parties, High-Res Images, Second Shooter, Wedding Portraits, Wedding Albums, Proposals, Engagement Session, Elopement, Film Photography, Bride-only Session, Drone Photography, Online Proofing, Printing Rights, Fast Editing

What primary photography style does Diffuse Media identify with?

Diffuse Media works in the following photography styles: Fine Art, Natural, Film, Photojournalistic, Traditional / Classic, Fashion, Vintage, Documentary, Lifestyle, Modern, Black and White, Night, Dark & Moody, Landscape, Illustrative, Underwater

Which wedding events does Diffuse Media service?

Diffuse Media provides photography services for the following events: Wedding

What percentage of users recommend Diffuse Media and which are the most valued aspects of their wedding services?

Diffuse Media is recommended by 100% of couples who have used their services. Their overall rating is 5.0, with the same score awarded for quality of service, flexibility, value, professionalism and average response time.

Vendor Insight

Basked in the warmth of Phoenix and San Diego’s sun-drenched vistas, Diffuse Media stands as a multifaceted gem amongst wedding photographers. While entrusting one’s most cherished moments to a lens-bearer is often daunting, the laurels and acclaim gathered by this creative team vouch for its indubitable prowess.

With a palate comprising picturesque fine art and candid photojournalism, Diffuse Media weaves a rich tapestry of styles. They fuse the contemporary with the classic, the moody hues with the luminance of natural light. Their portfolio—a visual sonnet—echoes with the diversity of American to South Asian traditions, catering to the quintessence of cross-cultural unions.

Clients speak volumes, bestowing upon Diffuse Media a symphony of praises that resonate with genuine satisfaction. Cassidy's laughter during the engagement shoot, Taylor’s family memories transcending imagination, and Diamantina’s film that beautifully narrated an entire wedding day stand testament to the team’s virtuosity.

It is the confluence of tireless dedication and an extensive array of services—from moon-kissed night photography to the silent poetry of underwater shots—that establishes Diffuse Media as a paragon. Their fastidious attention to each pixel, each shutter click, encapsulates the ephemeral into the eternal.

Yet, it is not the awards that crown Diffuse Media's grandeur but the heartfelt recommendations of those who have walked the aisle under their observant gaze. Be it Abigail’s professional acknowledgment, Halle’s anticipation for her wedding highlights, or Christina's swift and stunning engagement captures, each narrative is a unique seal of approval.

In a landscape of celebratory moments, Diffuse Media emerges as a beacon of innovation and trust. They are not mere documenters but curators of joy, architects of remembrance. Engage with them, and you do more than commission artists; you inherit a heritage of visual storytelling that stands, reliably and remarkably, at the altar of your new beginning.