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Phoenician Ballroom Venue photo
Phoenician Ballroom Venue photo
Phoenician Ballroom Venue photo
Phoenician Ballroom Venue photo
Phoenician Ballroom Venue photo
Phoenician Ballroom Venue photo
Phoenician Ballroom Venue photo
Phoenician Ballroom Venue photo
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the starting fee for Phoenician Ballroom wedding reception?


How many people Phoenician Ballroom can accommodate?

Phoenician Ballroom can accommodate 500 guests

Vendor Insight

A Grand San Antonio Gem: Phoenician Event Center Review

Introduction to Elegance:
Tucked in the heart of San Antonio lies a venue that promises more than just space for special occasions; it offers an exquisite backdrop for life's monumental events. The Phoenician Event Center, renowned for its elegant facilities and excellent service, has rightfully earned its accolade in the realm of matrimonial venues.

Award-Winning Excellence:
With a Wezoree Award to its name, the Phoenician demonstrates a commitment to quality that resonates with each event it hosts. As recipients of this recognition, they have distinguished themselves from countless contenders, standing as a testament to their excellence in delivering a flawless and memorable experience to every client.

Architectural Brilliance:
Upon stepping through its grand entrance, visitors are met with a blend of classic and modern design. The Phoenician's architecture is remarkable, characterized by opulent detailing and a layout conducive to both grandiose celebrations and intimate gatherings, a versatility every couple covets for their wedding day.

A Canvas for Dreams:
Its varied event spaces serve as the perfect canvas for brides and grooms to paint their dream wedding. Whether envisioning a lush outdoor ceremony under the stars or a sophisticated ballroom banquet, the Phoenician adapts with unrivaled grace, ensuring that the couple's vision comes to life just as they had imagined.

Service with Distinction:
Beyond the physical allure, it is the impeccable service that leaves an indelible mark on those who celebrate here. With a dedicated and attentive team, couples are guided through the planning process with ease, assured by the staff's expertise in crafting nuptial perfection.

Final Reflections:
The Phoenician Event Center is not merely a venue; it is a cornerstone for marital bliss in San Antonio. With its one Wezoree Award as a token of excellence, it beckons those in search of an enchanting setting to begin their journey of a lifetime. For couples scouring the city for their ideal locale, the Phoenician merits more than just consideration; it demands a visit.