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Lindsay Grove Venue photo
Lindsay Grove Venue photo
Lindsay Grove Venue photo
Lindsay Grove Venue photo
Lindsay Grove Venue photo
Lindsay Grove Venue photo
Lindsay Grove Venue photo
Lindsay Grove Venue photo
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Lindsay Grove
Lindsay Grove

Lindsay Grove by Wedgewood Weddings is a wedding venue located in Mesa, Arizona. The newly renovated private estate boasts a distinctive vintage style that will delight both couples and their loved ones. Offering scenic views of the garden, mature trees, and water, the event space provides numerous photo opportunities and a tranquil setting to celebrate your love.

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What is the starting fee for Lindsay Grove wedding reception?


How many people Lindsay Grove can accommodate?

Lindsay Grove can accommodate 200 guests

Vendor Insight

Title: Enchanting Elegance at Lindsay Grove - A Phoenix Wedding Haven

Nestled in the heart of Phoenix, Lindsay Grove by Wedgewood Weddings emerges as a captivating oasis for couples dreaming of an idyllic wedding venue. As our team recently experienced, the charm and finesse of Lindsay Grove offer a unique backdrop for any romantic celebration. The following review encapsulates our findings from our comprehensive exploration of this exceptional locale.

Romantic Ambiance:
Upon entering Lindsay Grove, one is struck by the venue's evocative blend of Victorian architecture and lush, manicured landscapes. The venue exudes an air of romance that is both timeless and inviting. Its gardens, complete with whimsical gazebos and serene water features, create a storybook setting for nuptial exchanges. The grand Victorian estate stands proudly, offering an intricate and elegant setting that effortlessly elevates the wedding day experience.

Unforgettable Ceremonies and Receptions:
Lindsay Grove excels in providing versatile environments for both ceremonies and receptions. The outdoor space, adorned with string lights and blooming flowers, promises a ceremony that will linger in memory for years to come. Couples can exchange vows under the sun-kissed sky, embraced by nature's beauty. Inside, the reception hall boasts classic décor, refined woodwork, and sophisticated chandeliers, setting a tone of grandeur for an evening of dining, dancing, and celebration.

Detail-Oriented Service:
Throughout our visit, the level of service was a standout feature. Their team's attention to detail and commitment to personalization were evident in every corner. Lindsay Grove clearly prides itself on working closely with couples to realize their vision, ensuring each wedding feels authentic and bespoke. Queries were met with enthusiasm and extensive knowledge, demonstrating a professionalism that provides peace of mind for any wedding planning journey.

Amenities and Offerings:
The venue's comprehensive offerings come as a pleasant surprise. With an array of amenities, including chic bridal suites and state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, Lindsay Grove tailors to every practical need. Their inclusive packages simplify the planning process significantly, encompassing aspects like catering, decoration, and coordination, allowing couples to focus on the joy of their special day.

Lindsay Grove stands out as a premier venue choice for Phoenix weddings. The venue merges historical elegance with modern services to curate an extraordinary experience for betrothed couples and their guests. Engaging in the magic that Lindsay Grove unfurls was nothing short of breathtaking. For those seeking a venue that can offer a beautiful canvas for their wedding day, we highly recommend considering the storied charm of Lindsay Grove.