Viby Creative Photographer | About

Viby Creative Photographer | About

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Whether you’re in love, or love what you do, let’s create vibes together. Southern California Photography + Videography

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Viby Creative
Photographer Viby Creative About me

Hello there! We are so stoked you’re here! We’re Daniel and Shelby, a husband and wife team based in Southern California who love filmmaking and photography. We’ve been shooting weddings since 2013, and have had the privilege of working with so many great companies and creatives along the way.

A pure enneagram 7, Shelby is the social queen and is always down for the next adventure. She’s a former collegiate softball player who’s travelled to over a dozen countries. With her father working in the tv industry, she always felt called to be a storyteller.

After graduating with a degree in film, she started Viby Creative (and later hired Daniel once he proposed).

Her happy place is the beach, and she could not survive more than a few days without her dogs.