Katie Burrichter Photographer | About

Katie Burrichter Photographer | About

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Your wedding will be one of the best and most memorable days of your life and umm I love being a part of that!

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Katie Burrichter
Photographer Katie Burrichter About me

Hi my name is Katie and I love my cats, nature, making cafe con leche every morning, and creating!!

One of my goals is to visit all of our beautiful National Parks! My first trip ever was to Chile (where my family is from) and after that I never really traveled anywhere else. After I met AJ (my cute husband), we decided that we wanted to explore more and since my MIL is a flight attendant, she made a lot of our overseas travels possible (shout out to you Susan)! Together we’ve been to the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Japan, and all around the US! I am always ready for an adventure, which is why I relocated to Arizona from Florida!