Frances + Tony Photographer | Reviews

Frances + Tony Photographer | Reviews

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Husband/Wife specializing in photography/cinematography for all occasions/events nationwide

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11 Reviews for Frances + Tony

out of 5. Recommended by 92% of couples
Madison Hamilton Married couple on 02 Dec 2022
If you read and listen to any review regarding your wedding photographer, please let it be this one.

We hired Frances + Tony for our wedding and it was absolutely the biggest mistake of our wedding. To get you on board, their communication started off okay. We planned everything out via a couple hour phone call. Then when the day got close, we started receiving emails at odd hours of the night that sounded like someone who was intoxicated wrote with questions we remembered answering. We were also asked to join a “quick meeting” where we found, Frances didn’t reference or have with her any of the notes fr om the previous meeting, and wh ere we were told another couple they were working with was being prioritized over us since they were hired last minute, and their event was before ours. We were very upset and thought it was super unprofessional that she even brought this up to us. While we do understand that the photographer needs to be involved with the flow of the day, we also know that at the end of the day, it is OUR day, and the photographer should honor that. During this call, she argued with my husband (who has 10 years of photography experience) about the timing of the day, lighting, and golden hour/sunset times.

On the day of, she brought an extra assistant without telling us, so our venue was not prepared, and this added extra stress on me that was not needed. I specifically asked for her help when posing me as I know I can be awkward looking and she didn’t really do any of that for us. Most of the photos are candids that look awkward and directionless. Our contract stated that we should receive our photos back within eight weeks but took TEN weeks to come back. Finally, upon receiving them – we didn’t like most of them to be very frank. The few that we did like were in black and white so we reached out to see if we could get them in color. In the response back from Frances, she was not only nasty and rude, we also found out that she was withholding 150 additional images from her second shooter (that she didn’t tell us she was bringing) and told us she would give those to us in exchange for a glowing review online.

Please do not make the same mistake as us by going with this photographer. It will only result in a ton of additional stress that we should not have had to deal with prior to, during, and AFTER our event.
Elena L. on 03 Apr 2021
We had the amazing experience to have Frances and Tony photograph and video our wedding! Everything went so well, much better than we anticipated, and it was such a joy watching these two collaborate together, always giving us ideas, Frances helped me with keeping us on schedule which was huge because our coordinator went MIA lol! But they have walkie talkies and were always checking in with one another as the other was photographing or videoing something else. We loved ALL our photos and video, brought us to tears to see how beautiful everything came out. Very happy, very satisfied with everything they offered :)
Casey D. on 15 Aug 2020
Frances was great. Super professional. She was very thorough in explaining the day-of process. Our photos turned out beautifully! I would definitely recommend her.
Natassja S. on 24 Oct 2020
Amazing! They were so helpful and easy to work with and the pictures turned out amazing! I highly recommend!!
Mia B. on 30 Oct 2021
Frances is awesome, she is professional and also understanding. Her photos are great Im so glad she was our photographer. She is also very kind and organized =)
Jessica H. on 01 Nov 2019
Frances and Tony did an amazing job with our wedding photos and video. We were very pleased with how professional they were and how they kept in communication with us throughout the whole process. We received so many compliments from family and friends. They truly helped capture all of those special moments on our wedding day.
Elena B. on 07 Nov 2020
Tony and Frances were a pleasure to work with. We were amazed at their creativity and energy. It was fun working with them. We highly recommend them.
Keith M. on 13 Nov 2021
Capturing My Daughter’s Wedding In Time! Let me start by confessing; I acted very much he part of the proud and extravagant father of the bride. My only daughter and her only wedding (yes, I’m declaring it to be so) needed to be remarkable. As such, I set out to achieve the unachievable, the perfect wedding. We found a great venue - The Atrium Wedding Venues Norcross GA. I engaged friends church to form and formed an ad-hoc praise and worship ensemble, and, for good measure, we hired a New Orleans Brass and Jazz Band. A quick read of a medium post I wrote a couple of years ago here; you'll see why this just had to be. So far, so good! The only remaining question was how to perfectly memorialize the moment. It all came down to the quality of the images that would live on long after the moment had passed. No doubt, we live in an an an age where our phone devices are equipped with cameras and recording ability that can deliver a quality product. I think we take for granted what it means to have “an eye,” the ability to tell a complete and compelling story through the images of the hour, our phones have ruined the value we place on the collection of treasured photographs (“ok boomer”) for me, that was an equally important element of the entire day. When it came time to make that decision, there was only one choice for me to make. I knew who I needed to contact. It had to be someone with the skillset to create magic, not just with quality equipment and the like, but with an eye for the moment. I knew it had to be Frances + Tony Photography & Films. You can find all of their online presence here I met this talented duo on the set of a young singer making a big-league music video, and she wanted to bring in high-level talent to achieve her vision; she chose them. After that, we stayed in touch, and I started following their work. I became more and more impressed with their ability to capture the moment, to see the occasion through the eyes of their client. I became a real fan. When the time came for us to secure both a photographer and cinematographer, the choice was clear. If you’re looking to add that final special touch to any event and want to capture the moment in time, you owe it to yourself to reach out to this talented duo to discuss your needs. I promise you will be delighted with the outcome. You can thank me later!
Brianna P. on 16 Jul 2022
Frances and Tony were professional and fun. They made us feel comfortable and most importantly our pictures were amazing and everything I wanted them to be. They were very communicative throughout prior to the wedding which was very important to me. Thank you both so much. Everything is beautiful.
Liberty R. on 17 Dec 2022
Frances and Tony were wonderful! Day of the wedding was a mess of rain on our out door wedding and they took it in stride and helped us get amazing pics to mark the day!
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