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Somni Events Planner | Reviews

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19 Reviews for Somni Events

out of 5. Recommended by 100% of couples
Jay on 12 Sep 2020
We engaged Michelle for our wedding at the Ritz Carlton, Laguna Beach, before she founded Somni, and absolutely loved how dedicated she was to her work.

While the other two planners we worked with before her refused to help us prioritize comfortable seating for our guests and reducing carbon footprint by reusing flowers fr om our ceremony for the banquet, Michelle was not only willing but professional and on point as our Wedding Coordinator.

She understood that many of our guests are elderly and will not be comfortable sitting in acrylic chairs, unlike other planners who were only concerned about their work portfolio. She was willing to help us move flowers fr om the ceremony area to the banquet area to help us stay true to our Environmental Sustainability wedding theme. She was effective at coordinating with her small team to make our wedding flow seamlessly and seem like there were double the number of people making it happen. She made sure we had the best quality flowers at the best price (we were tough customers when it came to budgeting), that my wedding dress' and veil's long trains were always appropriately placed for photos, that guests knew what to do, wh ere to be, and even wh ere to be found (one went missing).

We will be forever grateful to her for helping us coordinate such a beautiful wedding that our guests are still raving about it six years later. Thank you Michelle, and much love!!
Liz Chu on 19 Dec 2020
I highly rate SOMNI EVENTS with Michelle! Originally, I wanted to be a hero ‍and I wasn't going to get a wedding coordinator. I was actually going to do everything on my own to save some money and to achieve the satisfaction of the results I wanted. I am 1000% so happy  that I didn't do that and actually got a wedding coordinator that is gifted and delivered with excellence. Michelle was actually booked for the same day when I first reached out to her and when the other wedding cancelled, she reached out to me right away! I'm super grateful that she did.

SOMNI EVENTS was well worth the money for a peace of mind especially during the Covid Craze! There was an extra number of things to figure out and pivoting that naturally took place due to the pandemic. We even had to switch venues 3 weeks before our wedding due to unfortunate circumstances. On top of that, following a set of city restriction and guidelines and answering people's questions and concerns was not easy. It brought a lot of uncertainty because everything was always changing. All to say, she really worked with me and gave me a peace of mind and delivered well! We had an EPIC wedding!!

As I'm standing now on the other side of our miraculously great wedding, Michelle had a big part on making all the details work out so that it could be extra amazing! She was always encouraging and super on top of it with solutions. I appreciated her prompt email responses and all the behind-the-scenes/organization work that I probably still don't know fully to this day. She reached out to vendors, helped us find rental quotes, made sure everyone was on the same page and confident to deliver. I was able to actually have fun and be present during my wedding because all the details (that I would normally be thinking of ) was already taken care by Michelle and her team. They even packed some food for us to take back to eat since it is rare to really eat and enjoy your food during your wedding with so much stimulation and things happening.

Michelle and her team broke down/cleaned up throughly, help load the cars and everyone was out before our cut off time at our venue. The best part was that we got our full security deposit back from our venue~yay! During our ceremony (on the rooftop), it was extremely windy and cold...not to mention that it was suppose to rain!!!!  Michelle was so sweet and prepared hot water for me and the wedding party to warm up. She even made a short video capturing our special day and sent it to us before we left for our honeymoon. It was amazing and exceeded above my expectations. If you want your wedding to be spectacular and successful, book Michelle  before she gets booked!!
Jon Kayne on 20 Mar 2021
Michelle is just incredible. Her attentiveness, attention to detail, organization, and overall aesthetic eye gets a 12 out of 10. We don't know why anyone would choose to go it alone when planning a wedding, but whether you're considering a planner or a coordinator, the answer is "yes, do it". Michelle helped us sel ect the venue, negotiated an incredible deal (which alone covered her fee 2-3x over) laid out (and kept us to) a tight timeline, put vendor options in front of us with her recommendations, was available to respond to any and all inquiries, and adeptly handled last minute vendor issues, and handled basically everything the day of. A lot of planners would probably leave it totally up to the couple to choose fr om a set of presented vendors or options such as table linens, furniture, color scheme, menu options, etc. -- Michelle knows this business so well and has such a great eye that she always has an opinion (and it's always right!).

I can't tell you how positive the feedback from our event has been; we've had guests rave about the food, flowers, color schemes, setting, music, and more. For almost every guest we talked to, it was the best wedding (or even event) they've attended.
Daniel Hu on 15 May 2021
What was the secret to our perfect wedding? Michelle as our wedding planner. Honestly, the planning process could not have been easier and the wedding day could not have gone more perfect. If you stop reading this review here, just know that we would recommend her 10 out of 10 times without any hesitation or reservations!

Michelle took our vision for the wedding and executed it perfectly down to the very last detail. She took the time to understand what was important to us and what we wanted out of our wedding day and really helped us achieve those outcomes. We could really tell Michelle knew her craft during our meetings with vendors, especially with the venue and florist. She could communicate and articulate our vision and desires much better than we could! She knew all the right questions to ask and even offered up thoughtful ideas/alternatives to achieve the vision we wanted when budget or other issues arose. Not once did Michelle ever feel like she was trying to push us to do something or make a sale. The whole experience felt very personable and honest.

Michelle made our lives super easy by laying out a clear and detailed roadmap of what we needed to do in the months and weeks leading up to the wedding. She set clear expectations and outcomes for each step along the way. Michelle was always accessible via a call, text messages, or email. We really felt like we were her only wedding clients fr om how responsive and attentive she was with us. We all know that’s not true :D

On the day of our wedding, Michelle and her team were like ninjas! I mean this in the best way possible. She was super attentive but stealthily so. They blended in so seamlessly that you might have thought they were a part of the crowd! BUT - when we needed something, she was always there. When something needed to happen, she was already on it. We just enjoyed ourselves and everything happened on its own. The vendors all knew wh ere to go, what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. We have always heard horror stories about the wedding day and how stressful it can be - but our experience with Michelle was simply stress-free and it was just so much fun!

Final note - we can proudly say we are Michelle’s longest clients. Our wedding was delayed by one year due to Covid. However, the white-glove experience continued even through the delay. Michelle stayed on top of everything, checked in with us, and kept us in the loop. Just simply amazing.

Thank you Michelle!
kshia001 on 07 Aug 2021
Somni Event (Michelle) was the key to the success of my wife and I's wedding. I cannot stress how fortunate it was to work with Michelle during the whole process. She really outdid herself, and I applaud her fantastic work ethic. If you want your wedding planning to be stress-free, I highly recommend Michelle to be your professional wedding-planner.
Tiffany on 23 Oct 2021
Michelle’s team was so helpful during the whole process of wedding planning.
Our coordinator, Janice was very detail oriented. She thought of things in the logistical process that I didn’t even think about. Having Janice as our coordinator really made our lives easier because they thought of everything.
Janice and Michelle also coordinated all of the vendors and handled the remaining paperwork. That was a huge help because that took some burden off of us.
It was busy season for me at work so it was helpful that Janice and Michelle kept me on track and sent me reminders. Janice and Michelle were available by phone, text, and email whenever we had questions.
On the wedding day, Janice and the team helped to coordinate our last minute taco decision and also assisted to collect all of our wedding items. They took care of all the questions that would be directed to us so that we didn’t have to worry about them.
So happy and grateful that we had Michelle and Janice during our wedding planning process <3
John Joseph Gutierrez on 20 Nov 2021
Michelle was on point, on time, and highly detailed from the very beginning of our wedding planning process to the end of our wedding night. Our dream wedding was made real and we couldn’t be happier with Somni Events making it happen. Thank you, Michelle and the Somni Events Team for everything!
Lorraine Chow on 18 Dec 2021
Michelle is incredible and truly the best of the best! We could not have dreamed of a better wedding planner. She was such an amazing partner to work with throughout the whole process. We had to postpone our wedding to more than a year later due to Covid and Michelle helped us make all the changes seamlessly. I have no idea how we could have done it without her. Michelle and her team are amazing and she introduced us to the absolute best vendors we could have asked for.

Michelle’s attention to detail, warmth, organization, and positive energy made us feel like we were in such good hands. She executed our vision to a tee and more. Everything exceeded our expectations! Our wedding day ran so smooth and we were able to relax and just enjoy and soak up every moment. We are still dreaming about how perfect the day went. Thank you Michelle for making the wedding of our dreams happen!

Highly recommend Michelle and Somni Events!
Lawrence Dalusung on 19 Feb 2022
WE HAD THE WEDDING OF OUR DREAMS! Michelle is exactly what we wanted in a planner. We opted for full planning and from the beginning we got a great vibe from her. Here are some of the things we loved:

- attention to detail
- organized
- lots of vendor contacts
- positive attitude

She even helped us get a lot of discounts which offset her fee and had a lot of great vendor options at different price points.

You might wonder if having a planner is worth it and I say if you can fit it in your budget you will be glad you did. I still don’t know how she manages to do it all but we loved what she did for ours. Highly recommend!
Jane Law on 12 Mar 2022
When you think about a wedding planner, my first thought goes to J.LO in The Wedding Planner. Michelle and her team are better than that!!! They are a force to be reckoned with in the wedding world, and that is exactly the team you want on your side!

My husband and I, like so many newlyweds, were in for a shock because planning a wedding during a pandemic is HARD. We wanted someone who would not only guide us through the crazy experience called wedding planning but give us amazing ideas and input on creating the wedding of our dreams. Michelle did just that and went beyond!! She gives you the experience of a big company with the attention and tailored service of a smaller company. We were able to video conference and meet with her whenever we felt necessary, even though she had so many other events to deal with. She also was very organized and managed family members during the wedding day to take a lot of the stress off of us on our big day (anyone that knows how pushy Asian aunties and uncles are can appreciate this).

Her contacts are so great and you can tell that they want to create a great experience for you and your loved ones. Michelle is honest and mindful of your budget but delivers luxury, sophistication, and uniqueness. I never felt like I was not heard or things got out of control. She made wedding planning stress free and fun! I honestly don't know how she is able to pay attention to so many details, she is amazing!

Having a wedding planner that truly loves love and wants nothing but to create the best day of your life is so important! Her style is so unique and modern, I wish she could plan and design all of my future events! She is worth every penny and more! We love Michelle so much and will be forever thankful for all her effort in creating the wedding of our dreams. Go Somnievents!
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