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7 Reviews for Piper & Muse

out of 5. Recommended by 100% of couples
Leah Charlesworth Married couple on 17 Aug 2019
Wow! Piper did such an amazing job helping us plan our wedding. We chose her because she had extensive experience with our wedding venue, the Astorian. For us, Piper's strongest quality was her ability to negotiate with our vendors. She did a superb job going back repeatedly to vendors and figuring out a way to achieve our vision and staying close to our budget. Piper handled all of the unexpected curve balls from moving our wedding date, moving away from Houston and wanting a very unique wedding day program. Piper also worked well with the numerous personalities in our wedding party. Lastly, she went above and beyond with our numerous calls, meetings, and all-day vendor consults, as we were planning our Houston wedding from NYC. We highly recommend her!
Elizabeth Sample Married couple on 03 Jul 2021
We hired Piper & Muse to handle all of the wedding details as we came down to the final weeks and day of.  Stephanie stepped right in and took over all of the last minute details and orchestrated the wedding day to perfection.  She was a delight to work with, fun and flexible!
James Thompson Married couple on 10 Apr 2021
Let me start out by saying, I am a control freak who believes I can do it all. When my daughter's wedding came along, I railed against the idea of a "wedding planner for a family event". Of all the days to bother her, I texted Piper AT the summer bridal show and, lo and behold, she immediately texted me back! She assigned Stephanie to our November wedding and we had nothing but compliments and positive remarks about the flawlessness of the occasion from start to finish. Stephanie did not overlook a single detail; she anticipated our needs and was able to make adjustments as the need arose. Broken necklace: fixed. Need a hair pin: here you go. She brings an entire case of pins, glue, tape, needles and thread, tools for repairs. I swear she even has a magic wand!
She did not take over - as I feared - but was more like a friend and family member orchestrating a symphony from behind the curtain. I cannot express our appreciation and gratitude to her for all she did to make my only daughter's wedding a work of art and as we heard from many guests that night, "the best wedding we have ever been to"!
Kay Horne Married couple on 08 Aug 2020
Caren Casas was our wedding coordinator for my daughter's wedding, and we were so glad to have had her expertise. She is knowledgable, efficient, organized, and very professional. She's also very calm, friendly and easy to work with. Caren officially took over planning for us about 4-6 weeks prior, but she had no problem making herself available to us earlier when needed. She was always available to answer questions and prompt when returning messages. Her experience working with many venues and vendors in the area definitely shows. She made great suggestions on vendors when requested, and coordinated all the timelines perfectly. She went above and beyond from start to finish, from serving elderly guests to cleaning up afterwards. She took the time to review contracts resulting in saving us some money, which was very welcome. I would highly recommend Caren to anyone planning a wedding. Having her was a blessing and allowed us all to enjoy the day. For the amount of time she spent working on my daughter's wedding, I believe the price was very reasonable. She was fabulous and worth every penny.
Brian Kiet Married couple on 11 Feb 2023
We partnered with Madeline at Piper and Muse to help us plan our wedding and have absolutely no regrets!  My fiancée and I were engage for 2.5 years, partially due to the pandemic but more so due to just being overwhelmed of planning something we know so little about.

We both are very organized and so we were very pleased to see that Madeline was very thorough with all the coordination and small details.  There were several occasions where we randomly thought about details we didn't want to forget and, of course, she already had it covered or taken care of.

Madeline supported us from the beginning and she had our wedding planned out in less than 4 months!  It was a lot to do but looking back, we're glad we didn't plan this out over a longer period of time.  She was there every step of the way from scoping out different wedding venues to selecting every single vendor.

Our wedding day was amazing and so stress-free because the Piper and Muse Team did a fantastic job thinking about every little detail.  We can't say enough about Madeline's wedding planning ability but she also has a great sense of humor and a magnetic personality.  Having Piper and Muse really allowed us to enjoy the special day and took a lot of pressure off for the months leading up to the wedding!
Rebecca Ramdass Married couple on 11 Mar 2023
Stephanie Hubbell of Piper and Muse and the rest of her team were exactly what we were looking for when we started to plan our wedding. They were super patient with all our questions during the planning process and during the days just prior to our wedding. We honestly couldn’t have asked for a better team of professionals to make our day the most amazing day ever. Stephanie is an incredible human-being and is an angel from above. We joke that we would want to get married again just so that we could work with her again. Anybody would be lucky to have her as their wedding planner as she is so sweet, down to earth, and personable! We love her to the moon and back and give our unconditional recommendation of her.
Ashley Jourdonnais Married couple on 17 Jun 2023
I cannot express enough good things about Piper and her team! Their approach to everything is calm, knowledgeable, and level-headed. Piper ensures that the day runs smoothly and stress-free! I highly recommend them, 10 out of 10!


Piper & Muse
Planner Piper & Muse About me

A graduate from Arizona State University, Piper has lived and traveled throughout the west coast––from Portland to Los Angeles and Scottsdale––and she is thrilled to be a Houstonian for ten years now.  With experience in coordinating and planning a variety of events, she has found her passion in weddings to be the most rewarding. Piper has a strong creative vision, impeccable organizational skills, and the perky energy needed to succeed in this industry.   One of Piper's favorite pastimes is sharing a meal with friends and family. Her recent obsessions include Common Bond, The Pastry War, and the chicken fried lobster at MAX'S Wine Dive. She recently had her own Bizarre Foods moment when she tried mescal with a side of grasshoppers and watermelon at The Pastry War. When it comes to food, she'll try anything once!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average price for Piper & Muse wedding planning services?


What percentage of users recommend Piper & Muse and which are the most valued aspects of their wedding services?

Piper & Muse is recommended by 100% of couples who have used their services. Their overall rating is 5.0, with the same score awarded for quality of service, flexibility, value, professionalism and average response time.

Vendor Insight

Piper & Muse, a prestigious wedding planning firm based in Houston, has distinguished themselves as a hallmark of excellence within the wedding industry, reflected in their three Wezoree Awards. These accolades underscore a consistent performance that leaves a significant mark upon the hearts of those they serve. Herein lies a glimpse into the sentiments of clients who entrusted their momentous day to this team.

Reviewing the seven client testimonials provides insight into the resounding satisfaction that Piper & Muse delivers. Ashley Jourdonnais lauds the team's unflappable and knowledgeable approach, ensuring a seamless and stress-free wedding experience. The team's professionalism and ability to maintain calm are highly commended, reinforcing their reputation for executing flawless events.

Rebecca Ramdass echoes this sentiment, praising Stephanie Hubbell's patience and guidance through their wedding journey. Clients are not only satisfied but enamored with the personalized attention and endearing nature of the staff. Stephanie, in particular, is celebrated for her angelic assistance, where her clientele jokingly laments the singular nature of weddings, simply to relive the planning experience with her.

Brian Kiet's narrative depicts a prolonged engagement, uniquely complicated by a global pandemic, leading to an overwhelming journey. Partnering with Madeline of Piper & Muse brought organization and meticulous attention to detail that resonated with the couple's needs. Madeline's proactive approach and swift execution transformed what could have been years of planning into an efficiently organized wedding in a mere four months.

Kay Horne shifts the spotlight onto Caren Casas, highlighting her professional acumen and deeply embedded knowledge of the wedding planning process. Caren's adeptness in coordination, her availability, and her efforts to exceed expectations demonstrate an unwavering commitment to her clients, exemplifying the ethos of Piper & Muse.

James Thompson's revelatory testimonial transcends initial skepticism surrounding the necessity of a wedding planner. His interaction with Piper during a bridal show is suggestive of the dedication and responsiveness that is ingrained in the company's culture, further reinforcing the integral role Piper & Muse played in transforming their family event into a cherished memory.

In summary, the glowing reviews for Piper & Muse attest to their exceptional skill in wedding planning, characterized by their calm demeanor, organizational prowess, and the heartfelt connections they forge with their clients. As evidenced by the feedback, Piper & Muse does not merely plan weddings; they craft personalized, stress-free, and unforgettable experiences that are treasured for a lifetime.