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  • Publication date: 02/13/2024
  • Updated: 02/13/2024

Saying "I do" in the cosmopolitan city of Montreal is a dream come true, and finding the right wedding planner to bring your vision to life is essential. In a city known for its rich culture and romantic charm, these top 5 wedding planners have become the go-to experts for couples seeking a flawless celebration. With their unique approaches, each professional specializes in curating unforgettable weddings that encapsulate the essence of the soon-to-be newlyweds. From breathtaking venues to personalized details, these planners ensure every aspect of your big day is a reflection of your love story. Embark on a journey to discover the top 5 wedding planners in Montreal, where dreams become reality!

Stori Events

Photo Stori Events

In the heart of wedding planning magic, Stori Events emerges as a symbol of innovation and bespoke celebrations. Amassing over a decade of experience, these planners have honed their craft in creating deeply personalized and unforgettable wedding experiences. Driven by an innate love for piecing together precious moments and a keen eye for detail, they ventured into the world of wedding planning with a clear vision: to bring each couple's love story to vivid life through their celebrations.

Rooted in the philosophy of crafting tailor-made experiences that narrate the couple's unique journey, Stori Events cherishes the diversity of weddings they plan. Whether it's an intimate gathering in a whimsical garden, a lavish affair in an opulent ballroom, or a culturally rich extravaganza, their true passion lies in embedding personal and meaningful touches into every celebration.

Stori Events extends a wide array of services to meet the varied desires of couples, from comprehensive planning to targeted assistance and bespoke package creation. They prioritize a balanced approach, ensuring they can invest their complete focus and creativity into each event, maintaining their commitment to excellence. Every wedding under their belt is a treasured memory, showcasing their prowess in overcoming challenges with elegance and innovation. Their guidance on budget management, emphasizing clarity, negotiation, and smart prioritization, aims to shepherd couples smoothly toward their dream day.

Zeina Issa Events

Photo Zeina Issa Events

Zeina Issa Events, intricately woven into the rich cultural mosaic of Palestinian, Jordanian, and Canadian heritage, stands out as a hub of innovation and fervor in the bustling wedding planning industry of Montreal. At the helm is Zeina, whose early life was beautifully colored by the grand parties hosted by her mother, Nadia, in Saudi Arabia—events that lingered in the memories of guests for weeks. Pursuing her academic career at Concordia University, she majored in Marketing, yet it was the allure of event planning that truly captured her spirit.

Zeina Issa Events is dedicated to transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, personalizing each celebration to mirror the distinct personalities of the couple. Embracing challenges as opportunities for creativity, the team excels in delivering outcomes that surpass the couple's visions. Their comprehensive A-Z package epitomizes their dedication to simplifying the planning process, while also offering tailored packages and solutions to accommodate various preferences.

Navigating the intricacies of weddings with multiple stakeholders, Zeina Issa Events remains a guiding force, offering invaluable advice on budget management and planning. As they continue to dream of orchestrating weddings in places as majestic as Petra or Lake Como, they persist in their mission to craft unforgettable experiences for couples across the globe.

Sea and Silk Events

Photo Sea and Silk Events

The team at Sea and Silk Events, guided by the experienced hand of Amanda McGrath, has cultivated profound expertise in Montreal wedding planning through a dedicated journey spanning seven years. Their foray into this enchanting world was sparked by an initial fascination with aesthetic beauty, which quickly evolved into a comprehensive love affair with orchestrating the many dimensions of a couple's most cherished day.

At the heart of their philosophy lies the belief in the transformative power of creativity and vision, enabling them to convert mundane locations into exquisite venues that echo with beauty and sentiment. Specializing in the art of designing weekend and destination weddings, they excel at crafting personalized and breathtaking events that mirror the unique essence of each couple they work with. Their services span from Full Planning to Custom Design, all customizable to align with the distinct requirements and aspirations of their clientele, ensuring an intimate and tailored planning experience.

Transparency and collaboration are pillars of their approach, offering clients complete access to planning materials and maintaining an open dialogue throughout the process. This strategy ensures that every detail is reflective of the couple's vision, facilitating a planning experience that is as stress-free as it is enjoyable.

Le Coeur Bohème

Photo Coeur Bohème

Led by the visionary Victoria Lafleur, Le Coeur Bohème has emerged as a luminary in the Montreal wedding planning sector, renowned for their inventive and unconventional approach to crafting deeply memorable matrimonial celebrations. Victoria's journey from a career in fashion design to the inception of Coeur Bohème in 2012 signified a pivotal redirection towards fulfilling a passion for creativity, organization, and event design, initially through the niche of vintage décor rentals for weddings and events.

From its humble beginnings with a small booth at a wedding fair, Coeur Bohème has flourished, orchestrating over 500 weddings and events. Their ethos is built on creativity, a personalized approach, and a commitment to transforming each couple's vision into a tangible, memorable reality.

Offering a spectrum of services from complete planning to day-of coordination, Coeur Bohème prides itself on adaptability, crafting custom packages to accommodate various budgets and preferences. At the heart of their philosophy is the ambition to provide a seamless and enjoyable wedding experience, characterized by a curated vendor selection and a knack for actualizing unique concepts. Coeur Bohème's guidance for couples is clear: entrust your day to a planner or a coordinator to ensure meticulous attention to detail and a smooth, stress-free celebration.

EM Events

Photo EM Events

At the head of EM Events is Emilie Waxman, the visionary president and founder, whose profound expertise in event planning and design distinguishes this team. They live by the creed, "It's all in the details," a testament to their commitment to crafting unforgettable nuptial celebrations. This dedicated team excels in transforming the dreams and aspirations of couples into the essence of their celebration, setting a new standard in personalized wedding experiences.

EM Events offers a spectrum of services, from comprehensive coordination to specific day-of assistance and décor guidance, designed to mold each wedding into a reflection of the unique bond between each couple. They provide total support for those engulfed by the excitement and complexity of organizing their wedding, ensuring a seamless journey to the altar.

Their all-encompassing coordination package offers peace of mind to couples navigating the demanding path of wedding planning, while their tailored consultations and coordination services appeal to those desiring a more active role in their wedding conceptualization, all the while benefiting from professional insight to realize their vision.

These Montreal's top wedding planners have proven time and time again that they are masters of their craft, creating exceptional celebrations that leave a lasting impression on couples and their loved ones. With their unparalleled dedication, creativity, and attention to detail, these professionals will elevate your expectations and make your wedding day truly exceptional. Embrace the art of planning your dream wedding with the top planners in Montreal, and let them turn your vision into a magical reality that you and your guests will cherish for a lifetime.

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