How to Be an Amazing Maid of Honor: Everything You Need to Know

  • Publication date: 02/12/2024
  • Updated: 02/12/2024

Being chosen as the maid of honor for your best friend's wedding is such an honor. As her right-hand woman, you'll play a key role in helping plan her special day and providing emotional support during this exciting time. This guide will overview everything you need to know about the matron of honor duties!

What is the Maid of Honor?

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The maid of honor is the bride's closest friend who helps her on her wedding journey. This esteemed bridal party role dates back centuries. Traditionally called the "matron of honor," she assisted the bride on her big day and was her most trusted confidante. Today, those core duties remain the same.

The maid of honor is there for advice and opinions during planning. She helps pick bridesmaids, organizes pre-wedding events, and witnesses the marriage certificate signing. On the wedding day, key jobs include holding the bride's bouquet, fixing her train, bustling her gown, and giving a heartfelt speech. It's a lot of responsibility but so rewarding!

Maid of Honor Duties Before the Wedding

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The time leading up to the wedding is when the maid of honor truly earns her title, taking on critical responsibilities to ensure smooth planning. From the moment she says "yes" to being maid of honor, her work begins! Here’s a pre-wedding maid of honor to-do list!

Helping Choose Bridal Party Members

One of the first orders of business is collaborating with the bride to select her team of bridesmaids. The maid of honor provides suggestions for who would be most reliable, responsible, and enthusiastic in this important bridal party role. Together, they assemble a balanced group representing the bride's closest confidantes. Once selected, the maid of honor sends the official "Will you be my bridesmaid?" invitations and brings everyone together for an introductory meet-up to break the ice.

Providing Opinions and Assistance

Throughout the planning process, the maid of honor makes herself available to offer helpful opinions and lend an extra hand with tasks. She accompanies the bride to venue visits, provides theme and décor input, and helps manage the planning calendar.

Essentially, the maid of honor is an ever-present thought partner, sounding board, and support system as the bride makes decisions big and small.

Coordinating Key Events

The maid of honor coordinates important pre-wedding events like the engagement party, bridal shower, and bachelorette party. For each event, she handles logistics like venue, catering, guest list, invitations, decor, and activities.

Offering Emotional Support

The maid of honor uplifts the bride with encouraging check-ins and celebrates each milestone achieved. She will let the bride maintain perspective on what matters most - marrying the love of her life!

What Does a Maid of Honor Do at a Bridal Shower?

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The elegant bridal shower gives the maid of honor a chance to celebrate the bride before her big day. Though often hosted by the bride's mother, the maid of honor plays an integral role. So what is a maid of honor supposed to do?

Collaborating on the Guest List

The maid of honor suggests who to invite from the bride's different circles to make the guest list inclusive. She makes recommendations based on who the bride would want to celebrate with from high school, college, childhood, family, and current friend groups. With her knowledge of the bride's relationships, the maid of honor ensures no VIP guests are left out. She also helps determine the ideal venue size based on the number of guests the bride hopes to have. 

Selecting a Shower Theme

The maid of honor gets creative in proposing theme ideas that align with the bride's personal taste and style. She draws inspiration from the bride's Pinterest boards, favorite colors, travel experiences, and hobbies to match the motif to her personality. For example, if the bride loves reading, a literary or book club theme could be perfect. Or if she’s boho-spirited, an eclectic picnic or garden party motif suits her. The maid of honor helps scout complementary decorations, invitations, and bridal party attire to bring the unique theme to life.

Recommending Games and Activities

Based on the bride's preferences, the maid of honor suggests fun bridal shower games, entertainment, and activities to keep guests engaged. If the bride is traditional, classic shower games like Who Knows the Bride Best? and Wedding Trivia are crowd-pleasers. For an edgier bride, the maid of honor might recommend cocktails and karaoke or even having a psychic for readings. 

Handling Invitation Logistics

The maid of honor plays secretary when it comes to bridal shower invitations. She collects and confirms all the up-to-date mailing addresses for the hostess to send invites to the guest list. As RSVPs start coming in, the maid of honor carefully tracks acceptances and keeps the host updated on the current guest count. A few weeks before the shower, she circles back with anyone who has not responded yet about their plans for attending. For any out-of-town guests, she also provides information on recommended local hotels and transportation options.

Helping Create the Menu

The maid of honor schedules a food-tasting date with the hostess and caterer to sample potential bridal shower menu items. She provides input on cuisine options that she knows the bride will love based on her favorite flavors and food preferences. The maid of honor also ensures the menu meets any dietary restrictions guests may have. On the big day, she confirms that food is set up properly to suit the shower vibe, whether passed apps or a sit-down meal.

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Advising on the Schedule

With input from the hostess, the maid of honor helps map out a schedule for the bridal shower events. She provides suggestions on when to serve food, play games, open presents, and more based on typical shower timelines. The maid of honor thinks through transitions that keep the party moving smoothly without lulls. Her planning expertise ensures the shower agenda has a celebratory, fun flow from start to finish.

Setting Up Decor

On the morning of the bridal shower, the maid of honor arrives early at the venue to help set up all the decorations and visual components. She lays out tablecloths, centerpieces, signage, balloons, and other accents in keeping with the shower theme. The maid of honor makes sure any floral arrangements meet expectations and that gift and dessert tables are attractively styled. 

Making the Bride Feel Special

During the actual bridal shower itself, the maid of honor works hard to ensure the guest of honor feels like a queen. She snaps candid photos throughout the event to create a special keepsake for the bride. When it's game time, the maid of honor cheerleads everyone's participation to get the crowd engaged and laughing together. She enthusiastically passes gifts to the bride when it's present opening time. Most importantly, the heartfelt maid of honor speech provides meaningful moments as she expresses what the bride's friendship means.

Handling Any Issues

Behind the scenes of the bridal shower, the maid of honor seamlessly handles any hiccups or issues that pop up so that neither the hostess nor bride has to worry. If the food runs late or supplies are missing, she pitches in to problem-solve without skipping a beat. 

Cleaning Up

After all the bridal shower guests have headed home, the maid of honor stays behind to help clean up. She assists with breaking down decorations, storing leftovers, gathering gifts and mementos to deliver to the bride's home, and any other closing tasks. 

Role of Maid of Honor for the Bachelorette Party

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One of the most fun but important jobs of maid of honor takes on is planning an unforgettable bachelorette party for the bride and her closest girlfriends. This epic girls' night out is all about celebrating the bride's last days as a single lady in style. When done right, the bachelorette party becomes a meaningful bonding experience and cherished pre-wedding tradition for the bride and her inner circle.

Choosing the Type of Party

The first step is talking with the bride about her ideal bachelorette party tone and experience. The maid of honor asks whether she prefers a low-key pajama party at home or an adventurous weekend getaway. Does the bride want to sip cocktails by the pool or dance the night away at clubs?

Budget is also discussed - some brides want a cost-conscious celebration while others go all out. The maid of honor gets a clear vision from the bride before planning specifics. Her party perfectly aligns with the bride's wishes.

Selecting a Destination

Keeping the bride's ideal vibe and guest list size in mind, the maid of honor researches bachelorette destinations that fit the bill. A luxe hotel stay for spa treatments and rooftop lounging? A beach cottage rental for mimosas and kayaking? There are so many amazing locations to choose from!

Curating the Guest List

When creating the bachelorette party guest list, the maid of honor strikes a balance between keeping it intimate for bonding and including everyone the bride wants. Typically bridesmaids, close girlfriends, sisters, cousins, and other VIPs make the list.

The maid of honor confirms the final roster with the bride before sending glittery "Will you join my bachelorette?" invitations. For destination parties, she provides travel and hotel info to make coordination easy.

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Planning Activities

This is the maid of honor's time to shine - curating an itinerary filled with adventures suited to the bride's tastes! For a low-key bride, she plans spa sessions, brunches, lawn games, and a pajama movie night. An edgy bride may want pool parties, a sex toy crafting class, and a night out on the town.

Handling Logistics

The maid of honor handles booking accommodations and transportation for the whole bachelorette crew. She also researches restaurants for dinners out, fun local activities, and entertainment options like drag shows or comedy clubs.

Keeping Things Classy

While indulging the bride's desires, the maid of honor also makes sure any risqué activities stay relatively classy and avoid crossing major lines. She conveys that the bride's comfort comes first. The maid of honor walks the fine line between delightful debauchery and next-level night well. Her caretaking ensures the bash celebrates the bride while still allowing everyone to let loose in good fun.

Maid of Honor Wedding Day Duties

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When it's finally the wedding day, the maid of honor's role shifts into high gear. It's a day where our collective efforts culminate in creating unforgettable moments for the bride. It's about ensuring every detail is meticulously taken care of, and every moment is as magical as the couple envisioned. In light of this, we've curated the maid of honor checklist!

Morning Preparations

  1. Wake up early and check in with the bride
  2. Make sure the bride has a healthy breakfast
  3. Assist the bride with hair, makeup, and dressing
  4. Coordinate with vendors for timely deliveries
  5. Gather the bridesmaids for any last-minute instructions

Pre-Ceremony Activities

  1. Ensure all bridesmaids are ready and on time
  2. Check on flower arrangements and decorations
  3. Assist the photographer with gathering people for photos
  4. Keep track of the wedding timeline
  5. Manage communications between bride and groom (if they are not seeing each other pre-ceremony)
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During the Ceremony

  1. Hold the bride's bouquet during the ceremony
  2. Adjust the bride's train and veil as needed
  3. Keep the wedding rings safe (if there's no ring bearer)
  4. Sign the marriage certificate as a witness
  5. Coordinate with the officiant to keep things running smoothly

At Reception

  1. Help the bride bustle her dress for the reception
  2. Deliver a heartfelt toast or speech
  3. Be the point person for any issues or questions from guests
  4. Ensure the bride stays hydrated and eats something
  5. Be available for any spontaneous tasks or needs

Post-Reception Responsibilities

  1. Assist in gathering gifts and personal items
  2. Ensure the bride and groom's exit is organized
  3. Coordinate with the family for any post-wedding plans
  4. Help with the return of any rented or borrowed items
  5. Check-in with the bride after the wedding to offer support or help

This comprehensive checklist should keep the maid of honor well-prepared and proactive throughout the wedding day.

Duties of a Maid of Honor vs Bridesmaid

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The roles of a maid of honor and a bridesmaid, while similar in spirit, differ significantly in their responsibilities and involvement in the wedding process. This distinction is crucial for a well-orchestrated wedding, where each role contributes uniquely to the celebration's success. The maid of honor role is often seen as more comprehensive and involved, whereas bridesmaids play a supportive and integral part in the wedding preparations and the day itself. Understanding these differences helps in assigning duties appropriately and ensures a harmonious and efficient wedding planning experience.

Maid of Honor

The maid of honor stands as the bride's primary support, both emotionally and logistically. She leads the bridal party, spearheads major tasks, and offers a helping hand in critical decision-making processes. Her responsibilities are extensive:

  1. Pre-Wedding Leadership
  2. Emotional Anchor
  3. Wedding Day Point Person
  4. Ceremonial Role
  5. Speech and Toast


Bridesmaids complement the maid of honor, providing a support network for both the maid of honor and the bride. Their roles, while less demanding, are vital:

  1. Supportive Role
  2. Assisting with Wedding Preparations
  3. Day-of Assistance
  4. Moral Support

The dynamic between the maid of honor and bridesmaids is pivotal for a seamless wedding experience. It's a collaborative effort, with each role bringing its own set of responsibilities and support, culminating in a celebration that's as organized as it is memorable.

Maid of Honor FAQs

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Addressing these frequently asked questions is crucial for anyone stepping into the role of maid of honor. 

What should I do if the bride is stressed?

It's common for the bride to feel overwhelmed. As the maid of honor, your role includes offering emotional support. Listen to her concerns, reassure her, and provide practical solutions. Suggest relaxation techniques or a brief respite from planning. Your presence and ability to remain calm can significantly alleviate her stress.

How do I handle disagreements in the bridal party?

Disagreements among the bridal party can happen. Approach such situations with diplomacy and empathy. Listen to all sides without taking sides. Encourage open communication and try to find a compromise that respects everyone's views. Your role is to mediate and maintain harmony within the group.

Should I give a speech, and what should it include?

Giving a speech is a traditional duty of the maid of honor. Your speech should be heartfelt and personal, reflecting your relationship with the bride. Share fond memories, express your joy for the couple's future, and offer your support and love. Keep it positive, brief, and appropriate for the audience.

How involved should I be in planning the wedding?

Your involvement depends on the bride's needs and your capacity. Offer assistance in areas like vendor selection, dress shopping, or planning the bridal shower. However, respect the bride's decisions and remember that the final choices are hers. Balance being helpful without overstepping boundaries.

What's the best way to help the bride on her wedding day?

On the wedding day, be proactive and attentive. Help the bride with her dress, makeup, and hair. Keep an emergency kit handy for unexpected needs. Coordinate with vendors, keep track of the schedule, and ensure the bride has time to eat and relax. Your goal is to minimize her stress so she can enjoy her special day.

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