Top 10 Photographers in London

  • Publication date: 09/28/2023
  • Updated: 11/06/2023

Setting a date and dreaming of getting hitched amidst London's historic lanes and age-old landmarks? Brilliant choice! But let's be real for a second. While you're fussing over the perfect shade of ivory for your dress or whether to serve chicken or fish, there's one decision you seriously don't want to muddle: choosing the right photographer. So, before you get too lost in the wedding whirlwind, let us introduce you to the top 10 wedding photographers in London you should know in 2023. Believe us, when the confetti's settled and the honeymoon tan has faded, you'll be endlessly thankful for these show-stopping snaps!

Kat Gillespie

Kat Gillespie (2).jpg
Photo by Kat Gillespie
Kat Gillespie.jpg
Photo by Kat Gillespie
Kat Gillespie.png
Photo by Kat Gillespie

Can you remember the passion that bubbled inside you in your early 20s? Well, Kat Gillespie, a London professional photographer, discovered hers around that time – photography. For Kat, photography has been a medium to share her unique vision, travel the world, and celebrate life's undeniable beauty. And if you’re doing the math, she’s been at this game for a solid 7 years now. Time flies when you’re having fun, right?

Now, if you were to mix a dose of nostalgia with a splash of editorial chic, you'd get a cocktail that defines Kat's signature style. She yearns for that old-world film feel while ensuring her photos are natural. She wants them to be timeless but with that touch of magic we all secretly wish for. What drives her? Well, it’s the thrill of capturing fleeting moments amidst the beautiful chaos of events, especially weddings. Just imagine the changing light, high emotions, and Kat, like a ninja, disappearing into the crowd to catch that perfect shot.

By the way, if you're planning to work with her, be ready to see her most unusual and favorite works. Why, you ask? It's her clever way of attracting clients who vibe with her vision. Destination weddings? She’s in! Though she adores London, NYC and various spots in Europe make her heart race. She's covered love stories in France and Italy, but she’s secretly crossing her fingers for a gig in Lisbon or Florence. Wouldn’t you?

Rebecca Searle

Rebecca Searle.jpg
Photo by Rebecca Searle
Rebecca Searle (1).jpg
Photo by Rebecca Searle
Rebecca Searle (2).jpg
Photo by Rebecca Searle

Rebecca Searle, is a photographer in London, UK whose passion for capturing the world behind her lens is just as palpable as her love for simplicity and the inherent goodness in people. In between her lens-crafting adventures, Rebecca’s juggling the chaotic (yet delightful) duties of motherhood. A simple dog walk is her cure for any bad mood, and we've got to say, we totally get it.

Rebecca's been in the game for a solid 10 years. A decade! Her style? Think editorial flair meets heartfelt wedding documentaries. Her work isn’t just about the snaps, it's about the experience. Have you ever loved a photo without even seeing it? Well, her clients have. Because with Rebecca, it’s the shared journey of the day that counts. She’s all about catching those candid, in-between moments. And believe us when we say, there's no awkward, “where-do-I-put-my-hands” scenario with her. If you're one of those "I don’t like being photographed" types, Rebecca will probably have you striking poses and laughing in no time.

She’s got a unique tip for her clients: share a vision board or favorite images before the big day. It’s her secret sauce to ensuring your dreams aren't just captured but truly realized. And while destination weddings may be all the rage, Rebecca's made a personal choice to stick closer to home, soaking in the UK’s charm and spending invaluable moments with her little ones.

Agnes Black

Agnes Black (3).jpg
Photo by Agnes Black
Agnes Black.jpg
Photo by Agnes Black
Agnes Black (2).jpg
Photo by Agnes Black

Natalie, the creative soul behind Agnes Black, has been gracefully capturing the essence of moments for a stellar seven years. Now, in the vast world of London photography experts, how does she describe her style? Let’s say: a dash of contemporary art, a sprinkle of fashion, and a generous dose of reportage. She's an alchemist, concocting magical memories with a hint of architecture, fashion, and documentary vibes to give her shots that oh-so-chic timeless look. When it comes to editing, she's got a delicate touch. Using primarily Lightroom, she keeps her edits subtle. Why? Because she's that good. She captures shots with precision regarding angles and lighting so that minimal post-processing is needed.

Let's dive deeper into her heart. What fuels her passion for photography? It's a medley of creativity, freedom, the thrill of meeting new people, a genuine love for art, and the irresistible call of travel. Natalie thrives in collaboration with those who appreciate the finer nuances of style, art, and fashion. Mood boards, brainstorming sessions, and expectations are all laid out before D-day.

A golden nugget of advice? When prepping for a shoot, love and trust your chosen vendor's craft and creative prowess. And, yes, she does do destination weddings! Although Italy holds a special place in her heart, she believes it's the people that truly make a wedding memorable, not just the place.

Rebecca Rees

Rebecca Rees.jpg
Photo by Rebecca Rees
Rebecca Rees (3).jpg
Photo by Rebecca Rees
Rebecca Rees (2).jpg
Photo by Rebecca Rees

Rebecca, being one of the finest London photographers, has a history adorned with that rich fashion and editorial backdrop. Since 2015, Rebecca's been capturing the most special day in people's lives - weddings. Her approach to photography is a mix of editorial flair while ensuring she nabs those spontaneous, authentic moments we all cherish. Can we just say, "Wedding goals!"

Alright, are you sitting down? Because what Rebecca loves most about her job is so heartwarming, it might just make you teary-eyed. For her, it's all about wielding creativity and imagination to weave stories, encapsulate emotions, and then – wait for it – turn them into tangible keepsakes. How precious is that? When it comes to working with clients, it's a dance of collaboration. She dives deep, understanding her client’s wishes, planning meticulously, and ensuring the resultant images reflect a shared vision.

If you're picturing something different, Rebecca’s got your back. She crafts tailored packages to meet unique needs. And if you're jetting off for a destination wedding? She’s game! Especially if you’re thinking of Italy. Bellissimo! Lastly, a pearl of wisdom from the pro herself: on your big day, get that upbeat playlist going as you prep. According to Rebecca, it sets the mood just right. Who knew?

Jessica Lily Photography

Jessica Lily Davies.jpg
Photo by Jessica Lily Davies
Jessica Lily Davies (3).jpg
Photo by Jessica Lily Davies
Jessica Lily Davies (2).jpg
Photo by Jessica Lily Davies

Embarking on a journey through the corporate maze, Jessica realized the suits and ties weren't really her jam. So, she humorously yet wisely retraced her steps back to the haven of photography. And, voila! She stumbled upon her true passion—weddings, which led her to be the honored name in the list of top 10 photographers in London, United Kingdom. Having been in the game for 12 years, Jessica's got some stories to tell, and by that, we mean she's got a portfolio that'd make your eyes pop!

Freezing moments in time, Jessica beautifully captures memories that families cherish for generations. Ah, the nostalgia of old wedding photographs! Don’t get us started on that. Building a bond, not just a business relationship, is Jessica's mantra. For her, it's not just about snapping photos; it's about being almost a guest at the wedding. The idea? To make you so comfortable that every click captures the essence of the moment.

For those of you with wanderlust in your eyes, Jessica is up for a scenic change and does destination weddings. But, she limits it to two a year, so you better book her quickly! And if you're curious about her favorite destination – it's the vibrant Ibiza! Now, here’s a gem from Jessica: when preparing for a photoshoot, wear what makes your heart sing with confidence. Remember the love that binds you and your partner, and let that connection radiate. And hey, pick locations that mean something to you.

Inna Kostukovsky

Inna Kostukovsky.jpg
Photo by Inna Kostukovsky
Inna Kostukovsky (3).jpg
Photo by Inna Kostukovsky
Inna Kostukovsky (2).jpg
Photo by Inna Kostukovsky

Born with a wanderlust spirit, Inna called the USA home for over a good 15 years before finally settling down in the picturesque city of London. But here's the catch; for her, love knows no geographical limitations. Whether it's from Chicago to London or beyond, she'll chase those heartwarming moments with her camera lens, capturing the essence of love across borders. Since 2014, Inna's been immortalizing weddings and events worldwide, offering us glimpses into genuine, elegant, and heartwarming moments. (We bet she's got some cool travel stories up her sleeve!)

Inna's style can be best described as a beautiful concoction of elegance, authentic emotions, and the unique bond shared by couples. Her goal? To freeze moments in a way that when you revisit the photographs, you don't just see them, but feel them. Now, if you ask what ignites the passion in her heart (apart from the love stories she captures, of course), it's the wonderful opportunity to meet couples from across the globe, immerse herself in diverse cultural traditions, and be granted that special place in family celebrations. It's not just about taking photos for Inna; it's about crafting stories and connections.

Working with Inna, you're not just hiring a photographer; you're partnering with a storyteller who stands out among the photographers to book in the UK. She's keen on diving deep into her clients' tales, uncovering their visions, and collaborating to craft a narrative that reflects their unique bond.

E.T. Photography

Ela Tatiana.jpg
Photo by Ela Tatiana
Ela Tatiana (3).jpg
Photo by Ela Tatiana
Ela Tatiana (2).jpg
Photo by Ela Tatiana

Let us paint a picture of the artist behind the lens, the delightful Ela Tatiana of E.T. Photography. How would we, in our humble attempt, describe her photography style? Think modern, editorial, and documentary. Think shots that are crisp, narratives that are poignant, and moments that are timeless. Speaking of timeless, her editing style leans towards the classic – the Kodak Portra. Yes, an analogue film! It's like giving a nod to old times while dancing in the present.

The allure of diverse cultures and traditions draws her in, and she finds immense joy in photographing weddings from different cultures. Picture this: a wedding in Palm Springs, perhaps with the desert sun casting elongated shadows. Yes, that's on her bucket list! For those tying the knot, she generously offers her time – 6 hours and beyond. And here’s the cherry on top: for those weddings stretching over a few days, she crafts custom packages, tailored just for you. And for the couples prepping for their photoshoot? Ela Tatiana shares a whimsical tip: Pretend it's a movie. Pretend you've just met, sparks flying, madly in love. Live in the moment, readers. Let the magic unfold! Being among the top 10 local photographers in London, she’s truly a talent worth checking out!

Camilla Joy Photography

Camilla Joy (2).jpg
Photo by Camilla Joy
Camilla Joy.jpg
Photo by Camilla Joy
Camilla Joy (3).jpg
Photo by Camilla Joy

If you've ever wondered what it's like to venture into the whimsical world of photography through the eyes of an artist, allow us to paint a picture of the professional photographer in the UK - Camilla Hards. When she isn’t weaving visual tales, she's with her fiancé and fur babies – a Labrador and a Border Collie. It’s evident that for her, family isn’t just an anchor; it’s her compass.

Camilla’s style is fine art, romantic yet editorial, and a blend of posed with natural. It’s like the sophistication of a magazine spread combined with the candidness of a stolen moment. She’s a Canon enthusiast, embracing both the old-school charm of analogue and the crisp precision of digital. The best part? Her joy. It's contagious. And the connection with her clients is more of a heartwarming friendship than a mere professional relationship. She firmly believes in the power of comfort. A sentiment we echo too! If you're not vibing with your photographer, it'll show. So, always trust your gut (and Camilla's wisdom).

Speaking of specifics, don't you worry about being confined to a package – she tailors each one. After all, isn’t love all about personal touches? For those of you looking to tie the knot in scenic locales, she's your gal! Italy, with its alluring charm, is her top pick. But who knows? Perhaps your dream destination could be her next favorite!

Katie Julia

Katie Julia (2).jpg
Photo by Katie Julia
Katie Julia (3).jpg
Photo by Katie Julia
Photo by Katie Julia

Can we just address how divinely refreshing Katie's philosophy is? She doesn't tamper with the organic beauty in front of her lens; she lets it bask in its rawness. Katie's images are timeless, effortlessly graceful, and tinged with an ethereal quality. Using the most poetic of light sources and the softest hues, she captures moments that feel unforced and utterly magical. If her photographs were songs, we'd have them on repeat!

She desires for her images to stir the deep waters of your soul, making you feel...something. And let's be real, in this age of constant bombardment of visuals, making one feel is no easy feat. But Katie, being the multifaceted maven she is - a photographer, painter, creative director, and even a mentor - crafts her work with earthy femininity, portraying women in their transformative phases, be it marriage, career leaps, or motherhood.

What truly tugs at our heartstrings is Katie’s emphasis on unencumbered womanhood. Her work speaks volumes, urging women to embrace their authenticity without any hidden agendas. And, dear, between you and us, when you consider the top 10 famous photographers in London, it’s that refreshing dose of sincerity that makes Katie's work so darn captivating.

Charlotte Wise

Charlotte Wise (2)1.jpg
Photo by Charlotte Wise
Charlotte Wise.jpg
Photo by Charlotte Wise
Charlotte Wise (2).jpg
Photo by Charlotte Wise

Ah, Charlotte Wise! The name that rings with passion and a zest for capturing life's beautiful moments. It's like she was destined for this. Imbued with a fervent love for photography from the get-go, her father was the spark that ignited this flame. Bless her heart, she followed this passion starting her own business at just the sprightly age of 18.

For Charlotte, every click is a heartbeat, each shutter sounds a symphony of emotions. We're talking big feels here! Blending art, travel, and her innate talent, she creates magic that leaves couples starry-eyed and absolutely smitten. She draws inspiration from the greats – Ansel Adams, and Mario Testino – and is deeply in love with the luxe vibe of Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel. It’s evident in her work: rich, profound, and oh-so-chic. And did we mention her penchant for black-and-white portraits? Pure poetry. There's a rawness, an artisan touch, that leaves you hungry for more. Her adaptability and tenacity have shot her to the stars in the world of wedding photography. But it doesn't end there. Charlotte, the ever-giving soul, is out there, mentoring the next generation of creative photographers in London!

To sum up, she’s a dynamo, a passionate artist, and a force to be reckoned with. If you’re ever looking for those unique, timeless shots that tug at your heartstrings, you know where to turn!

Wrapping things up, your wedding day will undoubtedly be one for the books. But who's behind the lens matters immensely. These top-rated London photographers won't just capture moments; they'll immortalize emotions. So, while the music fades and the flowers wilt, your memories won't. Here's to ensuring that every stolen glance and heartfelt hug is captured just as you remember it. Cheers to forever memories, with London's finest in tow!

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