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  • Publication date: 01/18/2024
  • Updated: 01/18/2024

When it comes to capturing the magic of a wedding day, the enchanting backdrop of Lake Como adds an extra layer of romance and beauty. Today, we spotlight Como's top 10 wedding photographers who excel at preserving these once-in-a-lifetime moments against the city’s breathtaking scenery.

Each photographer on our list brings a unique touch to wedding photography, weaving the charm and elegance of Lake Como into every frame. Their portfolios are a testament to their ability to capture everything from the grand, sweeping vistas to the intimate, tender moments shared between couples. Get ready to be swept away by their stories, their artistry, and the unforgettable images they create, making every wedding moment last forever.


Photo by BOTTEGA53

In our exploration of the world of wedding photography in Como, we've come across the remarkable duo at the heart of Bottega53. Let’s get to know them more.

Piermarco, the founder, strikes us as a figure straight out of a cinematic landscape. His personality exudes a congenial warmth, a Californian dreamer with a surfer's spirit. Piermarco is a storyteller who captures the essence of the couples he photographs, focusing not merely on the individuals but on the world that surrounds them - the time, the place, and the atmosphere. His methodical approach to wedding photography, combined with his innate elegance, makes him a unique presence in the field.

Nancy, the co-founder and art director, brings a different but equally compelling perspective. Her life, dedicated to the pursuit of beauty, is reflected in every frame she captures. Nancy's work is meticulous, organized, and infused with an editorial flair that makes her images stand out like the cover of a high-end magazine. Her background in marketing and fashion management has evidently contributed to her keen eye for detail and composition. 

Together, they offer a unique perspective on wedding photography. Their work is all about capturing the essence of the couple’s journey, their roots, and heritage. They aim to create images that are as timeless as they are emotive, focusing on the spirit of the moment. In the bustling excitement of a wedding, their philosophy is to cut through the chaos, much like a perfectly cut diamond, to reveal the enduring brilliance of love.

Danilo & Sharon

Photo by Danilo & Sharon

Danilo and Sharon have carved a niche for themselves in the Como wedding photography landscape, celebrated for their unique aesthetic and tailor-made services. Their 11-year journey in the field is a tapestry of experiences, richly colored by influences from fashion and advertising, which have sculpted their distinctive photographic style. This style, best encapsulated as "real editorial wedding photography," makes a bold statement with its timeless appeal, enchanting modern brides worldwide.

Their work, primarily centered around weddings and portraits, is a vivid narration inspired by both the ambiance of the location and the essence of the subjects. Despite the diversity of settings, from the dynamic streets of Hong Kong to the historical allure of Paris, their work consistently reflects their personal, authorial aesthetics.

The true joy of their profession lies in the opportunity to meet remarkable individuals and explore new places, transforming photography from a mere act of capturing images into an avenue for storytelling and forging enduring connections. In their interactions with clients, Danilo and Sharon prioritize understanding and meeting the clients' desires. Their approach is highly personalized, adapting their methods to each client's unique needs, often involving the creation of custom packages.

Julia Kaptelova

Photo by Julia Kaptelova

Julia Kaptelova is a name synonymous with capturing enchanting love tales through the lens. She, along with her partner, forms a duo that brings to life the essence of romantic narratives across Europe's most picturesque landscapes. With a background steeped in the arts, they have honed a photography style that seamlessly marries the grace of fine art with the sharpness of editorial vision.

Their approach, inspired by the dynamism of fashion photography, lends a unique flair to their work, transforming each image into a captivating, sophisticated piece of art that not only tells a story but also resonates with genuine emotions. Their philosophy is built on collaboration and open communication, a testament to their commitment to understanding and bringing to life the visions and emotions of those they photograph.

Their journey in the world of Como wedding photography extends to destination weddings as well, with a particular fondness for the romantic allure of Italy and the timeless elegance of France. Yet, they dream of expanding their horizons, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to explore and capture love stories across the globe.

Dmitry Garvanko

Photo by Dmitry Garvanko

Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Italy, Dmitry Garvanko’s life has been intertwined with the art of photography since his youth. His perspective, shaped early on by the allure of magazine pages, evolved into a personal aesthetic deeply rooted in luxury and elegance.

For approximately five years, Dmitry has been honing his craft and eventually became a well-known Como professional photographer. He describes his work as a blend of contemporary trends and timeless classics, striving always to encapsulate the essence of style and elegance in every frame. His photographs are narratives of grace, woven meticulously with an eye for perfection.

What truly invigorates Dmitry is the ability to capture emotions and stories, transforming them into stunning visuals. Photography, for him, is an artistic venture where each moment is a stroke on the canvas of life. His approach to client relationships is deeply personal; he listens intently to their desires and expectations, allowing him to tailor his approach to each unique occasion. This attentive interaction provides clients with a sense of ease and confidence throughout the process.

Andrew Bayda

Photo by Andrew Bayda

Meet Andrew, a top photographer in Como who has a deep passion for capturing weddings around the world. With his camera as his constant companion, Andrew has traveled to numerous destinations, from bustling cityscapes to remote wilderness, to document the love stories of couples from all walks of life.

Andrew's love for both photography and travel fuels his wanderlust, and he is always eager to explore new cultures, landscapes, and traditions. He thrives on the excitement of discovering unique locations and finding creative ways to capture the essence of each couple's love story against stunning backdrops. From romantic beach weddings in tropical paradises to grand celebrations in Italian historic landmarks, Andrew's versatility as a photographer allows him to adapt to different environments and create captivating images that reflect the personalities and emotions of the couples he photographs.

Driven by his unwavering passion for photography and travel, Andrew is constantly seeking new inspirations and challenges to further hone his craft. His warm and personable nature allows him to connect with couples and models on a personal level, making them feel at ease in front of the camera and capturing authentic moments that tell compelling stories.

Igor Shevchenko

Photo by Igor Shevchenko

Igor Shevchenko is a famous Como photographer who has truly mastered the craft of capturing weddings. Residing in the picturesque Como with his family, Igor immerses himself in photography, a field that transcends being merely a job for him. It's his hobby, his source of inspiration, and a shared passion with his wife, who is also a photographer. Together, they live and breathe photography, a commitment that is palpable in every frame they capture. Their creative journey doesn't stop there; they're also venturing into the fashion world, developing their own brand of wedding dresses!

With a career spanning over a decade, Igor has honed a unique photographic style that seamlessly blends the elegance of magazine portraits with the authenticity of film shots, capturing moments that resonate with emotion and beauty. The distinct color palette of Igor's photos doesn't go unnoticed; it's a significant part of his post-processing work. Coupled with the skilled touch of a retoucher, who carefully works on skin and shape modifications tailored to each client's preferences, the final images are a testament to his meticulous attention to detail.

For Igor, photography is about immersing himself in fantastic locations, sharing in the joy and euphoria of happy occasions, and continually striving to perfect his craft. His approach to client work is highly collaborative. He begins by understanding the client's vision, discussing the finer details, and planning meticulously to ensure that the wedding day is captured just as envisioned.

Vlasta Weddings

Photo by Vlasta Weddings

Emina and Vladan Gavric of the top wedding photography company in Como - Vlasta Weddings have carved a unique niche in the world of photography, with a background enriched by more than a decade of experience. Their journey, which began in the realms of fashion and journalism, has significantly influenced their distinctive approach to wedding photography. Vladan's deep connection to photography, fostered by his mother's nearly 40-year professional career, has played a pivotal role in shaping their artistic vision.

Their photography style is best described as editorial and personalized, aiming to capture timeless images that balance intricately curated details with genuine, joyful moments. The duo has a keen understanding of when to be prominently involved and when to let events naturally unfold, a skill that is crucial in their line of work. Despite the seemingly effortless appearance of their editorial images, a considerable amount of effort and meticulous planning goes into their creation. This dedication is evident in their close collaboration with each couple, ensuring every vision is brought to life.

What they value most about their profession are the opportunities to travel, experience diverse cultures, and build friendships around the world. These experiences have not only enriched their professional lives but have also provided them with a wealth of personal enrichment.

Roman Ivanov

Photo by Roman Ivanov

Roman Ivanov is a distinguished photographer in Como with a rich background in the field. His journey in photography spans over a period of 12 years, during which he has continually refined his style, now known as the 'Editorial wedding fashion' or, more personally, the 'Roman Ivanov style'.

Roman’s passion for photography is deeply rooted in his desire to create unique pictures that speak with his own voice, setting them apart from others in the field. When it comes to working with clients, he prioritizes their comfort above all. This approach not only fosters a relaxed environment but also aids in capturing authentic and natural moments. Moreover, Roman is always open to collaborating with clients to tailor a custom package that meets their specific needs.

For those preparing for a photo shoot or event, Roman suggests there's no need for anything specific, implying confidence in his ability to capture the beauty in simplicity and spontaneity. His work isn’t confined to one location; he embraces destination weddings, with a particular fondness for the South of France and the Maldives. 

Matteo Coltro

Photo by Matteo Coltro

Born and nurtured between the stylish avenues of Como and Milan, Matteo Coltro’s journey to becoming a top Como wedding photographer is not one of monotony. His early academic endeavors in economics and marketing seemed predestined, yet the monochromatic world of finance failed to ignite his creative spark. It was within the vibrant realm of wedding photography that Matteo found his true calling.

With a career spanning over a dozen years, Matteo's photographic style resonates with a modern signature, seamlessly integrating an editorial touch. His works are a harmonious fusion of natural, honest emotions and a timeless aesthetic, capturing moments that transcend the ordinary. The tools of his trade are digital, yet his post-processing echoes the allure of film, breathing life into images with natural and brilliant colors.

The essence of his craft, however, lies in the joy of human connection. Matteo revels in bringing the enchanting tales of Lake Como to life, weaving the love stories of diverse people into the fabric of this idyllic setting. His approach to photography is as much about capturing candid, relaxed moments as it is about forging a genuine connection with his clients, ensuring they feel at ease and truly themselves in front of the lens.

Vangelis Beltzenitis

Photo by Vangelis Beltzenitis

Vangelis Beltzenitis is a seasoned wedding photographer in Como whose journey in photography began at the tender age of nine. From the moment he clasped his first camera, photography ceaselessly captivated him. This early experience wasn't merely a pastime; it evolved into a craft honed through countless hours in the darkroom, where he meticulously processed his films, cherishing the autonomy over his creative process.

With over two decades of experience, Vangelis has honed his skills and now specializes in creative documentary and editorial wedding photography. He thrives on its inherent challenges, weaving together elements from various photography genres like documentary and portrait, all while navigating the pressures of time. Vangelis understands that weddings are a confluence of once-in-a-lifetime moments, entrusting him with the weighty responsibility of preserving these precious memories.

Moreover, his portfolio isn't confined by geography. He is adept at destination weddings, with a particular fondness for locales like Italy, France, and Thailand, each offering its unique canvas for his photographic storytelling.

As we conclude our journey through the artistry of Como's top photographers, it's clear that each one offers more than just stunning photographs; they provide a window into the soul of every celebration they capture. Their cameras tell stories of love, joy, and the breathtaking beauty of Lake Como. With their keen eyes and creative hearts, they ensure that the memories of your special day are not only preserved but also transformed into lasting works of art.

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