Roman Ivanov Photographer photo
Roman Ivanov Photographer photo
Roman Ivanov Photographer photo
Roman Ivanov Photographer photo
Roman Ivanov Photographer photo
Roman Ivanov Photographer photo
Roman Ivanov Photographer photo
Roman Ivanov Photographer photo
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Roman Ivanov
Photographer Roman Ivanov About me

Nobody come to the top of the mountain in one step. And I am a perfect example of hard work, experiments, self growth and permanent search of inspiration!    Starting with first pictures taken with simple camera in night clubs to gorgeous photoshoots in Europe for the most beautiful people on Earth. And now is a moment to share my experience with those, who can learn and grow within 2 month! Sounds awesome, because it took me more than 10 years to come to this point and to learn everything I know.


Frequently Asked Questions

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What percentage of users recommend Roman Ivanov and which are the most valued aspects of their wedding services?

Roman Ivanov is recommended by 0% of couples who have used their services. Their overall rating is 0.0, with the same score awarded for quality of service, flexibility, value, professionalism and average response time.

Vendor Insight

In the picturesque City of Como, there lies a gem within the wedding industry, a photographer who captures timeless moments with a grace that is matched only by the location's natural beauty. Roman Ivanov, a name that has become synonymous with elegance in wedding photography, stands out amidst a sea of options for couples looking to immortalize their special day.

Ivanov's artistry is not just in the pictures he takes but in the stories they tell. Each photograph is a testament to his ability to freeze time, encapsulating the essence of every couple's unique journey. His work speaks volumes, weaving narratives of love, joy, and intimacy through the lens of his camera with an effortless charm that is both captivating and sincere.

The ambiance of Como provides the perfect canvas for Ivanov's craft, but it is his eye for detail and his commitment to excellence that truly elevates the experience. His photographs don't just document the day; they transform fleeting moments into eternal memories, crafted with an attention to detail that ensures every emotion is preserved in its purest form.

Recognition in one's field is the hallmark of quality and dedication, and Roman Ivanov is no stranger to accolades. With two Wezoree Awards to his name, he stands recognized by peers and clients alike, marking him as a top-tier vendor in the wedding photography domain. These awards speak to the trust that the Wezoree community places in Roman's vision and his exceptional service.

Choosing the right photographer for one's wedding is a decision that holds immeasurable importance, and with Roman Ivanov, there is a sense of security that the resultant album will be nothing short of spectacular. His portfolio is a visual delight, filled with vibrant colors, candid expressions, and meticulously framed shots that each tell a compelling story.

For couples planning their wedding in the enchanting City of Como, Roman Ivanov is a name that should not only be noted but also considered with great seriousness. His lens does not merely capture; it enhances, it speaks, it leaves a legacy. And for those fortunate enough to have him photograph their wedding, the result is a collection of moments that will be cherished for a lifetime.