A Tale of Artistry and Passion of The Little Branch, a Top Los Angeles Wedding Floral Studio

  • Publication date: 09/29/2023
  • Updated: 09/29/2023

In the vast, vibrant tapestry of the wedding industry, there are those who stand out, not just for their expertise, but for their unique ability to touch lives with their work. One such individual is Meg McCarter, the creative force behind the gorgeous floral company, The Little Branch. From her humble beginnings in Detroit, her journey through the cultural whirlwind of London, to her art education at the University of Minnesota, every experience has shaped Meg into an artist with a unique style and an unwavering passion for floristry. Now, let us take you on a journey through her captivating world of wedding floristry, where every arrangement is a piece of art, and every wedding is a testament to her love for her craft.

A Blossoming Introduction

Allow us to introduce Meg McCarter, a luxury wedding florist in LA. Starting her company, The Little Branch, in 2008, Meg's passion for florals and her love for creating temporary art installations have guided her journey. In her words, "I started this company in 2008 with a love of florals and the idea of creating temporary art installations out of them and we have been at it ever since."

Crafting Uniqueness in Every Wedding

Now, let's dive into what truly sets Meg apart. For her, every wedding is a blank canvas, and she loves "creating unique arrangements and installations that are specific to each of my clients." As Meg eloquently puts it, "No two weddings or celebrations are ever the same and love being able to make new designs each week." When it comes to memorable experiences, she can't single one out because "They are all memorable to me."

The Finer Details - Budgets, Boundaries, and Inspiration

Delving into the specifics, Meg's business starts at $5500, but with a big heart, she admits, "we do make exceptions depending on event proximity and needs." She's no stranger to pushing boundaries. Her approach to non-traditional elements is as unique as her designs. Meg enthusiastically tells us, "I'm all about that!! Any chance we get to push the boundaries in design is super exciting for us." Using figurines, custom sculptures, roots, fruits, and veggies, she's blending the extraordinary with the traditional.

When it comes to trends, she's a trendsetter, not a follower. "I try not to pay any attention to that because I think it starts to limit you as a designer," she reveals, instead preferring to create something specifically curated for her clients.

Tips, Obsessions, and Personalized Designs

For those in need of guidance, Meg offers practical advice, saying, "Compile a big folder of any and all the images you like. The bigger of a visual folder you have enables you over the months of planning to fine-tune and tweak." In terms of flowers, Meg's not shy about her favorites, sharing, "I'm a sucker for ranunculus. Their color and durability are the best. I love all things tropical because I'm super into tiki/retro."

Finally, she leaves us with a gem of wisdom that encapsulates her approach to design and life itself: "As you are planning your wedding I think it's important to remember this is YOUR event and it should reflect all the things that you gravitate towards. There is no 'you have to do this, or you have to have that'. Do what suits you!"

That's Meg McCarter, a splash of color in the world of wedding floristry. Next time you find yourself surrounded by stunning floral arrangements, take a moment to appreciate them. It might just be a piece of temporary art from The Little Branch.

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