Mirabel Floral Design: Weaving Romantic Dreams with Blossoms

  • Publication date: 09/25/2023
  • Updated: 09/25/2023

As we embark on an olfactory journey through petals and stems, prepare to immerse yourself in the world of floral design, particularly focused on the romantic realm of weddings. In the lines to follow, we invite you to delve into an intimate tête-à-tête with one of the best LA floral designers - Vivienne Hou. From a surprising career shift, her favorite moments, to the latest trends in the wedding floristry of 2023, we promise to share a bouquet of stories that will leave you smelling the roses. So, step into our whimsical garden and allow us to introduce you to the floral mastermind behind the thriving Mirabel Floral Design. Sit back, get comfortable, and prepare to let your imagination bloom.

From Fashion to Flowers - The Birth of Mirabel Floral Design

We'll begin our story by reminiscing about Vivienne's transition from the world of fashion to the enthralling domain of flowers. "My love for flowers sparked from designing my dream wedding," she shared with us. Leaving behind a promising Fashion Design career, Vivienne embarked on this colorful path, establishing Mirabel Floral Design. "The beauty of flowers transformed my dream into a romantic reality," she expressed.

Crafting Dreams - The Rewarding Journey of a Wedding Florist

The most cherished part of Vivienne’s profession? "To create celebrations filled with gorgeous flowers that are beyond imaginations, to turn clients’ dream into a reality and reminisce those moments forever." Our dear florist's commitment to transforming bridal dreams into reality is both her mission and joy. Remember her favorite moment? She joyfully described, "To witness the bride walking down the gorgeous aisle filled with flowers in her beautiful dress, that’s my favorite moment at every wedding."

Non-Traditional Elements and Floral Trends of 2023

Are you curious about those unexpected, non-traditional floral elements? "Every couple’s love story is so unique, so opting for something non-traditional to express their vision is highly encouraged," she revealed to us. And don't forget the delightful trends of 2023 Vivienne generously shared: "Lots of Baby’s Breath done in whimsical ways, long Aisles meadows arrangements, Cake nest, deconstructed arch, colorful palette done in artsy directions, romantic neutral tones with nudes and mauve."

The Secrets to a Perfect Wedding Floral Experience

What advice does Vivienne have for you, dear reader? On choosing the perfect style, she wisely advises, "Timeless romantic will never go out of style." And if you're wondering about her favorite flowers? "My must-haves are Garden Roses or Heirloom Roses because the shape of their petals is amazing to gaze into, and the bloom size is bigger than traditional roses." Last but not least, Vivienne leaves couples with the wisdom that "The magic happens when you’re flexible and give the florist the creative freedom to use the best-recommended flowers in season."

Our journey through the petals and perfumes, bouquets, and blooms of this expert florist's world has come to an end. Whether it's the vision of a bride floating down an aisle flanked by her favorite flowers or the non-traditional touches that make each wedding unique, the heart of this florist beats in every creation she crafts.

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