A Journey Into Artistry of the Velvet Poppy, a Top-Rated Wedding Florist in LA

  • Publication date: 09/27/2023
  • Updated: 10/03/2023

Welcome to an enchanted tale woven with petals, scents, and vibrant colors. Today, we want to introduce you to a top floral design company in Los Angeles, a woman who dances with nature's beauty and uses it to tell stories that captivate the heart and engage the senses. With a career spanning over two decades, she is no ordinary florist. Instead, she is a creator of magic, a weaver of dreams, and a curator of memories. Through the power of her words and our storytelling, we will take you on a journey filled with blooming passion, globe-trotting ventures, unparalleled joy, trend-setting aesthetics, and a celebration of floral diversity. Get comfortable and prepare to be inspired by the world seen through the eyes of a master florist.

A Journey Blooming with Passion

Let us embark on an intimate exploration through the blossoming world of an exceptional florist, whose passion and creativity have flourished for over two decades. She is no ordinary florist but an artist who paints with vibrant petals and whispers stories through their scents.

Her tale commences in the modest Midwest. As she so warmly recalls, "My journey started in my own garden in the Midwest, then growing flowers organically for other gardens." She honed her green thumb and environmental knowledge before her natural pull toward grand events and the colorful world of the floral industry led her to the bustling city of Los Angeles. Quite the journey, isn't it?

From the Midwest to Europe and Back Again

But, reader, the voyage doesn't end there! Her creative vision took her across the Atlantic Ocean where "The Velvet Poppy was born in Europe in 2018." The business then found its way back to the sun-kissed pavements of Silver Lake, Los Angeles. You could call it a globetrotting floral saga.

The Unparalleled Joy of the Job

Embodying the love for her craft, she fondly shared, "Not only do I get to work with the most beautiful textiles in the world but I consistently get to experience the best day of my clients' lives with them." This radiates a sense of joy far surpassing any materialistic rewards. Do you feel the warmth of her passion too?

A Trendsetter in the Floral World

Far from adhering to established norms, she relishes breaking the mold. When asked about her view on the current trends in 2023, she remarked, "I think styles in 2023 are moving in two directions. One being extremely earthy using natural elements like stones, moss, grasses, and wild elements that create a unique timeless look. The other being bright colors and using unique flowers that have more of an alien look to them!"

She encourages those undecided about their style to reflect inward, capturing a timeless feel that mirrors their unique love story. After all, in her wise words, "The most important thing is that you are true to yourselves to create a timeless look."

A Celebration of Floral Diversity

Her love for flowers is wide-ranging and all-encompassing. She celebrates their varied textures and forms, from the velvet softness of orchids to the delicate whorls of ranunculus. Every flower has its place in her masterpieces, a beautiful testament to the diversity of nature.

As a note, for her inimitable craft, she works with a starting budget of $3000. Considering the bespoke beauty she brings to a couple's special day, it feels like a worthy investment, don't you think?

From humble beginnings in her garden to orchestrating grand floral displays, this florist's journey showcases a deep-rooted passion and boundless creativity. As you delve into her world, we hope, dear reader, you feel the vibrancy, the inspiration, and the love she imbues in her work as much as we do.

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