How Much Does It Cost to Get Married at a Courthouse?

  • Publication date: 05/17/2023
  • Updated: 05/17/2023

So, you're thinking about getting hitched at a courthouse, huh? It's a popular choice for those who want a no-fuss, budget-friendly wedding. Let's cut to the chase and talk about the dollars and cents involved in tying the knot at a courthouse in the United States of America. We'll break it down for you state by state, and cover some frequently asked questions so you'll know exactly what to expect. Get ready, 'cause here we go!

Why Tying The Knot At A Courthouse Is A Good Idea?

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Courthouse weddings have their own unique set of perks and symbols that make them an attractive option for many couples. Let's dive into some of the benefits and symbols associated with courthouse weddings!

Perks of Getting Married at a Courthouse

Cost-effective: One of the biggest advantages of a courthouse wedding is its affordability. The cost of a marriage license and possible ceremony fee is much lower than a traditional wedding, saving you a significant amount of money.

Less planning: Courthouse weddings require much less preparation and planning compared to a traditional wedding. This means less stress and more time to focus on your relationship and future together.

Intimate setting: Courthouse weddings are typically small and intimate, with only a few close friends and family members in attendance. This creates a more personal experience for you and your partner, allowing you to fully focus on each other.

Faster process: Since there's minimal planning and no need to book a venue or other wedding services, getting married at a courthouse can be a quicker and more efficient process.

Elopement: If you're looking to elope or have a private ceremony without the fuss of a big wedding, a courthouse wedding is an ideal choice.

Legal simplicity: Courthouse weddings ensure that your marriage is legally recognized without any confusion. You'll receive your marriage license and complete the necessary paperwork in one place, making the legal aspect of your marriage hassle-free.

Flexibility: Courthouse weddings offer more flexibility when it comes to timing. There's no need to worry about coordinating with vendors, which allows you to choose a wedding date that best suits your needs.

Symbols of Getting Married at a Courthouse

Commitment: Just like any other wedding, getting married at a courthouse symbolizes the commitment you and your partner are making to one another. The location doesn't change the significance of your vows and the bond you're forming.

Simplicity: A courthouse wedding represents a simple and no-frills approach to marriage. It's a reminder that love and commitment are the core foundations of a relationship, without the need for extravagant celebrations.

Focus on love: By choosing a courthouse wedding, you and your partner are emphasizing the importance of love and connection over material possessions and grand events.

Equality: Courthouse weddings symbolize equality, as all couples – regardless of background, social status, or financial situation – have access to the same legal process and rights.

Practicality: A courthouse wedding showcases a practical approach to marriage. It highlights the importance of starting your life together on a strong financial footing, rather than accumulating debt from a lavish wedding.

New beginnings: As with any wedding, a courthouse ceremony symbolizes the start of a new chapter in your lives together as a married couple.

Does It Cost Money To Get Married At A Courthouse?

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You bet! While it might not break the bank, there's still a price tag for a courthouse wedding. The cost varies depending on the state, but generally, you'll have to pay for a marriage license and sometimes even a ceremony fee. Let's dive into some popular states and see what's what. Keep in mind that prices can change, so it's always best to contact your local courthouse for the most up-to-date information.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Married At Court In Different States

Read this so that you know what to expect.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Married At The Courthouse In Arizona?

In the land of the Grand Canyon, you'll need to cough up about $83 for a marriage license. Keep in mind that this is just the license – if you want a courthouse ceremony, there might be an additional fee. It's worth noting that some counties may also require you to have a witness present, so be sure to check the local requirements.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Married At A Courthouse in NC?

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North Carolina, home to some beautiful beaches and tasty BBQ, has a marriage license fee of around $60. While it's a little cheaper than Arizona, remember that the cost of a courthouse ceremony might be extra. Some counties also have a waiting period, which means you may need to wait a few days between applying for the license and actually getting married.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Married At The Courthouse In Louisiana?

Down in the bayous of Louisiana, the cost of a marriage license ranges from $25 to $40, depending on the parish. Lucky for you, there's no additional fee for a courthouse ceremony. Talk about some good old Southern hospitality! However, there is a waiting period of 72 hours, so plan accordingly.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Married At The Courthouse in VA?

Virginia may be for lovers, but it'll cost you! A marriage license here will set you back $30 to $50, and that's not all – expect to pay an additional $30 to $50 for a courthouse ceremony. Ouch! On the plus side, there's no waiting period in Virginia, so you can get married as soon as you have your license in hand.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Married At A Courthouse In Texas?

Everything's bigger in Texas, but luckily, the marriage license fee isn't too bad. You'll need to shell out around $60 to $81, depending on the county. Keep in mind that some courthouses might charge extra for the ceremony. There's a 72-hour waiting period in Texas, but this can be waived for active military members and in some other special circumstances.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Married At A Courthouse In Florida?

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Welcome to the Sunshine State, where getting married at a courthouse will set you back about $86 for a marriage license. Some counties might charge an extra $30 for the ceremony, so make sure to double-check before you go. There's no waiting period for Florida residents who have completed a premarital preparation course; otherwise, there's a three-day wait.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Married At A Courthouse In Georgia?

Last but not least, we have Georgia, where peaches are sweet and marriage licenses are affordable. It'll cost you around $56 to $76, and there's usually no additional fee for a courthouse ceremony. Score!

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