A Conversation with Michael Scott Events, One of the Best Wedding Catering Companies in NYC

  • Publication date: 12/07/2023
  • Updated: 12/07/2023

Do you ever find yourself wondering about the spellbinding stories hidden behind NY’s grandest wedding feasts? Our quest for such stories led us to Michael Scott Events, an exquisite gourmet catering in NYC. Let's unveil their narrative!

A Culinary Tale of Evolution

"We started the business in 2012 as the kosher offshoot of a more established non-kosher caterer," they began, transporting us to the inception of their culinary journey. After thriving in the initial stages, they narrated, "we experienced rapid growth and decided to break off and establish ourselves as an independent entity." Their quest was clear: "Our mission is to exceed expectations and redefine what it means to offer kosher catering."

The Rewards of Wedding Catering

For many, weddings are about the glitz and glamour, but for Michael Scott Events? "The most rewarding part of being a wedding caterer is playing a crucial role in one of the most significant days of a couple's life," they shared earnestly. And the cherry on top? “Witnessing the joy on the faces of the newlyweds and their guests as they savor our dishes and enjoy a seamless dining experience," they described, letting us in on their emotional connection with their work.

Setting the Gold Standard in Catering

Curious about what sets them apart in the sea of caterers? "Our service stands out with our focus on luxury, off-premise kosher catering," they elucidated. But there's more to their signature touch: “We specialize in providing exceptional kosher dining experiences in any location,” ensuring couples get their dream venues and dishes alike.

A Glimpse into Current Culinary Trends

Ever the trendsetters, they opened up about the shifting wedding foodscapes. "This year, we are witnessing a rise in interactive dining experiences," they mentioned, indicating the soaring popularity of live food stations and chef demonstrations. When it comes to flavors? "There is an increasing demand for unique and globally inspired flavors," they noted, hinting at the evolving palates of their clientele.

Diversity isn’t just embraced, it's celebrated. “We understand the significance of cultural traditions in weddings,” they expressed, shedding light on their meticulous approach. To ensure the authenticity of these experiences, they divulged, "We conduct thorough research and consult with the couple to understand their cultural traditions and culinary preferences."

Memorable Moments and Candid Confessions

One can't discuss culinary feats without touching on memorable events. "One particularly memorable event we catered was a grand outdoor wedding set on a picturesque mountaintop in Colorado," they recalled. The vision was clear: the couple wanted a “lavish and romantic atmosphere” and Michael Scott Events painted that dream into reality.

And before we wrapped up, they left us with a gem for couples diving into wedding prep: "When choosing a wedding menu, consider personal taste, the preferences of their guests, and any dietary restrictions," they advised.

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