From Home Kitchen to Culinary Stardom: A Conversation with Acquolina Catering NYC's Leading Caterers

  • Publication date: 12/05/2023
  • Updated: 12/05/2023

Journey with us as we navigate the flavorful seas of gourmet catering in NYC: Acquolina Catering. Diving into their roots reveals an intimate story of family passion and culinary prowess.

Origin Story: From Home Kitchen to Culinary Stardom

The establishment of Acquolina is deeply rooted in family ties and a penchant for cooking. "My mother started this company over 20 years ago," Alice Garretti reveals, further sharing, "She was a great hostess and an amazing cook. Her friends were always asking for help with their events, so she started cooking for others from our home kitchen and quickly outgrew the space."

Crafting Unique Wedding Experiences

Being a wedding caterer brings with it many rewards, and for Acquolina, it's all about personal connections. "Being part of someone's once in a lifetime’s day," they describe as the most fulfilling aspect. Setting them apart in the competitive world of catering, they emphasize, "We would never use the dreaded word 'package'. We customize each experience and tailor the menu to the client and event's specifics."

When asked about the emerging trends in wedding catering, Alice elucidates, "Simple, less elaborate dishes and more focus on the quality and source of produce." They proudly spotlight their Italian roots, mentioning, "Our core menu is Italian, but we take inspiration from all cuisines."

Tasting Sessions & Customization

Delving into the process of curating the perfect menu, Alice highlights the importance of direct interaction. "I normally like to speak with either the party planner or the couple before we invite them to our commissary kitchen for an extensive tasting," she explains. Their tastings are not just a mere sampling but an "extensive (and very fun!) process that takes 3 hours or more."

Acquolina prides itself on its adaptability to cater to diverse wedding cultures. "Each menu and service is unique to the couple, their backgrounds, and their wishes. No two couples are the same and therefore neither is their special day," they assert.

Unique Locations & Words of Wisdom

The most unique location they catered to? "La Selva, an Italian Renaissance mansion on the Gold Coast of Long Island," they recall, likening it to a sojourn in Italy. Finally, imparting advice for couples, they emphasize the importance of personalization: "The menu should reflect who they are, add something to make it personal. A drink they shared on a first date or something they had on a vacation together."

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