40 Wedding Games to Elevate Your Celebration

  • Publication date: 12/04/2023
  • Updated: 12/05/2023

Wedding days are unforgettable, but adding the right wedding game can transform them from memorable to downright legendary! Imagine a day filled not just with love and laughter but also with fun and games that engage every guest. Whether it's playful wedding games for the bride and groom or entertaining activities for all ages, these games will add an extra layer of joy to your special day. So, let's dive into some fabulous wedding game ideas that will make your celebration a hit!

Wedding Table Games

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Let's kick things off with some fabulous table games for weddings. These aren't just icebreakers; they're ice smashers, turning tables of acquaintances into teams of friends! Every game here is a guaranteed giggle-fest, blending traditional fun with a modern twist.

Trivia About the Couple

This game invites guests to dive into the couple's love story, with questions ranging from their first date to funny quirks. It's a great way to involve guests in your journey and spark conversations. Plus, it's a sweet trip down memory lane for the couple, seeing how much their guests know about their relationship.

Wedding Bingo

Tailored to your big day, this game features a bingo card filled with likely wedding moments like 'bride laughs' or 'someone cries during a speech'. It keeps guests engaged and observant throughout the event, adding an extra layer of fun to the usual wedding happenings.

Guess Who, Newlywed Edition

A twist on the classic game, guests guess who said or did what between the bride and groom based on prompts. This game offers a glimpse into the couple’s dynamics and often results in a lot of laughter and surprise revelations.

Love Story Mad Libs

Providing a hilarious take on the couple's love story, guests fill in the blanks to create their version of how the couple met or a funny incident they shared.

Couple's Crossword

A custom crossword puzzle featuring clues about the couple, like their favorite movie or the place they met. It's a brain-teasing game that personalizes the experience and offers a lovely keepsake that guests and the couple can take home.

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Marriage Advice Cards

Guests write their advice or well wishes for the couple on cards. This not only serves as a game but also as a sentimental collection of wisdom and love from those nearest and dearest, which the couple can cherish for years to come.

Date Night Jar

Guests write ideas for future date nights on popsicle sticks and drop them in a jar. This game not only provides the couple with a trove of creative date ideas but also offers a glimpse into the fun and romantic suggestions of their friends and family.

The Shoe Game

A classic at weddings, the bride and groom sit back to back, each holding one of their own and one of their partner's shoes. They answer questions by raising the shoe that corresponds to their answer, leading to much laughter and sometimes surprising revelations about their perceptions of each other.

Ring Hunt

Small plastic rings are hidden around the tables and guests are encouraged to find them throughout the evening.

Wedding Drinking Games

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Now, let's raise a glass to some fun wedding games that will get everyone in the spirit—literally! They're the perfect blend of laughter and libations.

Kiss or Drink

Instead of the traditional clinking of glasses to make the couple kiss, guests choose between prompting a kiss or taking a drink themselves. This twist adds an element of surprise and choice, keeping the tradition fresh and entertaining.

Flip Cup, Wedding Edition

Teams line up for a relay race of drinking and flipping cups. It's a high-energy, engaging game to play at a wedding that gets a lot of people involved, perfect for adding an element of team spirit and excitement to the reception.

I Spy Drinking Game

Armed with a list of 'I Spy' wedding moments (like someone crying, a child dancing, etc.), guests take a sip whenever they spot one. It's an interactive way to keep guests observant and laughing about the various antics that occur during a wedding.

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Mr. and Mrs. Drinking Challenge

In this game, the couple answers questions about each other, and for every incorrect answer, they take a drink. It's a delightful way for guests to learn more about the couple's relationship, with plenty of opportunities for humorous misunderstandings and revelations.

Cocktail Creation Contest

Guests are invited to mix their own unique wedding cocktails, with the best concoction winning a prize.

Guess the Drink Blind Taste Test

Set up a tasting station with a variety of mystery drinks. Guests take turns blindfolded, trying to guess the ingredients or type of each drink.

Love Story Libation Challenge

In this game, the host narrates parts of the couple's love story, and each time a specific keyword or phrase is mentioned (like "first date," "kiss," or "I love you"), guests take a sip of their drink.

Outdoor Wedding Game Ideas

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Outdoor settings for weddings provide a fantastic opportunity to include engaging and lively activities. From classic lawn games to creative new ideas, these activities are sure to be a hit. They're perfect for adding a playful touch to your special day, ensuring that your wedding is as memorable for your guests as it is for you.

Lawn Bowling

Set up a lawn bowling game on the grass, offering a blend of skill and fun. It's a game that's easy to learn and play, making it perfect for guests of all ages. The gentle pace of lawn bowling allows for conversations and laughter, while also enjoying the outdoor setting of your wedding. It's a classy addition that fits seamlessly into a garden or lawn reception, and you can even personalize the equipment to match your wedding theme.

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Giant Jenga

This supersized version of the classic tabletop game is a surefire hit. Each block's removal adds to the suspense, and the inevitable tumble brings out laughter. It's perfect for guests who enjoy a bit of strategy mixed with lighthearted fun. The game can be customized with the names of the bride and groom or with wedding-themed decorations, making it a unique wedding reception game and activity.

Cornhole, Love Edition

Customized cornhole boards featuring the couple's names or wedding themes add a personal touch to this beloved tailgating game. It's an excellent way for guests to mingle and challenge each other, fostering a friendly competitive spirit. The simplicity of the game makes it accessible to all guests, regardless of age or skill level, making it a great addition to any wedding party game lineup.

Ring Toss with a Twist

Incorporate a touch of elegance into this classic game by using wine bottles as targets. It's a fun and easy game that guests can play casually while sipping their drinks. The clinking sound of rings hitting the bottles adds a festive note to the outdoor setting.


Croquet is a timeless lawn game that exudes elegance and charm, perfect for a sophisticated outdoor wedding. It encourages gentle competition and strategy, providing a leisurely activity for guests during cocktail hour or downtime.

Sack Race, Couples Edition

Add a twist to the traditional sack race by having couples race together in one sack. This hilarious game not only provides entertainment but also symbolizes the teamwork needed in marriage. It's a great photo opportunity and often results in spontaneous laughter and cheering from the crowd.

Frisbee Golf

Set up a simple frisbee golf course for a casual and engaging outdoor activity. It's a great way to get guests up and moving, and it can be as competitive or relaxed as you like. The game can be enjoyed by guests of all ages, and it's a perfect way to take advantage of a spacious outdoor venue. You can even customize the frisbees with the wedding date or the couple's names as a fun keepsake.

Giant Connect Four

This larger-than-life version of Connect Four adds a nostalgic and playful element to your wedding. It's a visually striking game that draws in guests and encourages them to interact with each other. The simplicity of the game ensures that everyone can participate, from young children to older relatives, making it a universally enjoyable wedding game for guests.


A classic game of horseshoes is a great way to add some rustic charm to your outdoor wedding. It's easy to set up and can be played casually throughout the event.

Badminton or Volleyball

Set up a net for badminton or volleyball to offer a more active game option. These games are perfect for a sunny day and can be played at different skill levels, ensuring everyone can join in the fun.

Group Games to Play at Weddings

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Group games at weddings are a fantastic way to foster interaction and fun among your guests. These activities are not just about entertainment; they're also about creating lasting memories and bringing different groups of people together. From energetic dance-offs to thoughtful quizzes about the couple, these reception games are sure to add an extra layer of joy to your special day.

Group Dance-offs

Invigorate the dance floor with spirited group dance-offs. Whether it's choreographed numbers or spontaneous moves, this activity brings an infectious energy. It's a fabulous game for wedding celebrations where guests can showcase their moves, laugh together, and enjoy a shared experience that breaks down barriers and gets everyone involved.

Wedding Karaoke

Set up a karaoke machine and let guests belt out their favorite tunes. This game is a wonderful way to involve guests who love to perform, and it provides endless entertainment for those watching. It’s a chance for everyone to let loose and enjoy some light-hearted fun. You can have duets, group performances, or even a karaoke battle. The playlist can include love songs, wedding classics, or any genre that suits your wedding theme.

Musical Chairs, Wedding Edition

A classic game with a wedding twist. Arrange chairs and play music, inviting guests to circle around until the music stops. It’s a simple yet exciting game that can be played by guests of all ages.

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Team Bride vs. Team Groom Trivia

Create a trivia game where guests split into teams based on their association with the bride or groom. Questions can range from facts about the couple to general wedding trivia.

Charades, Love Story Edition

A romantic spin on the classic game of charades, where players act out famous love stories or romantic movies without speaking. This game is perfect for those who enjoy a bit of drama and creativity.

Wedding Scavenger Hunt

Organize a scavenger hunt with tasks and items related to the wedding or the couple’s relationship. This game encourages guests to explore the venue and interact with each other. It can be tailored to any wedding theme and can include a variety of challenges, from finding something blue to taking a selfie with the oldest guest. It’s an adventurous way to add excitement to the reception.

Couple's Quiz Showdown

Create a quiz show where teams answer questions about the couple’s likes, dislikes, and experiences.

Balloon Pop Questions

Fill balloons with questions related to the couple or marriage in general. Teams or individuals pop the balloons and answer the questions inside.

Funny Wedding Games for Kids

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When it comes to weddings, ensuring the little ones are entertained is as important as pleasing the adults. Kids' games at weddings can be a delightful addition, providing fun and laughter for the youngest guests. These best wedding games not only keep the children engaged but also add an extra layer of charm to your special day.

Treasure Hunt

Create a treasure hunt with clues leading to various points around the wedding venue. This activity can be themed to match the wedding, like finding items related to love or the couple’s story. It’s a great way for kids to explore and stay engaged throughout the event. You can include small prizes or treats at each checkpoint, adding to the excitement and keeping the kids eagerly participating.

Duck Pond Matching Game

Set up a small pool with floating rubber ducks, each marked with symbols underneath. Kids can pick ducks and try to find matching symbols, winning small prizes for successful matches. This simple game is not only fun but also helps younger children with recognition and matching skills.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Wedding Edition

Give this classic birthday party game a wedding twist. Instead of a donkey, use a character or symbol related to the wedding theme, like a cartoon version of the bride and groom. This game is always a hit with kids, as they enjoy the challenge and the inevitable giggles when the tail ends up in the wrong place.

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Bouncy Castle

If space allows, a bouncy castle is a fantastic way to keep kids entertained. It's a safe and exciting activity that allows children to expend energy and have a blast.

Face Painting

Set up a face painting station where kids can get their faces painted with various designs, from flowers and hearts to superheroes and animals. It's a creative and colorful activity that kids adore.

Balloon Animals

Hire a professional balloon artist or enlist a talented guest to create balloon animals for the kids. Balloon animals can be a magical addition to any wedding, bringing smiles and joy to the youngest guests.

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