From Michelin Stars to Top 10 Best Catering Companies in New York: The Story of BITE

  • Publication date: 12/03/2023
  • Updated: 12/04/2023

Journey with us through the narrative of the top NYC catering company - BITE, the masterful creation of none other than Scott Skey. Scott’s illustrious career, spanning a decade in the lavish ambiance of Michelin-starred and New York Times-acclaimed restaurants, gave him a distinctive edge. But even among such accolades, he observed a niche yet to be explored in the catering world.

The Genesis of BITE

From its nascent stages, BITE was destined for greatness. It wasn’t merely a culinary venture; it was Scott’s vision of melding world-class, contemporary flavors with the dynamic world of event catering. Scott recalls, "BITE began as a culinary project — through which we would bring a world-class contemporary culinary sensibility to the catering community." Over two enriching decades, that project blossomed. Today, BITE stands tall as a complete hospitality provider, where the service is as impeccable as the gourmet experiences they craft.

What Sets BITE Apart?

Now, you might wonder, what makes BITE so unique? "The fact that we are the only New York City caterer owned & operated by a New York Times- & Michelin-starred chef allows us creative dexterity far exceeding any of our peers." BITE's philosophy isn’t just about serving dishes; it's about creating culinary epics, and unique stories infused in every bite. Clients come to BITE not for a mere meal but for a gastronomic tale worth remembering.

Weaving Love Stories Through Cuisine

BITE’s approach to weddings is genuinely heartwarming. They believe that a wedding menu is a reflection of shared stories, cherished moments, and enduring legacies. Scott, ever so passionate about this philosophy, said "How the couple serves each other and their loved ones while going on this journey together through this curated experience – it’s really important for us to pay attention to allowing that legacy to unfold between the couple and the family members while also encapsulating the luxury and the romance of the wedding day, from the fun and in-between moments to the epic memories that will last a lifetime." They don't just provide food; they craft memories that leave an indelible mark on one's heart.

And for those with specific dietary preferences, BITE leaves no stone unturned. They pride themselves on their inclusive approach, ensuring everyone's culinary needs are met with care and creativity. "We consider the dietary needs of all our clients' guests as equally important and we are always prepared to accommodate predictable dietary restrictions," Scott emphasizes, ensuring every client feels valued.

BITE’s Noteworthy Moments

One can't discuss BITE without mentioning its iconic events. The High Line's June 2019 Hat Party remains etched as a golden chapter in its legacy. Picture this: a gastronomic fiesta served from uniquely designed headdresses amidst the scenic beauty of the High Line. Reflecting on this event, Scott fondly recalls, "It was a really bold and audaciously creative event. We absolutely love collaborating with clients on expressions unique to their style and vision."

Beyond their unrivaled culinary expertise, BITE offers an array of additional services, from equipment rentals to exquisite décor options, and even a licensed wine & spirits service. Their commitment to perfection is evident in every facet of their service.

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