Fabrice Tranzer Photographer | Reviews

Fabrice Tranzer Photographer | Reviews

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Moment driven photography with a touch of je ne sais quoi.

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19 Reviews for Fabrice Tranzer

out of 5. Recommended by 100% of couples
Jesse & Kelly Married couple on 21 Oct 2023
Fabrice is a phenomenal photographer and we loved working with him for our wedding. He was easy to work with both in preparation for the big day, and on the day itself. He has a special eye that captures moments perfectly, and ties them together to make you feel like you’re watching the day on film (yet it’s all ‘still’ photos). He is an artist and a master of his craft. I’m honored and grateful we had the chance to work with him.

In addition to all of the above, he delivered our photos in a very reasonable amount of time (can’t recall exact timing). Within a week, he sent a slideshow to a Bon Iver song that my husband and I watch a few times each year (we’re on year 3 of marriage), and we both tear up every time. While he must have taken thousands of photos, he didn’t send us every last one. He did a great job hand selecting plenty… and not giving us 30 of the same’ish’ shot. We really appreciated that. We opted to purchase an album from him which was an investment we would make over and over again. While he let me help with the design, he truly knows best. In my opinion you do not need a videographer if you invest in the right photographer. Fabrice is the right photographer.
Sarah Polak-Kennedy Married couple on 18 Nov 2023
We hired Fabrice for our 3 day summer camp wedding in Vermont. He was amazing to work with, and the pictures came out fantastic - better than we could have hoped. He handled our no wifi, no cell service wedding venue easily, and took the most amazing photos. I have family that hates taking photos, and he made the process of formals painless and fun. I could not recommend him enough. The care and artistry he takes with the photos is amazing - I felt like our wedding was a work of art!
Erin Paul Married couple on 02 Dec 2023
Fabrice is an artist of the finest caliber and he will deliver above and beyond your expectations. I cannot stress this to you enough: Book him immediately!

Fabrice excels at both pieces of the wedding photographer's role: the experience of having him photograph the event, and the photos he delivers at the end.

On your wedding day: He of course will follow your requested shoot list, portraits of family, and whatever else you want to prioritize for your wedding day. *But the real magic Fabrice delivers is that everyone forgets he is there.* Your family doesn't feel like they're being stalked by paparazzi or in a never ending staged photo shoot.

I don't know how he does it, he didn't meet anyone in my family before our wedding, but every photo he delivered was an authentic reflection of that person and the moment. Nothing felt strained, staged, or uncomfortable for the subjects. Several of my family members, including my husband, don't love being photographed, and Fabrice was sensitive to that without losing anything important.

He melts into the background and captures the smallest, lovely moments you didn't even know were happening. My favorite photo is our dads sitting on couches opposite each other by a doorframe while the wedding party was getting ready, which Fabrice noticed and shot without them even realizing.

When he delivers the photos: The story of our wedding was told brilliantly in the first set of preview photos, which he delivered very quickly after the wedding, and even more so when we saw the full set of photos and the album. He's very responsive and delivered the shots exactly on the promised timeline. He weaves the narrative structure beautifully - the wedding album he delivered (after very politely waiting for a long time for me to mark my favorites) is truly a work of art.

10/10 recommend to a friend!
Zach S. Married couple on 29 Oct 2022
Regarding photography, what mattered most to me and my wife was finding a photographer who could truly and authentically capture the joy of our special weekend as it happened. We were less interested in elaborate staging and choreographed poses than in organic moments and authentic scenes. When our planner first shared with us a link to Fabrice's portfolio we knew he was our man. And now getting to see our wedding photos we can confidently say that selecting him was one of the best decisions we made. The pictures are stunning--in beautiful black-and-white and rich color, Fabrice captured what the weekend felt like. I keep coming back to that word: "captured." What we love most about Fabrice's photography is that he was less focused on making sure we looked flawless (which is not to say that he wasn't attuned to making sure everyone looked great--he was) than in making sure that he captured what the weekend really felt like in the moment. His pictures are vibrant and evocative and full of life. They make us smile and laugh and instantly transport us back to the weekend now passed. They'll be cherished keepsakes for years to come. We highly recommend working with Fabrice.
Henry Married couple on 10 Feb 2018
Absolutely loved the pictures that Fabrice took on our wedding day! he was able to capture all of the little details that i was afraid might get lost in all of the craziness. before the wedding my (now) husband and i had a phone conversation with Fabrice going over all of the things that we were looking for in our wedding pictures and he definitely nailed it! i emailed a list to him of all of the picture combinations that i wanted and Fabrice was sure to get all of them on the big day. we are very happy with the results!
Caitlin B. Married couple on 16 Feb 2019
We were looking for a non traditional look for our wedding photos and Fabrice delivered exactly as we had hoped. The day goes very quickly, but he was there and ready to capture every moment. My favorite memory is when he pulled us aside and said, "We have to take photos over here, the lighting is perfect!" We just went with it, considering we have no idea what "perfect" lighting even is! And they are my favorite pictures from the day!! Fabrice has a great eye, and is also great at listening and executing exactly what visions we in mind. What's more?? He even went out a purchased a lens that we had asked about during our first meet that he did not have, and surprised us on our wedding day! Incredible!! I want my whole life captured by him!! Fabrice is FAB!
Amanda M. Married couple on 18 Aug 2018
I found it difficult to find a photographer that was our style. We are not the type of couple that wants all the crazy posing (jumping in the air photos with our bridal party). When we found Fabrice and checked out his site, his photos spoke for themselves. I was looking for more candid shots with my bridal party and with my guests. We also wanted to be able to enjoy the cocktail hour and get a chance to thank all of our guests. Fabrice was very good and fast with the formal family photos so that my groom and I could go enjoy the cocktail hour. I met with Fabrice twice before the wedding just to go over details about the day. He was on-site early to check out the venue in order find the best locations for pictures. During the reception you didn't even know he was there taking pictures. He didn't get in your way(or in your face) at all with the camera. I had and still am receiving compliments on what a great guy he is and that his work was great. No one felt as though he was invasive with his photography. On our one week anniversary we received a sneak-peek at our photos. I was so excited to see the photos, especially only a week after the wedding. I'm a little bit of a photo freak and I couldn't wait to see the photos. So that was nice to get to see a little something. About 3 weeks later I received all our photos. One file was all black and white and another file was all color. I would highly recommend Fabrice to any of the brides out there. There was not one thing I was disappointed with. He is a great guy and does AMAZING work.
Haley R. Married couple on 19 Oct 2019
I had scheduled my appt. on a Friday evening when I was arriving to NY from Oklahoma. My flight delayed, bus and train all caused me to get there an hour and a half past our scheduled time, it was rainy, gray, foggy and almost dark. NOT how I imagined my engagement pictures, especially during the Fall time on the beautiful Hudson at West Point. They worked beyond what they needed to, to ensure Zach and I had our dream pictures. They allowed us to reschedule for early early the next morning, and our pictures ended up turning out beyond my expectations and imaginations. I'm beyond obsessed with Fabrice and his wonderful wife! Great people, great hearts and outstanding and flawless photography. We had such an easy going and relaxed time. We were simply ourselves, in love and enchanted with each other, Fabrice simply captured that... he didn't try to make us what we aren't. He captured the genuity.
Amy N. Married couple on 24 Feb 2018
From the beginning of the wedding planning process, we knew the photographer would be the hardest thing to nail down because we really wanted someone to capture our day in a way that shows what makes us special as a couple. After talking to a lot of photographers, we went with Fabrice because we admired his aesthetic and approach to photography. He is very easy-going and professional but also he knows what is needed to get great shots, and is not afraid to go for it. Our wedding was in January in NY and it was chilly and snowing outside. Fabrice braved the elements with us and even provided a clear umbrella for amazing snow pictures. He captured so many wonderful moments, we don’t even remember them all happening. We also felt comfortable with him directing us and didn't even notice him when the ceremony or reception started. We love the dance floor photos! They are very original with limited flash and cool light blurring. Overall, what we enjoyed the most was Fabrice's enthusiasm throughout the whole day. We have received so many compliments from our photos and we cannot thank him enough!
Ruti W. Married couple on 09 Dec 2017
Choosing a photographer for our wedding was easy - Fabrice was the photographer for my sister's wedding the year before and her pictures were the exact right combination of personal and artistic. When I first told my sister we were engaged, her near-instant reaction was, Book Fabrice! When we first connected with Fabrice about our own wedding, he made our decision even easier. "My job is to make you feel and look like yourselves", he said. And so he did! We are in awe of the way he captured every moment of the entire event - from our first look in the park by our apartment, to the most hidden details of our venue, to the action shots of our friends on the dance floor - through the photos we are getting to relive the event all over again. And as if the final product were not enough to hire Fabrice in an instant, he is also an absolute pleasure to have around. He is intelligent, positive and upbeat - he becomes friendly with the people he is shooting and thus is able to capture their true spirit. He is quick and direct with portraits - which is often a stressful time on your wedding day! - we finished early and everyone felt the process was fun. He is nearly invisible throughout the night - some of the moments he captured we cannot believe he was standing right there - we didn't even see him. On a day that can be stressful and intense, Fabrice is the type of photographer that will put you at ease and give you one less (major) thing to think about. We can't say enough good things about our experience with Fabrice - if you want to bring a photographer on board who will make you feel comfortable AND bring life and spirit to your memories, hire him immediately!
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