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Paula Jackson Photographer

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Paula Jackson Photographer photo
Paula Jackson Photographer photo
Paula Jackson Photographer photo
Paula Jackson Photographer photo
Paula Jackson Photographer photo
Paula Jackson Photographer photo
Paula Jackson Photographer photo
Paula Jackson Photographer photo
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7 Reviews for Paula Jackson

out of 5. Recommended by 100% of couples
Gabriel German Giorgetta Married couple on 15 May 2021
I literally dont have words to tell you how awesome Paula has been. Her experience and professionalism shines through,  allowing you to relax and have the best day of your lives.
I will recommend her to anyone!
Estela Olejniczak Married couple on 07 Nov 2020
Not sure where to even start! Paula photographed my daughter's wedding and her professionalism, punctuation, friendliness and overall personality blew us all away from the start. She is not only such a talented young woman but her work is truly Art. I would highly recommend hiring Paula as your wedding (or family) Photographer, she does not disappoint! We love you, Paula!
Dra. Patricia Lembo Married couple on 19 Jun 2021
Excelente profesional! Sus fotos tienen una magia muy especial y sus tomas son excelentes.
Destaco de Paula su responsabilidad, amabilidad y profesionalismo.
No duden en contratarla, no se van a arrepentir.
Shannon Sloan Married couple on 26 Jun 2021
I would definitely recommend Paula Jackson Photography! We were beyond thrilled with the final photos from our wedding and are still receiving compliments from them months later - they captured the day (and our love) both perfectly. Before the wedding, she took the time to get to know us and our story, which helped build a genuine relationship - I felt like we were friends before even meeting her! She made the entire process and wedding day a lot of fun and was the calming voice I needed to help ease the chaos of the day. She had an artistic vision with each shot she took and guided us through each pose to make us both feel comfortable and enjoy each moment. Her editing skills are unmatched - every photo is breathtaking and emotive. I would without a doubt hire Paula Jackson again!
Derryn Hailey Married couple on 24 Sep 2022
If I could give every star possible I would. Paula is truly the best and the most helpful person I’ve ever met, I am a very finicky bride… calling multiple times getting suggestions… having complicated family situations trying to figure out photos and yet having the most amazing day and pictures to go along with it. She is a true artist and super helpful along the way of everything. Just look at her photos and know she is an amazing person and her work speaks for itself.
Ashly Richardson Married couple on 01 Apr 2023
I cannot say enough wonderful things about Paula! She is incredible! She is so creative and has the best eye. All of my wedding photos are truly so unique and I'm obsessed. Not only is she great at what she does but she is so kind and helpful. There is no way I could have gotten through my day without her.
Beatriz Hawkins Married couple on 04 Feb 2023
Stunning photos and an amazing photographer! Paula took photos  for both our engagement and wedding. I am by no means photogenic and  feel uncomfortable anytime a camera is pointed at me. She help us feel comfortable when it came time to taking the photos, It felt like having your best friend there taking photos of you on your big day. It was the least stressful part of our wedding. Very professional and perfection at her skill.  We had so much fun and now we have these beautiful photos to look back on.


Paula Jackson
Photographer Paula Jackson About me

I have always loved photography and it wasn’t until i had children that I began exploring the art. Professionally, I earned a degree in nursing but decided to follow my passion in 2017 as a full time photographer


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What percentage of users recommend Paula Jackson and which are the most valued aspects of their wedding services?

Paula Jackson is recommended by 100% of couples who have used their services. Their overall rating is 5.0, with the same score awarded for quality of service, flexibility, value, professionalism and average response time.

Vendor Insight

Paula Jackson is a name that resonates with elegance and memories eternal, a master of the lens who calls the vibrant city of Miami her canvas. As a wedding photographer, she crafts visual poems that encapsulate love's tender moments, ensuring they are preserved for lifetimes. With an esteemed track record among the Wezoree Community, Paula has garnered an impressive tally of three Wezoree Awards—a testament to her remarkable skill and devotion to her art.

The voice of the people is clear, with seven glowing reviews that speak volumes about Paula's impact on couples' special days. Beatriz Hawkins eloquently shares her experience, painting Paula as a comforting presence that transformed photography from a chore into a delightful highlight of the wedding. Paula's professional ease allowed the couple to dismantle their camera shyness, leaving them with stunning souvenirs of their love story.

Ashly Richardson's testament continues this narrative of excellence, emphasizing Paula's inventive eye and heartfelt engagement with her clients. Her unique approach to capturing wedding bliss left Ashly awestruck, her snapshot trove now brimming with authenticity and charm. Likewise, Derryn Hailey's boundless praise solidifies Paula's status as not just a photographic artisan, but a benevolent guide through the tumultuous wedding journey.

Shannon Sloan adds to the chorus of approval, advocating for Paula's ability to foster a deep connection, transforming client relationships into friendships. Her keen eye for detail and artistic finesse are consistently remarkable, producing emotive images characterized by a keen editorial touch. Shannon's tale is one of tranquility amid chaos, her wedding day immortalized through Paula's harmonious symbiosis of craft and compassion.

Crossing linguistic and cultural barriers, Dra. Patricia Lembo lauds Paula's work for its enchanting spectrum and commendable professionalism. A sentiment echoed by Estela Olejniczak, who celebrates Paula's punctuality, amiability, and sheer talent in the capture of her daughter's nuptials. Paula's photography transcends the mere act of snapping pictures—it is, as Estela attests, genuine artistry.

Gabriel German Giorgetta rounds out the client accolades with passionate endorsement, applauding her seamless fusion of expertise and composure that gifts couples the luxury of enjoying their sheer bliss unfettered. His recommendation is not just a suggestion, but a declaration of what makes Paula deserving of unequivocal praise.

In the hearts of these couples, Paula Jackson stands as a paragon of photographic genius, painting love in hues of joy and tenderness. For those seeking to immortalize their moments of matrimonial splendor, Paula's camera promises to transform fleeting seconds into timeless monuments of affection.