Eric Kelley Photographer | Reviews

Eric Kelley Photographer | Reviews

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International Fine Art photographer.

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budget $36 000

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7 Reviews for Eric Kelley

out of 5. Recommended by 100% of couples
Heather on 12 Jun 2021
Photography was the top priority for our wedding, and we made the best decision partnering with Eric Kelley. He is a true artist and now a great friend. Eric captured stunning memories I longed to have in photographs along with those I did not even notice -- that I am thrilled I can relive through his images.
Shana Married couple on 21 Aug 2021
My husband and I were so lucky to have had Eric Kelley as our photographer. Choosing a photographer is one of the most important decisions you make when planning a wedding, because while so much of the day goes by in an instant, these images will last forever. Eric was somehow able to capture everything at its most beautiful, we couldn’t have been more thrilled. But the best thing I can say about working with Eric, both on our engagement photos and on our wedding day, is that he is genuinely a wonderful guy, a nice person, someone you want to get to know and be around. We are so grateful to have worked with him!
Kiki on 09 Apr 2022
Eric's photos speak for themselves - it is obvious what a talented photographer he is. However, what is equally special about Eric is the remarkable vibe he brings with him.  When my nerves got the best of me before I walked down the aisle, it was only Eric who was able to calm me down.  More than a year later, his exact words still ring clear in my head: "Be easy, Kiki, just take it all in!".  Those words resonated with me and, from that moment on, I had a sense of total relaxation for my ceremony and reception.

Eric shot my sister's wedding the prior summer in New York and we had all but signed the contract by the end of the evening for him to shoot at my wedding in Chicago.  I smile for so many reasons looking back on that weekend and the Kelley's were such a special part of the whole experience.
Jon on 09 Jul 2022
Eric is truly a master of his craft!  His passion for his work, keen eye for capturing special moments, and calming presence set him apart in his field.  We are so thankful to have his gorgeous photos as a keepsake from our wedding day.
Joanna on 17 Sep 2022
rom the moment we met Eric he made us feel completely at ease. His energy and personality are brilliant and only add to his creative talents.  He immediately understood our tastes and delivered unique photos capturing our relationship in artistic images that were not anything like standard shoots we had seen.

Having Eric photograph our wedding weekend was like having a dear friend (an exceptionally talented friend) behind the camera.  Eric was able to magnify the beauty of our events by capturing special candid moments, perfect light as well as every important detail.  

Eric's photographic eye is amazing and who he is as a person matches his unbelievable talent.  We are thrilled he was a part of our wedding and cherish the photographs we received.  We cannot sing his praises enough.
Augusta on 11 Mar 2023
Working with Eric Kelley for our wedding was priceless. We treasure each image and are forever grateful to him for the everlasting gift of beautifully captured memories. His approach is cheerful, intentional, comforting, and open minded. On a day that could feel tense, his demeanor is naturally relaxing and he makes you feel your very best. The images prove his innate ability to catch the pure joy and emotion of the day
Jenny Married couple on 13 May 2023
Choosing Eric to be our wedding photographer was the best wedding related decision we made! Not only did we get some incredible photos but Eric is also super friendly, fun, and extremely hard working. We got married on a hot day, but Eric's smiles and energy never flagged. Thanks again, we'll cherish our photos for a lifetime!