Vera Wang Bridal Salon photo
Vera Wang Bridal Salon photo
Vera Wang Bridal Salon photo
Vera Wang Bridal Salon photo
Vera Wang Bridal Salon photo
Vera Wang Bridal Salon photo
Vera Wang Bridal Salon photo
Vera Wang Bridal Salon photo
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10 Reviews for Vera Wang

out of 5. Recommended by 100% of couples
Amanda S. Married couple on 30 Jan 2021
I came here for my wedding dress. I had always wanted to try on a Vera Wang wedding dress. I was extremely surprised by how reasonable their prices were (compared to other high end designers). You can really feel the quality difference inside and outside of the dress. I obviously had to have it! Julia was so amazing and helped every step of the way. She let me drop in about 5 times and was so wonderful and patient with me. She was also extremely honest, which is what I needed. I was having a beach wedding in Hawaii, but kept leaning towards huge, heavy ball gown dresses. She didn't steer me in the wrong direction and I appreciated it so much! Vera Wang is a must for your wedding dress!!
Nicole F. on 14 Nov 2020
David Friedman truly transformed my wedding dress shopping experience into something special. I'm not gonna lie, I had been less than thrilled about planning some aspects of my wedding and was feeling a little ho hum about the whole "say yes to the dress" part too. That changed after my appointment at Vera with David.

First off, the store on Rodeo is such a beautiful space and not very crowded, so you really feel like you have plenty of time to go through options without feeling rushed or forced into a sale by a pushy bridal consultant (which was my experience at some other shops). David took it up a level by making it so much fun, allowing me to invite a few friends to drink champagne and gossip while trying on. And even though we both had a good sense of which dresses were "my style," David still indulged me by letting me try on some more extravagant options.

I'm genuinely looking forward to going back for my fittings. For anyone looking to turn their wedding dress shopping into a fun and lighthearted time, I'd highly recommend David as a consultant.
Suzy A. on 14 Sep 2019
I was very excited to make my appointment at Vera Wang after not finding a wedding dress at four other shops.

The first dress was the ultimate dream dress! Vera Wang's dresses are perfect and completely dreamy on a whole other level!

Ashley coordinated my fitting schedule and always accommodated me with any appointments I needed to change. She is so sweet and extremely helpful.

Let's talk about Aida! ALTERATIONS MASTER! She is the sweetest lady on Earth! My alteration appointments were so fun and smooth each time  and I always left with the biggest smile on my face because of her. I knew my dress was in great hands because Aida knows exactly what she's doing. Her work is top notch and every little detail she works on looks perfect. Vera Wang is truly lucky to have Aida on their team! Thanks to everyone at Vera Wang for their professional and excellent customer service!
Tasha L. on 04 May 2019
I had a wonderful experience shopping here and bought my wedding dress here! Emily, the bridal consultant who helped me find my dress, does not work here anymore, but I imagine the overall experience would be similar!

Even though I came on a Saturday, the store was very calm and not overfilled with customers. I did not feel any pressure for time or to buy. Even when I was pretty sure I had found my wedding dress, I was encouraged to go home and think about it to make sure i was confident in making a big purchase/decision. When I couldn't stop thinking about the dress, I emailed the consultant, and she made it very easy for me to come back, try it on, and buy the dress!

My dress came in 1-2 months earlier than they had estimated. They were very good with communication, and even reminded me the day before each fitting. Alterations went very smoothly with Pablo and Thea! When I felt a bit self-conscious about the fit in the bust after one of my fittings and contacted them by email, they responded immediately, asked me to come in to address my concerns, and reassured me that they would make sure I was 100% comfortable and happy with the dress' fit. I'm also a bit on the short/petite side, so the dress had to be hemmed quite a bit, but given the pattern of the lace on the skirt, there was a beautiful edge that gave it a romantic, airy feel. They preserved this by moving up the lace, which I know took a lot more work, and I greatly appreciated that they wanted to preserve the initial look and design of the dress!

I understand Vera Wang likely has a specific aesthetic that may not appeal to every bride, but if it's your style, then I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience!
Jen S. on 03 Nov 2018
I had an amazing time trying on wedding dresses here. Daniel helped us out and he made my party and I feel so comfortable. He totally got my style and even pulled dresses for me to try on that I was interested in without me having to tell him what styles I was stalking online.

The quality and design of the Vera Wang dresses are impeccable. I could really tell after comparing to other wedding dresses I tried on.

Most of the sample dresses i tried on here were sized small. I would say closer to a size 4-6. Similar sizes to the gowns I tried on at Saks, but for example at Monique Lhuillier and another bridal shop they had do a lot more clipping in back as their sample sizes were about 1-2 sizes bigger.
Fay D. on 23 Jan 2021
Very friendly staff and wonderful service! Chanelle, Madison and especially Emily- they have all been amazing and super helpful and accommodating to all my needs in preparing my dress despite this pandemic. Looking forward to FINALLY wearing my beautiful one of a kind wedding gown this year. (Fingers crossed!) Thank you so much! You guys are the absolute best!!
Xu S. on 21 May 2022
Shout out to Chanelle! She is the best stylist that I had worked with through out my entire gown selection process! Even though I didn't end up choosing Vera Wang, the experience there was amazing! Chanelle patiently help me try out different styles and give very good advice. It is hard to find the ultimate gown, but Chanelle give no pressure at all and is very knowledgeable of the fabrics and everything that makes Vera Wang different. I would highly recommend her to be your stylist!
Stephanie W. on 18 Sep 2021
I had my wedding in September 2021, so this review is long overdue. Vera Wang was my last bridal appointment, and the dress that I chose was the last dress that I tried on. I highly recommend that if you are seriously considering going with a Vera Wang dress, to make this your last bridal appointment as they offer a 10% discount if you purchase the dress at the initial bridal appointment. Given how expensive the dresses are, this is not an insignificant amount of money.

I chose Vera Wang for a variety of reasons. One, the dress worked for me, and it was very flattering and fitted my personality. Two, it was very clear to me that Vera Wang was very professional and that there would be no problems with the dress on the day of the wedding. Three, I felt confident in their alterations department, given their reputation.

Every single step of the process was seamless, and I am so happy that I chose them. On the day of the wedding, the dress was absolutely perfect. The quality of the dress and the fit was amazing, and this particularly made a difference in the photos. My wedding pictures and video were stunning, and the dress made a huge difference.

I highly recommend paying extra for the service, quality of the dress, and professionalism. At the end of the day, you only have one wedding (hopefully!) in your life, so you want it to be as stress-free and perfect as possible. It is well worth the money!
Yiwen W. on 26 Nov 2022
The whole experience was so amazing. My stylist Chanelle is so passionate and knowledgeable. She is super professional and responsive. We had a very great time at Vera Wang. The service and the dress are in perfection.
Jerry R. Married couple on 03 Jun 2023
After looking at several bridal establishments, including those located in Brentwood, Newport Beach, Palm Springs, and other locations, we returned to Rodeo Drive, and closed the deal.
Surprisingly, the gown prices were quite comparable!
Don't expect a blue light special, but a special wedding day warrants a gown that says, "This bridal gown becomes you."
Here's a tip. There is only one Vera Wang gown, that is actually called The Vera. It is completely unique and crafted with sophistication and beauty. Be sure to order it, well in advance of the wedding!
Paulina, and all of her wonderful associates, will make sure that your choice will be absolutely perfect!


Vera Wang Bride
Bridal Salons Vera Wang Bride About me

The world of Vera Wang!  For over 30 years, Vera Wang has created a unique aspirational world that alludes to sensuality and youthful sophistication. Exquisite details, and an elegant yet nonchalant sense of style characterize the Vera Wang aesthetic.    Vera Wang, a native New Yorker, understands women who embrace fashion in all its realms. After launching her breakthrough bridal collection in 1990, she expanded her collections to include ready-to-wear, footwear, eyewear, fragrance, jewelry and home décor.    Her design language is written with artful mixing and matching, relaxed shapes, and subtle, yet unexpected flourishes. Wang’s welcome element of surprise can be seen in bed linens, embellishments that adorn a dress or accessory, or even a bottle of premium vodka.    She shares her uniquely modern sense of style with millions of women and men across the world, while at the same time encouraging them to be creative with their own personal fashion sense.


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What percentage of users recommend Vera Wang and which are the most valued aspects of their wedding services?

Vera Wang is recommended by 100% of couples who have used their services. Their overall rating is 5.0, with the same score awarded for quality of service, flexibility, value, professionalism and average response time.

Vendor Insight

Vera Wang Bride is a worldwide bridal salon that has garnered 4 Wezoree Awards and has been featured in real weddings on Wezoree. With a total of 10 reviews from clients, Vera Wang Bride has established itself as a top choice for brides looking for the perfect gown for their special day. One client, Jerry R., highlighted the unique and sophisticated craftsmanship of Vera Wang gowns, specifically recommending "The Vera" gown for its unparalleled beauty.

Yiwen W. shared their amazing experience at Vera Wang Bride, praising their stylist Chanelle for her passion, knowledge, and professionalism. Stephanie W. emphasized the seamless process of choosing a Vera Wang dress, noting the 10% discount offered for purchasing the dress at the initial bridal appointment. Stephanie also highlighted the stunning quality and fit of her Vera Wang gown on her wedding day.

Xu S. gave a shout out to stylist Chanelle for her excellent service and expertise, despite not ultimately choosing a Vera Wang gown. Fay D. commended the friendly staff at Vera Wang Bride, specifically mentioning Chanelle, Madison, and Emily for their amazing and accommodating service throughout the gown preparation process. Jen S. had a fantastic experience trying on wedding dresses at Vera Wang Bride, praising the impeccable quality and design of the gowns and the helpfulness of their stylist, Daniel.

Overall, Vera Wang Bride stands out as a top bridal salon with loyal clients praising their unique and sophisticated gowns, professional and knowledgeable stylists, and impeccable quality and design. With a focus on providing a seamless and stress-free experience for brides, Vera Wang Bride ensures that each bride finds the perfect gown for their big day. The personalized service and attention to detail at Vera Wang Bride make it a standout choice for brides worldwide.