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10 Reviews for Dock House Digital

out of 5. Recommended by 100% of couples
Logan Bowles on 17 Jul 2021
My wife and I have nothing but great things to say about Dock House Digital. Dock House captured everything on our wedding day perfectly and would highly recommend them to anyone else who is considering a videographer. Their professionalism and talent is top notch and you will not find a better company to capture your day. Also, you will not find a quicker turnaround time than what Dock House can provide you with. Their work speaks for itself so be sure to check it out - truly amazing company and even better people to work with. Thank you so much for giving us memories that will last the rest of our lives!
Colbee Leonard on 04 Sep 2021
I don't even know where to begin with Drew ☺️ I personally have worked alongside Dock House Digital several times at weddings in the Lowcountry, and his creativity is absolutely inspiring. Every wedding highlight that I watch of his.. I cry so much! And these are absolute tears of joy, and nothing less.. ❤️ Drew has incredible talent and documents life in a way that I absolutely adore! I highly recommend Dock House Digital to any Bride; he will knock your socks off!! ✨
Stefan Alamia on 02 Oct 2021
I cannot believe how incredibly perfect Drew and his team captured our wedding.  My wife and I (as well as several of our friends) haven't even seen the full video yet but can't stop crying every time we watch just the trailer.  Drew, thank you for truly capturing every single precious moment that we will remember for a lifetime.
Hector I. Reyes on 09 Oct 2021
Superb job at my son and daughter in law’s wedding. Complete professionals.
Erin Savitz-Absulio on 16 Jun 2018
Let me just start with, I have watched our wedding highlight video no short of 100 times. We got our full wedding video yesterday, and I have watched it 10 times. Our wedding day was the best day of our lives, and Drew's talents are the reason that we will get to relive it and our friends and family will get to relive it with us. It isn't just a video though...drew captured the most special moments, the emotion, the excitement and the love of the day. I can't speak enough about how perfect the videos turned out to be, but I also want to talk about Drew. We had not had the opportunity to get to meet Drew prior to the wedding, but the moment we met him, we felt the warmth. He is kind, respectful of everyone he encounters and I honestly felt like he only added to the loving and fun atmosphere that we felt on our wedding day. We are so thankful Drew was our wedding videographer, and if we could redo our wedding weekend 100 times ( I wish we could ), we would choose Drew and Dockhouse Digital every single time. Best decision we could have made. Thank you, Drew!!!!
Jamie Winokur on 03 Oct 2018
I wish I could give Drew more than 5 stars. First, do NOT skip out on a videographer on your wedding day. Video and photos are two totally different mediums and ways to remember your day & I'm SO glad I have both. Secondly, you will not find a better videographer in the business than Drew. He is an incredibly talented artist, and had our ENTIRE highlight film & Instagram trailer turned around to us in less than 48 hours. I cannot even fathom how little sleep he got in order to do that for us. Aside from that, the video is incredibly stunning and captured our day beautifully. Drew was not only an incredible vendor to work with (and very professional throughout the entire wedding process), he's someone I am so proud to call my friend. I promise you, you will not be disappointed if you hire Dock House Digital to do your videography!
Francesca Noel on 20 Oct 2018
Drew beautifully captured the essence of us with our vow renewal video! Words cannot describe how thankful I am for having him with us for our day to capture it all, it's priceless. I seriously cannot stop watching it and now know how each of my clients feel when he captures their day ❤ Thank you 100000x over. We love you!
Hannah Elizabeth on 20 Jul 2019
Initially we were on the fence about a videographer.  It seemed like a newer trend and we were all about the classic, timeless feel for our wedding.  I saw one of my friends’ wedding videos and loved it, so we decided to just break down and hire a videographer.  Drew’s work stood out to us because it seemed to be leagues above all the competitors in terms of quality.  We weren’t wrong!  We hired him and it was one of the best decisions we made in the entire wedding planning process.  Drew was a dream, I truly can’t imagine our wedding without him!  He can get along with anyone and even seemed to make the day easier and less stressful for us.  He is so sweet and a joy to work with leading up to the big day.  Even after our wedding he continued to amaze us with the SUPER fast turnover (seriously, like two days later!!) and beautiful and personal packaging of our video that he shipped to us.  Our friends and family are obsessed with the video and many of them have requested their own copies.  I’ve watched it a dozen times and I still cry every time and somehow love it more and more every time.  I don’t know how to thank Drew enough for what he brought to our wedding.  It’s something we will truly cherish for the rest of our lives.
Trude Parrott Harper on 01 Feb 2020
You just did my niece Laura-Brooke & Ryan’s wedding & I just saw the clip that she put on FB! Just an amazing concept & design in your artistry! Would recommend to anyone that wants something different from traditional video!!! Just breathtaking how you incorporate such romanticism and beauty into this and makes you feel such love for the couple marrying! Awesome creativity for sure!
Hannah Marie on 20 Nov 2021
Drew is a must have. Seriously, don’t look any further. When the wedding is over and things quite down, all you will want is to relive it a few more times. Drew sent us our highlight video in great time, and it was breathtaking.
I️ felt all the feels, cried, laughed, and rewatched it 10 times in a row. My husband woke up this morning and the first thing he said was “can we watch our video again?”, so seriously, if you can get Drew, DO IT.
Thank you so much for capturing the best day of our lives. We had fun working with you on our big day. I️ loved how you took our vision and ran with it.