Cheyenne Hoff Photographer | About

Cheyenne Hoff Photographer | About

crown Top 20 in Sacramento
crown 1514 on Wezoree

Wedding and Elopement Photographer based in Northern California

budget $3 500
Cheyenne Hoff
Photographer Cheyenne Hoff About me

I started taking photos on my mom’s point-and-shoot in elementary school. She brought that camera with her to every vacation, and always ended up with the most beautiful landscape photos captured on film. My dad printed and framed so many of her photos that I couldn’t help but wonder how she did it. Was this something I could try? So I did. I borrowed her camera, I borrowed my little sister’s camera and snapped anything I could think of. Macro shots of dew on grass, a flower blooming in a tree, my pocket watch collection with some vintage books, and some of my friend’s knick-knacks around her house. In high school I learned about the mechanics behind the camera, and the basics of Photoshop and how it applies to photography. I practiced with landscapes and with a few people, but after high school I set my camera aside when my boyfriend proposed to me. I had left photography alone for years until my dad approached me one day and asked me to take a panoramic shot of Lake Tahoe that he could print on canvas to display in the house. I told him I would try my best, but that I probably wouldn’t live up to expectations. After that, I spent more time learning about landscape photography and trying to figure out how exactly I could achieve that shot. I finally realized that I had a lot to learn about photography still, and decided to get back into learning and practicing. In early 2019, my mental health finally reached a dangerous point to where I needed immediate help, and needed to find a healthy distraction and outlet. I finally decided to pour myself into photography, and try to build a business with it.

It’s been two and a half years since I finally made that decision, and honestly, I never expected it to have such an impact on my life. I’ve never felt like an artist; not while playing piano or working on my novels. Not until now. It seemed like such a straightforward form of creating, but it’s so much more than that. I get to meet new people, make new friends, learn and grow with those friends, and create something that’s unique to me. Something I can actually stamp my name on and feel proud of. I can contribute just a tiny bit to making someone’s day better, to making someone feel good about themselves, or even inspiring someone to try to take a step forward like I was scared to. It’s amazing to be a part of a community that helps each other grow and learn, that doesn’t try to break down competition or ruin reputations. I never ever thought I would be able to photograph as a full-time job, but that concept has actually come to fruition, and I’m still in shock that it was ever even possible. I’m not that special, I’m not that unique, but if my art has a chance to stir up emotions, I think it’s worth it. It makes me happy, and I’d like to share that feeling with anyone I can.