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Wedding photographer located in central Indiana.

$3 000
Photographer Courtney Gard About me

Hello, I'm Courtney.
I am a wedding photographer located in
central Indiana.

I'm not very good at these things, so here goes nothing. I take bright and airy photos. I am still learning different techniques with every session. My favorite thing is capturing allllll the small details. I sometimes scream at sessions when I look at my camera and see how amazing a photo is - it's a good thing. I will definitely use emojis when talking to you, even though it's considered unprofessional. I sometimes overshare things. I will have my boyfriend tag along to some sessions if they are a far drive. I will show up to some sessions (not weddings) in sweatpants or leggings. I am always early to things. I am extremely sarcastic and will likely talk smack to your wedding party when taking photos. Trust me, it will make them laugh. I will take fireball shots with your groom, if he hands me one.
I am unapologetically myself.

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